"Excuse Me Ma'am, Do You Have The Time?" | Christmas Gift.

Hey beauts,
I wanted to show you another Christmas gift that I received. This beautiful watch was given to me by my older sister. She got both me and Ally watches but both are quite different, Ally's has more numbers on than mine and doesn't have any diamante's on it.  

I never actually told my sister what I wanted for Christmas and was so surprised when I unwrapped my present to see this beauty of a watch. A few weeks ago I'd been searching online for the perfect watch. The Michael Kors ones have really taken my fancy but are fairly pricey.

I love this because it's just simple and the fact that it's black leather means it will go perfectly with any outfit. I am trying to wear more accessories and I think watches are great for adding something a little extra to your look. I generally can't wait until I next go out so that I can wear this. 

I want to start doing more outfit of the day posts, so look out for those coming soon and I'm sure you'll see my wearing this bad boy in the pictures. :)

Did you get a watch for Christmas?



What's your opinion?

  1. Love it, its rather élégant:)


  2. Hi thank you for comment on my blog, my hubby is doing fine and is now home. Love the new watch, you can wear it for all occasion.


  3. So glad to hear it Anna! :D Thanks lovely, haha it's definitely going to take a lot to get this watch off my wrist!