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Kiss Nail Wraps Jeweled Strips - £5.99

Hey beauts,
I most certainly think that nail wraps are taking over the world. Of course nail polish is still an essential in every girls makeup bag but nail wraps are just fresh and funky. Kiss has a new range of nail wraps and there's so many stunning designs to choose from. I absolutely love the wraps that I was sent. I am such a forgetful person and on the day I'm meant to be doing something I always forget that I should have painted my nails the night before. I love these nail wraps because there's such a big variety to choose from, from simple to funky designs and it literally only takes you a few minutes to apply and you aren't left there waiting for them to dry... What more could you ask for?

I love sparkle and glitter and this Jeweled pack of nail wraps is just perfect for me. Definitely any girl going on a night out should get one of these bad boys as they would just ultimately complete any outfit. These last up to 10 days which is great because it means it's one less thing for us girls to have to keep changing. 

I am loving wraps and I definitely think that they'll be a huge hit this year. You can pick up Kiss Nail Wraps from Boots, eBay, Asda and Amazon (there's probably more places that I haven't mentioned) for £5-£5.99 which is a total bargain.

Have you tried any of Kiss' Nail Wraps before?



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