Jigsaw's Spring/Summer Dresses Collection!

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                                                                      Hey beauts,
I was recently contacted about the new collection of spring/summer dresses from fashion retailer Jigsaw. I feel like the majority of the dresses from the collection are the types of dresses that I'd either wear or have my eyes on to wear in spring/summer. I love dresses that I know I'll feel comfortable in and that have really cute and girly prints on that I can throw a jean jacket over with some boots and sunglasses. I've decided to pick a few of my favourites from the collection to show you all. :)

                                                                              My Top Picks:
L-R: Cravat Print Silk Dress, Raindrop Print Silk Dress, Zig Zag Silk Tunic Dress

I absolutely love the print on this dress, it's inspired by Jigsaw's menswear ties. I think this dress is just so cute for the daytime. Perfect with a pair of sheer tights for the spring and if you're brave enough to get your legs out during summer then definitely don't hold back. ;) It's priced at £159.00 which everyone doesn't exactly have just lying around but if you really have your eye on it then it would make a great buy for a present. 

This is another one of my favourite dresses from the collection because it's so cute and floaty. For me personally, I absolutely love wearing dresses thrown on with a denim jacket. This is another one of those dresses that are perfect for the figure and really show you off in the right places. This one is priced at £169.00 and yet again would be the perfect gift for a birthday.

I adore this dress so much. I think out of the whole collection this one is hands down my favourite and if possible at some point this year I'd love to own it. I love the Zig Zag print on it and think this dress is so good for whether you want to dress it up or down. In the daytime you could wear it with some black flat dolly shoes with a nice cardigan and then to dress it up a blazer or wear it on its own with a pair of chunky black heels... Amazing. 

I've got some other favourites from the collection too.. Like the Ponte Contrast Dress I think it's very Taylor Swift-esque and the Lace Floral Wrap Dress is another one which is great for the daytime! :)

You can have a look at the collection here, definitely make sure to look at the collection because there are loads of other dresses to have a look at with really affordable prices. 

Where you can follow Jigsaw?
- YouTube 

What do you think of the dresses I picked out?


Happy 1st Birthday Vanzthemachinee.❤

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*Image via Google Images.*

Hey lovelies,
I'm feeling so unwell, yesterday I found out that I have laryngitis which sucks but I can't be down because today is my 1st blogging birthday! :D I actually cannot believe that it's my blog birthday, to actually think I've been blogging for a year now is absolutely crazy. To me blogging really has changed my life, I generally thought that I'd made this blog and that after a few days I'd never go back on it again but I am honestly so pleased that I never gave up because I've met some of the most amazing people through blogging and I've had the chance to do some pretty awesome opportunities too. Blogging has gotten me through some of the hardest times these last few months. I wish I did something to celebrate properly but since I have laryngitis I'm under strict instructions to stay in and rest *cries.* so once I'm better I really want to go out and celebrate... Maybe even paint the town red. ;) Thank you all lovely people who have commented, or just viewed my page or have even followed. I don't know what I'd honestly be doing now if I wasn't blogging. Sorry this is such a short post too, hoping that by the end of the week I'll feel so much better. :)


Pick Of The Week: River Island Skater Dress.#6

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Birthday Dress
                           Cream Jacquard Contrast Panel Skater Dress - River Island £35.00

                                                                     Hey beauts,
I've had the absolute worst nights sleep. Last night I just randomly started to feel really sick and I had a really high temperature. I'm hoping it isn't but I think it could possibly be the norovirus. :( I'm still feeling bad this morning but just a tad better than last night. Being ill sucks.

On Saturday I was having a little look in River Island with Shekinah & Ally when we spotted the most gorgeous dresses for £35-£40 each. One that really caught my eye was this gorgeous skater dress, I actually have to say that I think it looks so much better in person than it actually does online. I love the print, I think it is so unique and this is the type of dress where a nice black blazer and some earrings would go perfect with it. It has a cutout on the back which isn't too big and one of the best things about it is how the sides are black so it'll obviously look very slimming on. I think £35 is just the perfect price for this beauty. I've decided that I will be purchasing this dress for me and Ally's 18th birthday next month. We're going out for dinner and drinks with some friends which will be the perfect time to wear this out. Also, as it's a skater dress it'll definitely be coming back out the closet again in summer time. Can you just picture a denim jacket, brown sandals and black shades with this? ahh, come on summer!

