Office Sale | Down With It Black Neoprene Trainers.

Down With It Black Neoprene - Office £10.00

Hey lovelies,
Look at these bad boys that I purchased in the online Office sale. The sale is still on and it's just incredible. I've never seen so many amazing pieces of footwear down to such decent prices. These were originally £45 but went down to £10 which is just epic. I've come to realise that I barely own any footwear
so every time I see a bargain on footwear I just have to pick something up. Ally got herself a pair too, us two are going to look like a right pair of twins.. Even though we are. When we were younger our mum used to put us in matching outfits and the same clothes in different colours. Definitely think that's making a comeback. ;)

They arrived really quickly. When I got the confirmation email it said that any orders made would probably take around 7 days to be delivered due to the fact so many people have been ordering from Office because of their amazing deals and plus the snow (even though there's not much of it) can make such chaos when it comes to deliveries. I have to be honest, they look exactly how they do on the website but I'm just not really feeling them. I can't quite work out what it is that makes me not like them much but I was planning to return them but after having a think I thought let me just keep them as I got them for such a great price and knowing me, I'll probably change my opinion on them in no time. Plus, my mum seems to love them. 

The platform is absolutely mahoosive but I have a love for trainers with quite big platforms (well, as long as it isn't too big) I don't think it adds much different to my height. Being 5ft2, these help me out massively even if they make a tiny difference to my height, Ha. I don't know when I'll wear them but they'll probably be featured on here in no time. I have a feeling that I'll love wearing these with skirts and dresses. Do these remind anyone else of the wedge trainers? I think they look so similar apart from the fact that these don't have the curve in the back...! 

What do you think of my new trainers? have you bought anything in the Office sale?



What's your opinion?

  1. Omg what a bargain, they are fab!

  2. They look amazing! You had your eye out for a great bargain :)

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