Review: Rimmel London - Apocalips Lip Lacquer 301 Galaxy.❤

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Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer - 301 Galaxy c/o Juliet.

Hey lovelies,
I got this Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in shade 301 Galaxy last month as a fantastic birthday present from my ever so lovely friend Juliet. I already own '303 Apocaliptic' from the collection and after using that I told myself I'd get another shade as I loved using that one so much, so I was really chuffed when I got another shade for my birthday.

I am not even in the slightest bit kidding when I say I've worn this on my lips pretty much everyday since getting it and I am pretty sure I need to slow down on using it otherwise it'll be finished way too soon. I've mentioned on here a few times about liking shades of lip products that I can wear on a day to day basis without it being too out there and I am so pleased that this shade isn't too out there. I really do love pink lip colours but think some don't suit my skin tone that well so I am really glad that this a really subtle pink that goes well with dark skin tones. This really does stay on the lips all day but does tend to lose its shine after a while but with a dab of lip gloss you can get that shine back in seconds. As I've mentioned many times on here before I really do love my matte lip products but I am just loving the lip gloss type shine ones too. I've already got my eyes set on all the other colours I want from the Apocalips collection. Rimmel really know how to make amazing products. I am so excited to see what other lip products they've got in the pipeline.

P.s: Before you say it.. I don't actually have anything on my tooth it was the light reflecting on it. ;)

What do you think of 301 Galaxy? do you have any of the shades from the collection?

Have a good week!


OOTD: It's Just A Spark But It's Enough To Keep Me Going.❤

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Top - Primark/ Disco Pants - Fashion World/ Gold Glitter Platform Heels - c/o Shusole 

Hey beauts,
I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing in the first picture, I feel like I slightly resemble a potato in heels (not that I've ever seen a potato in heels...) but aside from that how gorgeous are my new platform heel boots from Shusole? I have the biggest love of platform heels as I find that because the platform is so big that it makes it so easy to walk in (sorry if I was stating the obvious) Plus, not forgetting to mention that there are so many different outfits you can style them with. Whether that's dressing them up with a dress for a night out or making them look a bit more casual while you grab some dinner with friends, I feel that the outfit I'm wearing could definitely be for a dinner type of occasion. For those of you who don't know, Shusole is an online company who sell women and men's footwear as well as women's accessories. They've got the most amazing footwear on the site and the prices are jaw droppingly cheap. They've got so many shoes perfect to go with this years summer trends such as studs, spikes and my favourite for this year neon coloured wedges! make sure you check them out on Twitter & Facebook. They run competitions regularly on both of them so definitely give them a like! 

I really love my disco pants from Fashion World. I rediscovered them again only recently and they honestly fit like a dream. Disco Pants really are so versatile. I decided to pair it with my Primark top that I got last month. I just love the necklace on it and it makes pairing it with a pair of trousers or skirt so simple.

What do you think of my outfit? :)

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30 Ways To Save £1. | Moneysupermarket.com

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                                                                        Hey lovelies,
In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin the ever so lovely people over at MoneySupermarket.com have come up with a great competition for UK bloggers. You have to think of '30 ways to save £1'. They are hoping to reach their target of 1,000 tips and if they managed to do that then one lucky person who has entered will will £1,000 and what's even more amazing is that if they get over 1,000 tips then they'll bump up the prize money to 2,000. Amazing, right? you can see the full terms and conditions here. This really is a great way to just have some fun and also learn lots of new ways to save money. Here are my 30 ways to save £1!

