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Hey beauts,
Valentines day is over for another year but that doesn't mean for us fellow chocolate lovers that the chocolate eating stops, It's only just beginning. ;) I recently came across Chocolates for Chocoholics on Twitter and dribbled my way through their amazingly delicious site. I was so excited to see them tweet about wanting to send out their custom made bloggers collection of chocolates to bloggers, obviously me being the self-proclaimed chocoholic that I am, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a tasty box. My box arrived yesterday and I am in no way disappointed. In the last couple of years they've bought out lots of new and exciting products and one being the tiny cupcake chocolates, I got two of the tiny cupcakes in my box and both of them are definitely my favourites as I am a lover of cake and when I saw that the one on the bottom right was a lemon cheesecake I nearly cried happy tears, haha. Don't all the chocolates look absolutely mouthwatering delicious?  

L-R: Pink Taster Selection, The Ultimate Heart and Seven Days Of Heaven.

These are just three of the amazing products you can get on the site. The pink taster selection is so good for things like sleepovers or just bringing an extra special box of goodies for your friends. Also, this season is the first time that they've launched their new personalised products. For their personalised products you can pick things like the wrapping or what kind of chocolate you get. I'd definitely recommend buying some of their personalised products as a gift. I know it can be so difficult to find presents for people but I think that their new personalised range can help people out so much. They've got so many cute little chocolates goodies on the site starting from below £1 then upwards. I've actually got my eyes on an Easter egg for my niece even though it isn't Easter time yet. I can't even begin to explain how cheap the site is too. Everything is so thoughtfully planned and if you have special dietary needs then they offer a range of gluten free, alcohol free and no added sugar chocolates. Definitely check out their website here.

I cannot wait to tuck into my chocolates. NOM! definitely expect to see me Instagraming on orders I make in the future. ;) 

Have I tempted you to want to purchase products from the site?

Have a lovely weekend! :)



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  1. Those look so yum! Might check out Chocolates for Chocoholics after this. Great post :) xx

    1. They were literally so delicious, haha! you definitely should lovely, they've got some great products! thank you. :)


  2. they look super yummy