                                                    What do you think of this dress?



The Geek Tee | Lush T-Shirts.❤

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Geek Tee - c/o Lush T-Shirts/ Mustard Skater Skirt - Asos/ Belt - Primark/ Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union

Hey lovelies, 
Lush T-Shirts were looking for bloggers to collaborate with and I am so glad that I got to be part of it. I got sent this awesome t-shirt from them. They make the best slogan t-shirts in town. ;) From slogans like 'born to shop' to 'friend' hoodies for anyone who's a fan of the inbetweeners or just special occasion ones for christmas and mothers day and so on. Not to mention they're currently expanding their woman's range! I had a really hard time picking a t-shirt that I wanted as I literally have fallen in love with them all. I then came across the very popular 'geek tee' and knew that would be my choice. The geek t-shirt has been one of the most popular t-shirts for bloggers and there are literally so many different dupes around. I picked this t-shirt because it is generally so versatile, whether I wear it with a skirt or trousers It always still seems to go so well together. 

On the site there are five colours to choose from and I went with navy blue as I think it's quite similar to black meaning I can wear it with pretty much anything. This is on the site for a very cheap £15. The sizing is an absolute dream, sometimes it can be difficult to get your perfect sizing when you order online but I absolutely love the fit of this t-shirt. The delivery was bloomin' fast too. After getting an email to say that my t-shirt had been sent out, I was really surprised to see it arrive the next day.. If you're an impatient shopper like me then this will please you very much, haha. All the t-shirts that I came across on the site were £15 which is such a bargain and you can get your own customised t-shirt for only £15 too. They also sell other things too like jumpers which are great for this super chilly weather that the UK are currently having.

How I style my geek tee:
I thought it would be cool to show you how I style my t-shirt. I think because the word 'geek' stands out so much, you really don't need to go over the top with what you pair it with. You can see pretty much that I like wearing my t-shirt with the colour black.

Look 1:
I got this super cute detailed skirt from a charity shop a few months back. I just love how it adds a bit of colour to the whole outfit and it's such a preppy little skirt.

Look 2:
I love my disco pants. I believe that this is a way that absolutely everyone who owns both disco pants and geek tee's style them up. Thrown on with a big knit cardigan and this is the perfect outfit for those very cold days while keeping you looking stylish at the same time.

Look 3:
Finally, my new velvet skirt that I've recently purchased. I think they both go so well together and it's just a simple but really fun look. 

I literally recommend Lush T-Shirts to all of you because it just ticks all the right boxes. 
Fast delivery Checked box symbol
Reasonable prices Checked box symbol
Sizes for everyone Checked box symbol
Awesome t-shirts Checked box symbol

Where you can find Lush T-Shirts?
- Website 
- Blog

If any of you do want to purchase the t-shirt that I got then you can here. :)

What do you think of my t-shirt? do you want to purchase anything from the site?


Review: Rimmel London | Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick 04!

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Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick 04 - Asos £3.84

Hey lovelies,
Back in November after purchasing my 107 lipstick and doing a post on it here, I said I'd do another post on my 04 lippy from the Kate Moss for Rimmel London lasting finish collection which came out quite a while ago but Christmas and other things happened so I never quite got around to talking about it so, I thought I'd get my post in quickly now before I build my lipstick collection up even more and totally forget about this lipstick until next winter, haha!

I'm so glad that I've managed to get quite a bit of wear out of this lipstick before talking about it on here. I got this for £3.84 when Asos had a big sale on back in November but that has since ended and in shops/online it sells for £5.49. This was such a daring colour for me to order but I was generally so obsessed with dark lipsticks for the winter. I did wear this once when I went to college but apart from that it's been one of my indoor lipsticks to wear. It generally goes perfectly well when I'm trying to add a bit of 'grunge' to my outfits. It isn't a matte lipstick so I'd definitely recommend that you rub in a bit of Vaseline to your lips before applying this so it can make your lips feel much softer and not get really dry. I can't really remember how long the hours were that I wore it for but from my experience, I never really had to keep re-applying which I absolutely love in lipsticks. If you are daring enough then I'd definitely recommend purchasing this bad boy, it's so lovely to have a big mix of lipsticks in your makeup bag. I've said it so many times before but I'll say it again... Rimmel London is hands down my favourite makeup brand, I cannot wait to see what other Rimmel products are in store for us in the coming months, I am so hoping for another lipstick collection... Maybe another matte one?