*Image taken from weheartit.com*

1.) If you're a student make sure to get an NUS student card so that when you shop online or in store you can get a discount off your purchases. If you aren't sure if you can a discount on a certain shop then make sure you check out the shops website where they'll most probably tell you if they do or not.
2.) Save up all your pennies. You may not think its worth keeping all those 1ps and 2ps but if you manage to save quite a few up then you can go to those machines that add up all your pennies and turn them into a really good amount of money.
3.) In Superdrug & Boots make sure to get their Beauty and Advantage cards because once you get a certain amount of points then you can get money off.
4.) If you need to go somewhere and it isn't that far from your house instead of getting a bus, driving the card or calling a cab just walk it so that you save yourself a bit of money.
5.) Get a piggybank and start putting your money in there. If you don't want to keep tempting yourself then get one where you have to break it to get the money out.
6.) If there's something from a site that you want that is quite pricey then search for it on eBay because someone could be selling it for a much cheaper price or you could win it in a bid.
7.) If you're someone who goes food shopping daily *Hi mum ;)* then instead make it weekly because I think it'll save you much more money then going daily.
8.) If you're in need of new clothes then pop into your local charity shops because you can find such good bargins. You can find so many outfits in charity shops for cheap prices.
9.) If you're having a clear out then see if anyone would be interested in buying them online. Blog sales are good and so is selling unwanted items on eBay.
10.) Make lists of the things you actually need for when you go shopping so that you don't overspend.
11.) If you get paid monthly then one idea could be to save for a month then the next month you can spend that months money then just keep repeating so you'll still be able to spend your money but you'll have money saved up as well.
12.) Try going to a car boot sale and selling any unwanted items.
13.) Buy supermarkets own brand food on things like bread, biscuits, beans.. etc. It'll save you a bit of money.
14.) If you're going out somewhere for the day or you're at work try bringing your own lunch with you so that you don't have to go to the shop to buy yourself something to eat.
15.) Take advantage of 2 for 1 offers.
16.) When buying online always make sure you check if there's any discount codes you can use on your purchases.
17.) Instead of spending quite a bit of money in Ikea or shops that can sell storage things for quite an expensive price try having a look in Argos or online for something cheaper.
18.) There are quite a few pricey makeup brands out there. Search online for websites that sell those brands at a cheaper price.
19.) When going shopping, bring your own bag to put your items in as some stores will make you pay for a bag.
20.) Sign up to Groupon as they have so many offers, discounts and competitions.
21.) Do your own DIY's.. Especially on the latest trends. e.g: Tie-dye clothing can be pretty pricey when it comes to summer but get your own clothing dye and an old t-shirt and try creating the trend yourself. It can be so much cheaper.
22.) Look for cash machines that don't charge you to take out money.
23.) If you want to go shopping but it isn't urgent, try having a look in the back of your wardrobe for old treasures you may have forgotten about.
24.) If you live with housemates, like in the TV show New Girl, buy a jar that you have to put £1 in if you do a certain thing. (e.g If someone says something silly or swears too much.)
25.) If you want to dye your hair or get some extensions put in see if someone you know can do it for you instead of going to the hairdressers.
26.) Most supermarkets have a little reduced section somewhere in the store. Have a look to see if anything that could be on your shopping list is in that section.
27.) If you have both a shower and bath, try using the shower more so you won't waste as much water.
28.) If the heating doesn't need to be on then turn it off. You can really save yourself some money.
29.) In the daytime or even if you're just popping out, switch the lights off.
30.) You can get a good amount of money on any old mobile phones that you have lying around the house.

                                                     Did you like any of the tips suggested? :)



April Wishlist.❤

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                                                                       Hey beauts,
There are so many things I want at the moment and it really doesn't help with so little funds. :( Everything on this wishlist isn't too expensive so it won't take me forever to save for them which is good. I feel like everything I've picked would most definitely be perfect for spring/summer and I'm loving so many bright colours at the moment. Now is the time to add some colour into your wardrobe!

1. Copious Cats' Tee - These Folk £20.00
The actual excitement that ran through my mind when I spotted this t-shirt. It practically has my name written all over it. ;) I am a crazy cat lady and get excited over anything to do with cats. A few weeks ago I purchased a headband with cat ears on and I so need to add this cat tee to my new cat collection, ha!

2. Tan Faux Leather Satchel - Mozzypop £29.00
I absolutely adore this bag. It reminds me of the Mulberry Alexa in Oak Soft Buffalo bag but so much cheaper which is amazing. One of my style inspirations Mollie King is always spotted with so many different brown bags and I'd feel just as cool as her with little beauty in my hands.

3. Black Sandal Heels - eBay £17.99
Due to the fact that I am not the worlds best high heel walker (do people say that?) I don't really look online for heels, I mostly just look at them when I'm in shops but so many people have sandal heels and they really aren't high so I'm hoping that if I get a pair I'll be able to walk easily in them. These ones are such bargains on eBay.

4. Pug Necklace - Veuxdoo £6.00
As well as being a lover of cats I really love pugs too. I just find them so adorable and their little faces are too cute. I think this pug necklace would be such a nice touch to most outfits. I can see myself purchasing it and never taking it off, haha.

5. Indian Summer Tie-Dye T-shirt - Veuxdoo £8.00
As summer is just around the corner everywhere I look I see everything tie-dye. I really loved the tie-dye trend last year and I am happy that it is becoming just as popular as it was last year again. The colour is so in your face that you really don't need to go overboard with how you style it. If you're on the hunt for tie-dye t-shirts then Veuxdoo really do a nice variety and they sell at such good prices and aren't overpriced.

