Nails Of The Week: Angelica Skylar 81.❤

Angelica Skylar 81 - Primark £1.00

Hey beauts,
Primark have started selling so much beauty products these past few months and I was yet to actually try anything out so, when I was in my local Primark with Ally last week I picked up one of their liquid eyeliners and saw that quite a few of their nail polishes from their 'Angelica Range' had been reduced from £2.50 to £1.00 so picked up this gorgeous sky blue polish.

I actually think this polish turned out to be much better than I first expected. There are quite a few brands that sell cheap nail polishes and I have to say that this was actually better than some of them. You need about 2-3 coats to really get the full use out of it but it really does go on so nicely. So far I've had them on for just under a week and I haven't really noticed any chipping yet which is super good! this polish is such a beautiful colour for not only spring but the summer too. It may not be the best of the best but I honestly really like this polish and highly recommend that everyone tries to pick one up. Hopefully all your local Primark's will be having some of the colours on sale for £1.00 like mine did. Next time I go to Primark I'll definitely be having a look at some of the other colours and hopefully purchasing more. I love how all the polishes have their own little names too. I don't actually know the name of it but there's a nail polish in Topshop that is a pretty similar colour to Skylar 81 and even though Topshop polishes aren't expensive if you do want a cheaper polish then you can get your hands on this little gem! :)

What do you think of Skylar 81? Have you purchased any polishes from Primark?


What's your opinion?

  1. I also bought this on sale a few weeks back! I looove Primark polishes, they're my second favourite after Ciate. Yum! T xo

    1. They really are great and for the price they really are incredible! :D I still need to try Ciate, all their polishes look so pretty!