Would you be daring enough to wear this lipstick? do you own any Rimmel London lipsticks?


Chocolates For Chocoholics.❤

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Customised Blogger's Collection - Chocolates for Chocoholics 

Hey beauts,
Valentines day is over for another year but that doesn't mean for us fellow chocolate lovers that the chocolate eating stops, It's only just beginning. ;) I recently came across Chocolates for Chocoholics on Twitter and dribbled my way through their amazingly delicious site. I was so excited to see them tweet about wanting to send out their custom made bloggers collection of chocolates to bloggers, obviously me being the self-proclaimed chocoholic that I am, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a tasty box. My box arrived yesterday and I am in no way disappointed. In the last couple of years they've bought out lots of new and exciting products and one being the tiny cupcake chocolates, I got two of the tiny cupcakes in my box and both of them are definitely my favourites as I am a lover of cake and when I saw that the one on the bottom right was a lemon cheesecake I nearly cried happy tears, haha. Don't all the chocolates look absolutely mouthwatering delicious?  

L-R: Pink Taster Selection, The Ultimate Heart and Seven Days Of Heaven.

These are just three of the amazing products you can get on the site. The pink taster selection is so good for things like sleepovers or just bringing an extra special box of goodies for your friends. Also, this season is the first time that they've launched their new personalised products. For their personalised products you can pick things like the wrapping or what kind of chocolate you get. I'd definitely recommend buying some of their personalised products as a gift. I know it can be so difficult to find presents for people but I think that their new personalised range can help people out so much. They've got so many cute little chocolates goodies on the site starting from below £1 then upwards. I've actually got my eyes on an Easter egg for my niece even though it isn't Easter time yet. I can't even begin to explain how cheap the site is too. Everything is so thoughtfully planned and if you have special dietary needs then they offer a range of gluten free, alcohol free and no added sugar chocolates. Definitely check out their website here.

I cannot wait to tuck into my chocolates. NOM! definitely expect to see me Instagraming on orders I make in the future. ;) 

Have I tempted you to want to purchase products from the site?

Have a lovely weekend! :)



OOTD: But All Of These Differences, They Make Me Feel Alive.❤

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Fuchsia Blazer - Primark/ Top - Grandma's/ Velvet Skirt - Primark via eBay/ Creepers - eBay/ Spiked Headband - Primark/ Collection Lipstick - 9 Grape Glitz/ Watch - Gift 

Hey lovelies,
I'm on a roll with these outfit posts. ;) I Just wanted to show you all some of my new purchases. First off, I got this amazing fuchsia blazer from Primark over the weekend for £7 from £15. This is the second time I've gone to Primark now and found a blazer in my size that has been reduced. I've got a navy blue one and now this one. I've got my eye on a peach one as well as I think it'll look absolutely gorgeous for spring/summer. 

I purchased this black velvet skirt from eBay, it's originally from Primark and I got it for the very small price of £2.99. I love that it's in black because I can easily pair it with everything. I really do need some more t-shirts, I barely own any. My Grandma had amazing style and this beauty of a top belonged to her. I haven't worn it in a while but I find that it's super easy to dress up or down. You've probably seen the headband I'm wearing a lot in other bloggers posts? as we all know, I love my headbands and my local Primark finally got it in stock after I've been lusting after it for weeks. I cannot wait to have my hair up in a bun, straight back. I think the headband will compliment it so much.

Lastly, I've finally realised that I need to step away from my 107 lipstick. I got this Collection lipstick in '9 Grape Glitz' recently, I did a post on it months ago here and on the first day it snapped so I'm really glad to have it back in my life. Not exactly sure why it took me so long to re-purchase it. I also think the cute pinky lips are perfect for Valentines day. I really enjoyed showing my new purchases on me in an outfit post rather than just taking some snaps of my purchases not on me.  :)

What do you think of my outfit? what are your plans for Valentines day?

