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Fashion Union - Wishlist.
                                                                        Hey beauts,
The sun has been showing up quite a bit these last few days and it makes me so excited for when it finally decides to stay. I am so happy that we're finally in Spring now but hope it's filled with lots of hot and breezy days where I can wear pretty dresses without having to wonder whether it'll rain or not. I really do love Fashion Union and am pretty much in love with everything so I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you all just a few bits that need to make it into my spring wardrobe this year.

Pastel Blouse
This just has spring/summer written all over it. Pastel pinks and blues are key colours in spring I'd say and they go so well together in this beaut blouse. A nice skater skirt or coloured jeans would go perfect with this little number.

Denim Short Dungarees
I've seen so many posts with bloggers wearing short dungarees and they look absolutely amazing and super simple to style. I'm not really sure how I'd look in my own pair but I'd definitely challenge myself to see how I'd style it and hopefully attempt to pull it off and I know I'd get such good wear out of it.

Green Burn Out Skater Dress
Eeek, I've been eyeing up this little beauty for a little while on the website. How amazing is the colour? it would be super simple to style and I'd most definitely pair it with my chelsea boots that are actually from Fashion Union. Oh and a cute little black bowler hat would fit perfectly.

Blue Belted Skater Skirt
Skater skirts are just a spring/summer must have this year. I've got a yellow and black skater skirt and I really want to add this gorgeous blue to my little growing collection. You can make the cutest little girly outfits with skater skirts.

Blush Bird Print Blazer
Talk about amazing blazer much? first off, I absolutely love the pink and the little birds are so adorable on it. This would totally be a key staple in my wardrobe. There would be so many awesome ways to style it but I know my favourite would be to match it with simple coloured dresses.

Print Picture Skater Dress
I do admit I am literally obsessed with any clothing piece with the word 'skater' in it. I think I really want to wear bold prints this summer. This is just the perfect fashion dress that could easily be dressed up or down and the pictures on it make it so unique.

Cream Printed Shirt Dress
I feel like with this dress I could really channel my inner Taylor Swift, that is quite clearly trying to make an appearance. Shirt dresses are yet again so simple to style and I already own two and I love getting them out when the sun starts to shine. The print is so pretty too.

Black Stripe Jersey Jacket
This actually has my name written all over it. This jersey jacket would look amazing thrown over pretty much anything and it would be so simple to create monochrome outfits with it.

Black Pinafore Dress
It seems that everyone pretty much has a pinafore right now. I've loved seeing all the different colours everyone has and how they've styled them and I think I'd do my best at styling my own black pinafore this summer. Absolute summer must haves.

                             What do you think of my Fashion Union wishlist? :)


What's your opinion?

  1. I have never ordered from Fashion Union before but I may have to soon, I've seen so many nice bits on there!


    1. I think they're so underrated but they've honestly got such amazing things online! :D

  2. Where's the pinafore dress from?! I've seen one from urban outfitters like that aw I really want one!

    1. It's from Fashion Union! so much cheaper than other shops. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you lovely! :D Ooh, so hope I can get all of them!

  4. Great finds! I love the blazers. The pastels and black and white...beautiful! That skirt is also amazing. Have a similar one in golden yellow.

    Corporate Catwalk

    1. Thanks beaut! aah, no way? I have one which is exactly golden yellow too, haha! great choices, ay? ;)

  5. love that black/white jacket!