Half Term In Pictures.#1

Hey lovelies, 
I always find myself doing daily posts in the half term but I actually only ended up doing one post. I though this half term would be really boring but I've actually had such a blast and I'm gutted it's all ending. I'm glad that this is the final term before Christmas though, got a lot of Christmas shopping to do in so little time. Anyway, here's a little look into what I've been doing this week. :)

Bumping into Gemma & Louise:
On Thursday while going to meet some friends in London with Ally we bumped into the lovely Gemma & Louise. They were both super lovely and we said what we were up to for Louise's vlog. It really made my Thursday.

Getting bumped for Breaking Dawn Part 2:
I am such a big fan of the Twilight Saga's, seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 last year was literally so magical. I can't believe the last one is literally about 2 weeks away from being shown and I am so excited to go see it at the cinema and I know there'll be lots of tears from me as it's the last one. :( Team Edward all the way baby.

Experimenting with lipstick:
I really love the lipstick's that I own but I'm in need to purchase a whole new load. Ally helped me to create a new lip colour for myself with a few of my lipstick's, I was so pleased with how it came out on my lips. I'll actually have a post on it really soon. Experimenting with your own products can be so fun and rewarding.

Seeing my boys, The Wanted:
I've been a fan of The Wanted's for ages now, I'm lucky enough to have met them on quite a lot of occasions and I am so proud of how much they've achieved since first ever meeting them. I haven't seen them in over a year due to school and just being super busy. It was lovely to meet them twice this week and they've missed me & Ally, haha! to them we're known as "The Twins." How hot does Max look? NOM. 

I really want to start doing more OOTD posts as I haven't done one in ages. I can't believe I am back at college this week, so much work to be done.

Did you have a good half term, get up to much? :)


What's your opinion?

  1. Oh my goodness you got to meet Louise and Gemma - so jel :) thats like meeting blogger royalty! haha lovee the lipstick on you too - will be good to see a post on it :) xx

    1. Hahaha, totally agree. ;)Thanks Beth, can't wait to post about it. :D


  2. Oh my, that man is a fine specimen. What i would give to stand next to him. omg.

    Check me out and how about a follow back?

  3. I saw Louise tweeting that picture the other day!
    Lovely blog :)
    Saadiya x