Stefi's Boutique!

Hello lovelies,
The lovely Stef from Stefi's boutique kindly sent me two of her handmade items that I just had to share with you all. I have a BIG love for jewellery and think that plays a key part in your outfit. There are so many cute little boutiques online and Stef's is definitely one of my favourites. 

Clay Fairy House Necklace:
I was literally so delighted when I received this necklace. I've been saying to myself that I really need to invest in more necklaces. This necklace is not only perfect to wear but I just think it's adorable and so great to go with the winter. I associate winter with being really cute and this necklace definitely is a cutie. Even though it's a fairy house, it actually reminds me of the front door to a gingerbread house... Anyone else agree? She's got so many of these cute necklaces on her site. All of her fairy house necklaces are £8.00 and she's also got some other necklaces on the site that you should check out too.

Phone Accessory: 
Now, I'm not really one for putting accessories on my phone... Purely because I am actually useless at trying to put them on. :| This is such a cute Santa's hat design. Of course, perfect for Christmas which is THREE WEEKS AWAY PEOPLE! look how cute the door is, it's a cookie haha genius or what? funnily enough our Christmas tree just went up today and me & Ally have been in charge of setting it all up and putting all the decorations on (Thanks mum!) I thought, why not have a look and see what the phone accessory would look like on the tree, so I did just that. I think it really suits on the tree and adds such a cute touch. I have no plan to take it off. ;)  

You guys seriously need to check out her site. The quality of the products she makes are of such a high standard which is what I love. I know there are so many of us who are so into little cute jewellery and this is literally perfect for those of you. 

Thank you again to Stef! :) 


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  1. I nominated you for a Leibster Award :)

    Roxii x