6. Mona Dress - Monki £25.00
I really do love shirt dresses. I already have a yellow one from Primark that I can't wait to start wearing and I'd also love to have this too. They are literally so simple to style. Throw on a cardigan (if it is actually needed) and some flats or boots would just top it off. Even when it gets cold you can still wear it under a really thin jumper with the collar out.

7. Black Block Heel JuJu Jelly Sandals - River Island £20.00
I am so glad that JuJu jelly's are back on the scene. When I was younger me and Ally used to have matching glittery pairs and man did we look cool. ;) Out of all of them I've seen online the black pair always take my fancy and I think they'd be the easiest to wear with practically everything. Also, £20.00 for these bad boys is such a good price. I would have thought they'd be more expensive.

8. Mint Green Oversized Jumper - Karma Clothing £12.49
I know that it really is starting to get hot here in the UK but I just can't pull myself away from jumpers. This mint green jumper is absolutely perfect and needs to be on my rail of favourite spring clothes. Karma Clothing have the nicest clothing and the prices are honestly so good. Definitely check them out!

                                What do you think of the things I've picked this month?



OOTD: I Should Be Over All The Butterflies, But I'm Into You.❤

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Jumper - Charity Shop/ Velvet Skirt - Primark via eBay/ Star Tights - c/o Tights Please/ Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union/ Spiked Headband - Primark/ Stone Ring - Topshop/ Above Knuckle Ring - c/o The Bohemian Collective 

Hey lovelies,
Eeek, what a jam packed outfit post today. I am so happy that the sun has been shining very beautifully (even though there was a big rain shower earlier). I hope that us UK-ers get to enjoy it right through and don't have to endure anymore rain and snow. This is the outfit I wore today for a lovely lunch catch up with three of my best friends Katia, Dominic and of course that twin of mine Ally

Earlier in the week I visited some of my trusty local charity shops. I got a pair of light wash denim jeans and this amazing jumper that is a very light orange sort of peach colour. As soon as I picked it up I really didn't think twice about purchasing it as it was only £3.50. I really like it tucked into my velvet skirt and can't wait to pair it up with more things. I really have to make the most of it as it's really starting to get hot now. The colour of it is so perfect for spring. How cute are my star tights? I got them inside my Ax Paris goodie bag and I was really pleased as I am so used to wearing just the standard black tights and these bad boys will most certainly do good at jazzing my outfits up from now on. Also, I've seen so many bloggers feature Tights Please in their outfit posts and they've really got an awesome variety of tights so I'm glad that I now own my first pair of tights from there and hopefully I'll be making some purchases on the site as everything is so affordable and lovely.

I said I needed to start wearing more jewellery, especially rings and my local Topshop always have cheap sales on and I was so glad when I got my hands on this gorgeous little ring. I've barely taken it off my finger since purchasing it. Lastly, also from my goodie bag I got an above knuckle ring (which probably should go on one of the other fingers rather than the pinky but it just fits so nicely there) from The Bohemian Collective and I really love it. I've been after an above knuckle ring for quite sometime so I was super surprised when I saw this little beaut among the other little goodies too. I actually refuse to stop wearing it, haha!

Have any of you found some good charity shop finds recently? I'm thinking of possibly doing a post on my favourite charity shop finds soon, so lookout for that in the next few weeks! :)

Song In Title: Paramore - Still Into You.

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Nails Of The Week | Spring Nails.❤

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Hey beauts,
The sun has finally decided to make an appearance in the UK and it is starting to feel a lot like spring now. I decided that instead of my usual dark coloured nail polish that I'd really have some fun this week and start wearing more pastel and bright colours on my nails. I've been playing around with the nail tattoos that I got inside my goodie bag from the Ax Paris Event. I really want to start doing loads of nail designs and since I don't own any nail art pens yet the sticker tattoos really come in handy.

What I Used:
Nail Tattoos - £5.99/ Barry M's Peach Melba - £2.99/ BeautyUK Posh Polish - £3.49

Barry M's Peach Melba polish will always be one of my favourite spring/summer polishes. Ally purchased it last year just when we both started getting into beauty so it'll always be a true favourite of mine and not to mention that it really is a gorgeous shade of peach and it looks so lovely when the sun comes out. I decided that I wanted to make my nails quite girly as well so decided to put a bit of 'Comet's Tail' by BeautyUK on as it is such a nice glitter with little silver bits in. I already own a few glitter polishes and with this one I really like how when you apply it doesn't come out in big chunks, it covers the nail so nicely. Lastly, I wanted to use some of my nail tattoos but I didn't want them to cover every nail so decided to just put two black hearts from the packet onto my thumbs and I loved the way it came out. I love how there's so many designs that you can do with these nail tattoos. If you want to get your hands on these nail tattoos then they are sold in Boots, Urban Outfitters and skinartuk.com

What do you think of my spring nails? what are your favourite spring nail polishes?



