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In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin the ever so lovely people over at MoneySupermarket.com have come up with a great competition for UK bloggers. You have to think of '30 ways to save £1'. They are hoping to reach their target of 1,000 tips and if they managed to do that then one lucky person who has entered will will £1,000 and what's even more amazing is that if they get over 1,000 tips then they'll bump up the prize money to 2,000. Amazing, right? you can see the full terms and conditions here. This really is a great way to just have some fun and also learn lots of new ways to save money. Here are my 30 ways to save £1!

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1.) If you're a student make sure to get an NUS student card so that when you shop online or in store you can get a discount off your purchases. If you aren't sure if you can a discount on a certain shop then make sure you check out the shops website where they'll most probably tell you if they do or not.
2.) Save up all your pennies. You may not think its worth keeping all those 1ps and 2ps but if you manage to save quite a few up then you can go to those machines that add up all your pennies and turn them into a really good amount of money.
3.) In Superdrug & Boots make sure to get their Beauty and Advantage cards because once you get a certain amount of points then you can get money off.
4.) If you need to go somewhere and it isn't that far from your house instead of getting a bus, driving the card or calling a cab just walk it so that you save yourself a bit of money.
5.) Get a piggybank and start putting your money in there. If you don't want to keep tempting yourself then get one where you have to break it to get the money out.
6.) If there's something from a site that you want that is quite pricey then search for it on eBay because someone could be selling it for a much cheaper price or you could win it in a bid.
7.) If you're someone who goes food shopping daily *Hi mum ;)* then instead make it weekly because I think it'll save you much more money then going daily.
8.) If you're in need of new clothes then pop into your local charity shops because you can find such good bargins. You can find so many outfits in charity shops for cheap prices.
9.) If you're having a clear out then see if anyone would be interested in buying them online. Blog sales are good and so is selling unwanted items on eBay.
10.) Make lists of the things you actually need for when you go shopping so that you don't overspend.
11.) If you get paid monthly then one idea could be to save for a month then the next month you can spend that months money then just keep repeating so you'll still be able to spend your money but you'll have money saved up as well.
12.) Try going to a car boot sale and selling any unwanted items.
13.) Buy supermarkets own brand food on things like bread, biscuits, beans.. etc. It'll save you a bit of money.
14.) If you're going out somewhere for the day or you're at work try bringing your own lunch with you so that you don't have to go to the shop to buy yourself something to eat.
15.) Take advantage of 2 for 1 offers.
16.) When buying online always make sure you check if there's any discount codes you can use on your purchases.
17.) Instead of spending quite a bit of money in Ikea or shops that can sell storage things for quite an expensive price try having a look in Argos or online for something cheaper.
18.) There are quite a few pricey makeup brands out there. Search online for websites that sell those brands at a cheaper price.
19.) When going shopping, bring your own bag to put your items in as some stores will make you pay for a bag.
20.) Sign up to Groupon as they have so many offers, discounts and competitions.
21.) Do your own DIY's.. Especially on the latest trends. e.g: Tie-dye clothing can be pretty pricey when it comes to summer but get your own clothing dye and an old t-shirt and try creating the trend yourself. It can be so much cheaper.
22.) Look for cash machines that don't charge you to take out money.
23.) If you want to go shopping but it isn't urgent, try having a look in the back of your wardrobe for old treasures you may have forgotten about.
24.) If you live with housemates, like in the TV show New Girl, buy a jar that you have to put £1 in if you do a certain thing. (e.g If someone says something silly or swears too much.)
25.) If you want to dye your hair or get some extensions put in see if someone you know can do it for you instead of going to the hairdressers.
26.) Most supermarkets have a little reduced section somewhere in the store. Have a look to see if anything that could be on your shopping list is in that section.
27.) If you have both a shower and bath, try using the shower more so you won't waste as much water.
28.) If the heating doesn't need to be on then turn it off. You can really save yourself some money.
29.) In the daytime or even if you're just popping out, switch the lights off.
30.) You can get a good amount of money on any old mobile phones that you have lying around the house.

                                                     Did you like any of the tips suggested? :)


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