Song In Title: Ke$ha - Love Into The Light. 



OOTD: It's Indie Rock'n'Roll For Me. + Hit 200 Followers.❤

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T-shirt Dress - Asos/ Khaki Cardigan - Topshop/ Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union/ Studded Belt - Primark /  Lipstick 'Apocalyptic' - Rimmel London

Hey beauts,
I've been so unwell this past week. Let me tell you, when I get ill I get really ill so I've had the week off college to get myself feeling better. I'm not fully recovered but I'm feeling much better than I did at the start of the week. Anyway, today I had a really unexpected little shopping trip with Ally and it was so, so nice to get out in the fresh air. I'll have a post up next week about what I got! :) 

The amazing dress I'm wearing is from Asos via eBay. I was so happy when I spotted it and I was determined to outbid everyone until it was mine, haha! I've had my eyes on the t-shirt dresses from Topshop for absolutely ages now and managed to get this which is quite similar looking for only £5.00 which is a total bargain. My Topshop cardigan also from eBay is so comfy. It generally looks really thin looking but I can confirm it's really doing the job. ;) The studded belt from Primark is something I've had for months now. I usually wear it with my jeans but it's nice that now it's getting its time to shine. I've got a lot of dresses recently so I'll definitely be wearing it with those. I think my Chelsea Boots just fit so perfectly with this outfit too.

I just wanted to quickly add that I've just hit 200 followers, yay! thanks so much to everyone who's commented, followed or even just had a little look at my blog. On the 25th of this month it'll be my first blog birthday. I cannot believe it's nearly been a whole year since I first started posting on here, it's absolutely crazy! :D 

Song In Title: The Killers Glamorous Indie Rock.

Have a lovely weekend! :) 


22 Random Facts About Me.❤

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                                                                        Hey lovelies,
Here's the post that every blogger and their mother have been doing. I personally have enjoyed reading these so much and I feel that you really learn some interesting things about the people you follow. I hope you enjoy my facts and don't think I'm too much of a weirdo. ;) *no really* I've also added in pictures to go with some of my facts!
1.) I love cats so much. I often find myself making friends with cats I see on the street. Although, they always seem to run away from me. :(
2.) Once when I was in Year 7, I was late to French class and saw one of my heads of year so I didn't want to get in trouble so started running with my friends to the lesson then... I ran so fast up the stairs that I ended up slamming myself on the floor and spraining my leg. An ambulance came to school and took me to hospital and I was on crutches for a week. So.Damn.Embarrassing
3.) One of my favourite books is The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.
4.) I met The Wanted for the first time in 2010 and I didn't realise they'd change my life forever and that I'd of met some of my best friends through them.
5.) I've never been in a relationship.

6.) I have a few best friends but some may find it weird but Ally (my twin sister) is one of my best friends. She's literally the best and always makes me feel better when I'm really down. LOVE YOU GURL.
7.) I watch so many films & American TV shows in a month. Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and The Carrie Diaries are some of my favourites.
8.) Mollie King is one of my favourite fashion inspirations. I also think we share similar personalities. I've met her and the other Sats before too, they were all so lovely!
9.) It may sound weird but I like the pain after exercising, it makes me know that I actually worked hard.
10.) Me and Ally were the only twins out of a few to survive in our family. Ally is 20 minutes older than me but I always get told that I look older apparently.

11.) I smile so much and my smile is rather big. My old art teacher once said that if she put me in a room full of depressed people that I'd cheer them up with my smile. :')
12.) My first kiss was with Max from The Wanted *sorry, a little bit cringe even though he's gorgeous*
13.) I had my tonsils removed when I was 12.
14.) I'm 50% excited & 50% scared to turn 18 next month.
15.) I'm undecided on whether yellow or orange is my favourite colour.

