Pop Couture's: Daru Lace Effect Dress with Netted Undergarment.

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 Hey lovelies,
last Thursday I attend Pop Couture's bloggers Xmas Event which you can see a post on HERE. If you read the post you'll know that everyone who attended was lucky enough to be able to pick something out from the rack and take it home with them. I originally chose their Siria Velvet Cut Out Skater Dress but unfortunately my size was out of stock. So I got to choose something else from the site.   

Daru Lace Effect Dress with Netted Undergarment -Pop Couture £30.00

I was stuck for choices on the site for what to pick. I knew I really wanted to pick out another dress as there's so many events to look forward to such as christmas parties and birthdays coming up that I could wear it to. I love the detailing on the top half of the dress. You probably can't see it properly in the photos but the top half of the dress is a little sheer but it isn't too bad. 

Another thing that really made me want to get this dress was that it's so poofy. I have such a BIG love for poofy dresses. This is my LBD (little black dress.) the back of the dress looks the same but I didn't take a picture (duhhh!) I can't wait to feature this dress again on here. Who knows I could wear it to something coming up soon? OR another post I am super keen to do would be how to dress this down as I'd love to wear it in a non dressy way. 

*I forgot to take the tag off, so if you spot it that's why. (Double duhhh!)*

Thanks so much again to Pop Couture & Punk PR for hosting such an amazing bloggers event and for this little beauty of a dress. 

What are your thoughts on the dress?/any suggestions on how to dress it down?


Models Own - Raspberry Crush.

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Hey beauts,
No doubt that the majority of us raided our local supermarkets and sweet shops just to get our hands on More Magazine which recently included either a choice of two different Models Own lip glosses or the 'Nude Beige' or like I got 'Raspberry Crush' nail polishes. 

I've been meaning to start buying more magazines monthly but I just haven't for some reason. I'd seen so many bloggers posts on what they got in their issue and  today while in Tesco me & Ally spotted four mags and two of them had 'Nude Beige' which Ally got and then I picked up one with 'Raspberry Crush' inside.  

I think it's great how these are worth £5.00 and we were lucky enough to get them as a freebie in More Magazine. I already own Models Own's Disco Mix so I'm now adding this into my collection. ;) I've seen so many posts with people showing off their Models Own collections and I really want to start collecting loads, I love them. Models Own polishes are always great and are really worth the price. 1-2 coats and your set. 

Thanks to Ally for letting me use her hands in the first picture... *cough* and sorry about the messiness of the nails.

I think my blog is really starting to show off the fashion/beauty side to it which I am loving. I've found it hard in the past to know what to post for fashion/beauty content but I think I am slowly but surely getting there. 

Did you pick up the magazine & get a lip gloss or nail polish? OR do you own any Models Own polishes? 


My New Winter Jacket - Charity Shop.

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Hey lovelies,
I'm not really one to get excited over winter jackets or jackets at all to be honest... I guess that's because over the past two or three years I've always just worn cardigans over my school uniform (yes, even when it snowed) this clearly was never a good idea as I could have caught something from the cold weather and I guess it explains why I'd always have a bad cold regularly. Anyway, I'm now in college and its been nearly 2 years since I left year 11. I'm 17 nearly 18 *gulp* I seriously don't want to grow up BUT I guess it's time for me to start making sensible decisions and one of them has to include actually wrapping up warm in the winter months. 

Parka Jacket - Charity Shop £10

A week ago I told myself not to spend anymore money and I was so determined to stick to it. I had a big yellow jacket that I had from two or three winters ago from Primark and it's still in top condition. I started to notice that it was really becoming a hassle as it was just way too big and was always up in everybody's way on the bus to college. So it wasn't exactly on my urgent list of things to buy but when I was looking in some charity shops with Ally, I spotted this beautiful parka jacket for the bargain price of only £10 and to be honest I didn't even feel guilty about spending money as it was so cheap and it really did come at such a good time.

I've wanted a parka jacket for so long now and from the ones I've seen online I know that they can be pretty expensive. In the charity shop I bought my jacket from they had another one which was exactly the same but just in a smaller size. I now feel all warm and toasty when I'm outside. I guess since buying this jacket its really hit me just how much better a nice warm jacket for the winter can make you feel. My mum really likes this jacket so I guess I made a good decision.

