Pop Couture's: Daru Lace Effect Dress with Netted Undergarment.

 Hey lovelies,
last Thursday I attend Pop Couture's bloggers Xmas Event which you can see a post on HERE. If you read the post you'll know that everyone who attended was lucky enough to be able to pick something out from the rack and take it home with them. I originally chose their Siria Velvet Cut Out Skater Dress but unfortunately my size was out of stock. So I got to choose something else from the site.   

Daru Lace Effect Dress with Netted Undergarment -Pop Couture £30.00

I was stuck for choices on the site for what to pick. I knew I really wanted to pick out another dress as there's so many events to look forward to such as christmas parties and birthdays coming up that I could wear it to. I love the detailing on the top half of the dress. You probably can't see it properly in the photos but the top half of the dress is a little sheer but it isn't too bad. 

Another thing that really made me want to get this dress was that it's so poofy. I have such a BIG love for poofy dresses. This is my LBD (little black dress.) the back of the dress looks the same but I didn't take a picture (duhhh!) I can't wait to feature this dress again on here. Who knows I could wear it to something coming up soon? OR another post I am super keen to do would be how to dress this down as I'd love to wear it in a non dressy way. 

*I forgot to take the tag off, so if you spot it that's why. (Double duhhh!)*

Thanks so much again to Pop Couture & Punk PR for hosting such an amazing bloggers event and for this little beauty of a dress. 

What are your thoughts on the dress?/any suggestions on how to dress it down?


What's your opinion?

  1. love this dress Vanz, looks so great on you, you deffo work the poof!:)



    1. Aww, thank you Erin! :'D haha,I love a bit of poof!