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Geek Tee - c/o Lush T-Shirts/ Mustard Skater Skirt - Asos/ Belt - Primark/ Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union

Hey lovelies, 
Lush T-Shirts were looking for bloggers to collaborate with and I am so glad that I got to be part of it. I got sent this awesome t-shirt from them. They make the best slogan t-shirts in town. ;) From slogans like 'born to shop' to 'friend' hoodies for anyone who's a fan of the inbetweeners or just special occasion ones for christmas and mothers day and so on. Not to mention they're currently expanding their woman's range! I had a really hard time picking a t-shirt that I wanted as I literally have fallen in love with them all. I then came across the very popular 'geek tee' and knew that would be my choice. The geek t-shirt has been one of the most popular t-shirts for bloggers and there are literally so many different dupes around. I picked this t-shirt because it is generally so versatile, whether I wear it with a skirt or trousers It always still seems to go so well together. 

On the site there are five colours to choose from and I went with navy blue as I think it's quite similar to black meaning I can wear it with pretty much anything. This is on the site for a very cheap £15. The sizing is an absolute dream, sometimes it can be difficult to get your perfect sizing when you order online but I absolutely love the fit of this t-shirt. The delivery was bloomin' fast too. After getting an email to say that my t-shirt had been sent out, I was really surprised to see it arrive the next day.. If you're an impatient shopper like me then this will please you very much, haha. All the t-shirts that I came across on the site were £15 which is such a bargain and you can get your own customised t-shirt for only £15 too. They also sell other things too like jumpers which are great for this super chilly weather that the UK are currently having.

How I style my geek tee:
I thought it would be cool to show you how I style my t-shirt. I think because the word 'geek' stands out so much, you really don't need to go over the top with what you pair it with. You can see pretty much that I like wearing my t-shirt with the colour black.

Look 1:
I got this super cute detailed skirt from a charity shop a few months back. I just love how it adds a bit of colour to the whole outfit and it's such a preppy little skirt.

Look 2:
I love my disco pants. I believe that this is a way that absolutely everyone who owns both disco pants and geek tee's style them up. Thrown on with a big knit cardigan and this is the perfect outfit for those very cold days while keeping you looking stylish at the same time.

Look 3:
Finally, my new velvet skirt that I've recently purchased. I think they both go so well together and it's just a simple but really fun look. 

I literally recommend Lush T-Shirts to all of you because it just ticks all the right boxes. 
Fast delivery Checked box symbol
Reasonable prices Checked box symbol
Sizes for everyone Checked box symbol
Awesome t-shirts Checked box symbol

Where you can find Lush T-Shirts?
- Website 
- Blog

If any of you do want to purchase the t-shirt that I got then you can here. :)

What do you think of my t-shirt? do you want to purchase anything from the site?


What's your opinion?

  1. my darling, you seriously have to give me your wardrobe! oh nomnom. And, pray, tell me, where did you get that lush velvet skirt from? Been looking for ages for one.
    Chichi x

    1. Oh you can talk missy, I generally only have a few key items and then basics. :( It's from Primark but I got it on eBay BUT I think some Primark's still do sell it because I know It only came out like a few weeks back! I really hope you find one lovely. :)


  2. Love the yellow skirt!! looks so nice <3 xx

    1. Thank you Emily, I seriously need to stop wearing it in posts but I just love it too much, hehe!


  3. I really want a Geek top! This outfit suits you so well and the top goes great with the skirt :)

    1. You'd look so lovely with it Roxii, I can just see you pairing it with your disco pants and it looking awesome! :D thank you lovely!