16.) My nose piercing closed up after about 2 days of getting it pierced because my stud fell out in my sleep then it just closed up.
17.) I love birthday cake. I always seem to only crave birthday cake when it's near one of my family or friends birthdays. nomnomnom
18.) I got chicken pox when I was 16, 2 weeks before my year 11 prom.
19.) I used to eat breakfast in Primary school then stopped just after Year 6. I've only just started eating breakfast again. I love Granola with raisins and milk.
20.) Night drives while listening to music is my favourite thing to do, especially in summer. My mum usually takes me and Ally on a lot of night drives during summer.
21.) Yellow will definitely be my summer colour this year. I've got so many yellow summer outfits already.
22.) I still don't know what I want to do in the future. I'd really love to work for a magazine though such as Bliss, More, Company, Mizz & Shout. (I still love teenage magazines lots.)

I know it's weird that I did 22 but yeah, haha! if you did this post then send me the link to it in the comments! :)

                                                                     Hope everyone is well!



TV Love: The Carrie Diaries.❤

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                 Hey beauts,
I watch quite a lot of TV but mainly watch it online due to the fact I don't always have time in the week to. I was never really a big fan of the Sex and the City TV show just for the simple fact I never really got to watch most episodes and plus when the show came on when I was much younger, I definitely didn't have much of a passion for fashion and woman-y type things like I do now. I did however watch a few episodes that I thought were really good though and I love the movies. So fast forward from the TV show and now they've made a TV show called 'The Carrie Diaries' about Carrie's life as a teenager and Carrie is played by one of my favourite actresses AnnaSophia Robb. I won't say too much on what happens because I know a lot of you will want to watch it but the show is just perfect for us girlies since some of us can probably relate to situations on the show and it covers things like boys, sex, friendship, fashion etc...! 
The show is set in the early 1980's and still Carrie has amazing style. There's been 3 episodes so far and I'm hoping that they have a season 2! this is definitely the show for all bloggers to watch, what more could we ask for? I'm not sure when it actually airs for us UK lot on TV but I'll keep you updated but it probably won't be for a few months yet so for now I'll keep watching it online. 

I've got so many TV Love posts coming up, I love sharing my favourite things on here! :)

Have you heard of The Carrie Diaries? Do you/do you want to watch it?


New Tablet | TouchPad 7.❤

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Hey lovelies,
Happy February. January definitely was a fast but sort of slow month... If you get what I mean? I cannot believe that I turn freaking 18 next month and it's nearly the month of the Pisces *fist pump.* Last month my lovely mum got me & Ally each a TouchPad 7 tablet. This is my first tablet so I was super excited to get this bad boy. As you can see I've already downloaded loads of my favourite social networking sites including Blogger. ;)

My favourites so far include Blogger, Instagram and Kik. Strangely, Temple Run was already an app that was downloaded onto my tablet when I first got it... Oh boy am I addicted? guys, seriously my addiction just keeps reaching new levels. I rush to get ready on college mornings just so I can spend an hour playing it before I leave and when I go to bed I spend too many hours on it and end up drifting asleep in college, oops!

I also went a little crazy and got myself three new cases. I can definitely tell that for birthdays and things all I'll be asking for is new cases, haha!

Aztec Case - eBay
I wanted a rather funky case and thought I couldn't get anything better than an aztec one. I love the design of the case and it's so simple to put on. It was only £5.95 with free post and packaging. The eBay seller has loads of  cases, If you're looking for one then I definitely recommend buying from them!

I think this is my favourite case out of all three that I ordered. Not only is it a case but when you open it up you see that there's actually a keyboard that you connect to your tablet and then instead of actually using it as a touch screen you can type. I find it so much easier to use the keyboard but constantly keep looking for the non-existent mouse haha. Also, when it's closed it looks like a little clutch bag... It reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would carry around with her. Plus, it's also a stand too. It was only £10.99 and anyone in the UK can get free delivery on it with super saver delivery. 

Lastly, I got this case from Amazon as well. It was the cheapest at only £3.99 but with an added £4.59 for UK delivery which even though could seem a little pricey.. You'll literally fall in love with it. The pattern is absolutely adorable and I'm so considering getting the other polka dot cases too.  

What do you think of my cases + tablet? do you have a tablet/can you recommend me any other good 7 inch tablet cases & apps?

P.S: If you want you can follow my Twitter & Instagram accounts! :)

Have a good weekend!