I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22.❤

Jumper - Primark (old)/ Velvet Skirt - Primark via eBay/ Boots - Primark (old)

Hey beauts,
This is one the outfits I wore to college this week. It's absolutely freezing outside so I just seem to be glued into my jumpers! until now I didn't even realise that I'm wearing a complete Primark outfit, ha! I got this jumper from Primark about two or three years ago? I only recently-ish found it and I'm glad to see it still fits perfectly. I love that it's quite a dark pink and that it isn't too 'out there'. I'm not sure if you can see but on the right side of the shoulder there's three little buttons and I think it just adds really cute detailing. I really need to stop wearing my velvet skirt but it's just my favourite at the moment and I think pink and black really go so well together! 

I've got laryngitis again and it sucks big time. It feels like someone is trying to rip my throat out. *le cry* I really do hope that I get better before my birthday next week, it wont' exactly be the nicest thing to be in pain on such a special day. I've started doing the 30 Day Shred again with Ally, it's hard work but it's nice to exercise. Don't forget, if you want to vote for my blog in the Company Style Blogger Awards then you can do so here. I need to catch up on my college work that I should have done ages ago, naughty! 

P.s Ally revamped my header for me and I've still got the beautiful picture that Hannah made for me included in it. My whole blogs getting a little revamping! 

Song In Title: Taylor Swift - 22.

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