Ax Paris | Circus Blogger Event.❤

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Hey lovelies,
Last Wednesday I went to the Ax Circus event with Ally, which was hosted by the lovely people at E-tail PR & Ax Paris to celebrate Ax Paris' new TV advert which airs today and to have a little look at their new spring/summer 13 collection. The event was held at Circus in Covent Garden, such a big and spacious venue. The night was truly amazing filled with loads of lovely bloggers, tasty food, delicious cocktails and circus performers.. (even a fire breather). There was also a photo booth that me & Ally enjoyed so much. It was hilarious taking such funny snaps!

I absolutely loved having a look at all the lovely dresses on the rail. Everything was put together so beautifully in colour coordination and my favourite had to be all the yellow dresses as yellow is my favourite colour and all of those dresses just made me think of dressing up in a yellow dress when the sun comes out. I spotted so many dresses that I want to get my hands on and I loved that they had such a big mix of dresses from ones to wear for special occasions to just the casual ones. I've already seen so many spring/summer collections and this by far had to be one of my favourites. It was so weird spotting so many bloggers who's blogs I love to read. I wish I'd got to speak to more people but shyness completely took over. I had a little chat with Rhiannon and honestly she is so lovely. I got to meet the ever so lovely Lauren again and it was super awesome because I finally got to meet both Tara and Lily who I've talked to for a while but had never met until Wednesday! It really was an amazing night and I'm so glad that Ally chose me to come with her. 

Thank you to the lovely people at Ax Paris & E-tail PR for hosting such an incredible event. :)



Nails Of The Week: Angelica Skylar 81.❤

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Angelica Skylar 81 - Primark £1.00

Hey beauts,
Primark have started selling so much beauty products these past few months and I was yet to actually try anything out so, when I was in my local Primark with Ally last week I picked up one of their liquid eyeliners and saw that quite a few of their nail polishes from their 'Angelica Range' had been reduced from £2.50 to £1.00 so picked up this gorgeous sky blue polish.

I actually think this polish turned out to be much better than I first expected. There are quite a few brands that sell cheap nail polishes and I have to say that this was actually better than some of them. You need about 2-3 coats to really get the full use out of it but it really does go on so nicely. So far I've had them on for just under a week and I haven't really noticed any chipping yet which is super good! this polish is such a beautiful colour for not only spring but the summer too. It may not be the best of the best but I honestly really like this polish and highly recommend that everyone tries to pick one up. Hopefully all your local Primark's will be having some of the colours on sale for £1.00 like mine did. Next time I go to Primark I'll definitely be having a look at some of the other colours and hopefully purchasing more. I love how all the polishes have their own little names too. I don't actually know the name of it but there's a nail polish in Topshop that is a pretty similar colour to Skylar 81 and even though Topshop polishes aren't expensive if you do want a cheaper polish then you can get your hands on this little gem! :)

What do you think of Skylar 81? Have you purchased any polishes from Primark?


Motel Rocks A/W 13 Press Day.❤

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Hey lovelies,
Yesterday I headed into Central London for a fun filled day with Ally, we headed to our first ever press day and that was for Motel Rocks. Walking into the Motel showroom was like stepping back into the 90's with all the retro sweets, games and amazing prints on the clothes. I felt a little like Cher from Clueless but just obviously without the cute little outfit on. ;)

My camera wasn't working to its full ability yesterday but I managed to get some snaps of some of my favourite pieces (there wasn't actually anything that I didn't like) there were lots of knitwear pieces like cropped jumpers that looked so warm and fluffy and that would be absolutely perfect for summer with a pair of shorts and they also had the most gorgeous swimwear.. So wishing I had a cracking bod so I could wear them!! we all know that Motel always do the most amazing monochrome pieces and yesterday previewing some of the new monochrome pieces was awesome because they didn't disappoint. My two favourite pieces yesterday were first off a very beautiful checked monochrome cropped top which reminded me so much of a crop top that Cheryl Cole wore on the Girls Aloud tour and secondly a similar-ish monochrome dress. I also got to be in a little video talking about one of my favourite pieces (the monochrome dress) I was a little camera shy but look forward to seeing it, haha! there were lots of fun things to take part in like henna which was so beautifully done, lots of hair colouring and temporary tattoos, eek I absolutely loved all the little birds I got on my hand and would totally consider getting them done. It was so fun being in a room full of so many lovely bloggers and it was so lovely to see both Jo & Jess again! 

