OOTD: Flower, Gleam And Glow Let Your Power Shine.❤

Multicoloured Dress - Asos/ Coat - Marks & Spencer/ Leggings - Primark/ Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union/ Headband - Raccoon Circus 

Hey beauts,
I wanted to do this post to you show you all this amazing multicoloured dress that the lovely Emmanuella gave to me. It sucks because I haven't had anywhere nice to wear it to but I'm hoping that something will come up soon so I'll be able to wear it out. It'll definitely be making another appearance on here for sure, I know it'll be perfect for when the sun comes out but with the weather in the UK, that won't be any time soon! I love how even though it's multicoloured it isn't too in your face. In future I'll probably just wear some earrings with it but for accessories wise, I don't think I need much really, the dress pretty much does the talking.

Since it's cold out, I paired it with leggings but for days when it isn't that cold I'll wear tights. I am wearing my Chelsea Boots that haven't been featured on here in a long time. Chelsea Boots just always come in handy. I am also wearing my new-ish coat that I have fallen in love with. My older sister got it for me a few months back. It's a little tight round the arm area, hoping it won't be as tight in a few months time though. Lastly, I have my gorgeous black lace headband on from Raccoon Circus!

Song In Title: Mandy Moore - Healing Incantation. If you've seen Disney's Tangled then this is the song Rapunzel sings when she heals people. Haha, watched this so much during Christmas.

Have a lovely week!

P.S: who's excited for baby Kimye?? I am SO excited. With Kim Kardashian as your mother and Kanye West as your father and not to mention having the Kardashian/Jenner's as family members, the little buba will most certainly be stylish.



What's your opinion?

  1. LOVE the dress! and im soo excited for kimye's baby x

  2. I'm SO excited for baby Kimye, I looove Kanye. This dress is so bright and colourful!

    The Style Rawr!

    1. Baby Kimye will definitely be a little cutie. :D Thank you Tara!


  3. Omg love this dress it's so pretty!!


  4. you look gorge! This dress suits you so so much!

  5. Really love the dress!! xx