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Hey lovelies,
I can't believe Christmas is officially over. :( I really enjoyed this Christmas very much, relaxing at home with the family and eating the yummiest Christmas dinner ever... nom. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that I had/still have a cold, other than that I was very pleased with the presents I got from my mum and older sister and even though I actually didn't say what I wanted this year they still managed to get me everything I would've wanted anyway, haha.

My mum got me this perfume called "Elle" I've never seen/heard of it before but it smells absolutely gorgeous. The smell definitely isn't too strong either, perfumes with such strong smells give me a bad headache. I think the packaging for it is so cute and is just very simple. When I opened it I was super grateful but just kept thinking "please smell good, please smell good." and it seriously did not disappoint.

I haven't had a good perfume in ages so this was just perfect. The perfume is described as "Feminine and modern, young and unpredictable, joyful and unique, this is how we would define the girl who wears this perfume. The joy brought by pink berries and lychee, on a heart note of vetiver and cedar, is unexpectedly combined with a vibrant spicy touch." I really do agree with this so much because it just has that really girly flowery smell to it and you can just smell that touch of spice added to it. I really like how this is a perfume that you can wear all the time, it doesn't have one of those 'you spray it on special occasions' type smells. I really want to start a big perfume collection up too.

                           Thanks again to my mum for getting me this beauty! :)

                        Did you get any perfumes for Christmas? If so, which ones?



What's your opinion?

  1. such a nice parfum *-* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  2. What a gorgeous watch! Just flicked through your blog and think it's great, new follower :) Perhaps you could check out my blog when you have a minute? :) Hope you had good xmas!


    Amy xx

    1. Haha, I know this was meant for the other post, don't worry. ;) Aww, thanks so much lovely! I hope you had a good Christmas too.


  3. Thanks for sharing this review. I think this is the perfect perfume for Christmas and I have checked the notes of this fragrance in Fragrantica, the notes are amazing.

  4. I have noticed repeatedly that if a fragrance smells good in the bottle it will often times have little to no scent throw in the candle. here