The Motel team are absolutely lovely, yay! had such a fun time.



Feeling Disconnected From The World...

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*Image taken from Tumblr.*
                                                                            Hey beauts,
I don't even know where to begin with this post. I feel that I just have to write this before I actually explode. I honestly feel so unhappy with everything in my life and it isn't simple enough for me to be able to change these things that are making me feel so unhappy with a click of the finger. It isn't even like I've been unhappy for a little while, I've been feeling like this for the past three years. This is my reference to how I've been feeling, have any of you seen that episode of Spongebob Squarepants where Squidward moves house to a place where only hundreds of Octopus's live and at first maybe for the first two days he's happy but then that happiness fades because he's constantly doing the same things over and over again. I feel that's how my life has been for these three years. Constantly doing the same things and feeling exactly the same way and feeling like nothing in my life that makes me unhappy will ever get sorted.

I really hate college and just feel like it's knocking down my confidence and I am in no way enjoying my course and there's only a few weeks left so I don't actually mind but next year if I go to the last year of my course I know I'll just end up being so unhappy like this year but if I don't go then I feel that I might not be able to find a good job for myself for September time and I've been looking a lot these past few weeks but if I can't find a job before September then I'll just be at home feeling really depressed. Then there's so many other things getting me down like feeling as if I don't have anyone to talk to. I feel so lonely all the time and even when people ask me if I'm okay, I just act as if I'm okay because I feel like people don't truly care for my feelings and yes, so many people say "you have Ally, how could you feel lonely because you have her to talk to" but she feels exactly the way I do, so we can't possibly help each other out of these situations. I just wish someone would tell me what I can do right now to cope with everything going on and not "things will get better, you've just got to wait".

 I've just turned 18 and I honestly feel like I'm 13. I don't go out anywhere because I get told I'll be supported but I don't. If you're reading this and thinking "just get a job and quit moaning" because of certain things me & Ally have to look after our niece a lot so that stops us being able to do quite a lot of things and it sucks because we shouldn't have to be tied down. I'm unhappy with my weight and all this other mumbo jumbo. I just wish it would all get better but as of now it just won't get better. If I didn't have blogging then I don't even know what I would be like right now. Pretty sure I would have already had a mental breakdown. I sometimes just feel that I do so much for other people and always listen to their problems but mine just keep mounting up and it makes me feel really upset and sad. I just felt that I needed to write this post to get it off my chest. I don't know what will happen in these next few months but I just hope that these things making me so unhappy will change and that I won't have to constantly feel like this. I can't  believe I am actually publishing this as I am so used to just keeping things inside but enough is enough and I can't continue like this anymore. I've always been good at bottling up my feelings and I guess after three really stressful and sad years I just had to let it all out somehow. My life really is like one big cycle of unhappiness.


OOTD: Will You Still Love Me When I'm No Longer Young And Beautiful.❤

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Dress (worn as shirt) - Primark/ Velvet Skater Skirt - Primark/ Leopard Print Boots - Primark/ Peacock Ring - eBay  

Hey lovelies,
You know when you put an outfit together then mid wearing it you realise you're wearing a complete outfit from one shop?  ha, I didn't mean to wear a full Primark outfit but Primark is great so it doesn't even matter. I wore this outfit yesterday for lunch and a bit of shopping with Ally, my older sister and my niece. I absolutely love unexpected days that end up being completely awesome and to be honest any day that ends up with a bit of shopping, haha!

The checked shirt I'm wearing is actually a dress that I got about three years ago in Primark and it still fits perfectly but I remember even when I purchased it I realised it's quite short so I'd wear shorts underneath it and while looking for an outfit to wear out yesterday I managed to make it into a nice little outfit with my trusty black velvet skater skirt also from Primark that I got via eBay. I love how basically everything just goes so nicely with this skirt. I actually purchased the leopard print boots yesterday but just quickly put them into this outfit to show you all. They were originally £10 reduced to £2 so I couldn't not buy them. I find that leopard print always goes nicely with black. Maybe I could style them up with some black jeans? oh, and how lovely is my new peacock ring? I was reading Emily's outfit post and she also featured this ring as well as a link to the seller so when I saw they also had different ring designs and they were only 99p each with free post and packing all the way from Hong Kong, I didn't even think twice about ordering one even though delivery takes quite a while but this ring was so worth it. The weather is still so cold at the moment in the UK. I hear that it's meant to be getting a bit warmer next week though... Hope that's true!

Just to add, if you do want to vote for me in the Company Style Blogger Awards you can do so by clicking here. :)

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Have a lovely weekend!