If you live in the UK you probably know that the weather has been absolutely ridiculous recently. It's freezing cold, there's lots of flooding and its just generally not very nice weather. :( If you still haven't found yourself a winter jacket then I'd say have a look online & in stores (Primark do some really good ones) and if you want to see if you can get yourself a real good bargain like me then head down to your local charity shops and try your luck. :)

Have you got yourself a winter jacket?


OOTD: For A Thousand Years, I'll Love You For A Thousand More.♥

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Parka Jacket - Charity Shop £10
Jumper - Primark Men's Section £12.00
Disco Pants - Internacionale £17.99
Creepers - eBay £15.99
Lipstick - Rimmel London's Kate Moss Matte 107 £5.49
Bag - New Look £15.99

Hey beauts,
I wore this outfit yesterday when I met up with two of my bestest friends who I haven't seen for months and months. I can't even describe to you how perfect the day was. It sucks big time when you don't get to see people as much as you'd like to. Me & Ally met up with them for a good chatter in Starbucks and then we decided that we didn't want to end the day yet so we headed off into town for some food and to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 in the cinema which was A-ma-zing. I cried because it was literally so emotional and seriously anyone who still hasn't seen it... GO SEE IT! (Remember to pack tissues!)  

Anyway, onto my outfit. The parka jacket was such a good price. I told myself not to spend any money but when I walked into a local charity shop and saw it I just had to get it because it fit perfectly and I've really wanted a parka jacket for ages. The jumper from Primark definitely is one of my favourite purchases, It has a Christmassy vibe to it. The detailing on the left shoulder is fab. I say Primark should just make the men's section unisex as I know so many girls who prefer the men's clothes to the women's section, haha. The disco pants are truly amazing and really do just go well with most things you pair it with. 

I am so in love with my creepers and I literally can't stop wearing them. I really want to invest in a studded pair too. I know they aren't the real ones but these are just amazing. I got the bag not long ago, I was in need of a new bag and I didn't think I'd find any ones that I would really like but I was so surprised when I saw this beauty in New Look. Lastly, guys I can't explain to you how amazing Rimmel London's new Kate Moss matte lipsticks are. I know so many of us bloggers have been doing posts on them but this is a product that truly does everything it says it does. It's long lasting and is just incredible. I recommend it to all of you. I am so impressed with this one I ordered myself another one from ASOS but this time it's a lipstick from her old collection. It's a dark purple colour. (Perfect for the winter.) I'll be doing a post on it soon!

Song In Title: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years. This song played in Breaking Dawn Part 2, it really is a beautiful song. 

Hope you have a fab week!


Pop Couture's Bloggers Xmas Event.

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                                                                  Hello lovelies,
Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to Pop Couture's Xmas bloggers event to show off their new Christmas collection. The event was hosted by the lovely Punk PR ladies. I attended the event with Ellie, Shekinah & Ally. It was held at Neo Barbican which is an amazing restaurant/bar in London, which does the most amazing cocktails ever.

My pictures really don't show off the new collection that well but I can tell you that everything was literally amazing. There was everything from velvet, studs and glitter. The whole collection just sparkles and really is just perfect for those Christmas office parties, nights out in this festive season and even just day to day outfits.

At the event we were really lucky to be allowed to pick an item from the collection that we liked. I picked out their Siria Velvet Cut Out Skater Dress in burgundy. I am loving velvet at the moment and I love the detailing on the back of the dress. 

The champagne was lovely but I definitely much preferred the cocktails. ;) They were literally out of this 
world. My favourite had to be "Popstar" which tasted like tropical juice with a hint of alcohol. Everything was so beautifully set out.

There was a lovely makeup artist at the event who was doing makeovers and it was awesome because she did things like smokey eyes and we talked about good products to use to get the perfect dark lips for this season. As you can see from the pictures above I went for dark glittery lips which I fell in love with. I think dark lips for the winter are really cool and when I saw the final outcome of my lips I was literally so pleased. 

Jo, Ally, Me, Shekinah & Ellie

- Jacket: Primark 
- Navy Blazer: Primark 
- Ally's Necklace: Primark 
- Cropped Polo Top: Topshop 
-Skirt: ASOS 
- Tights: Primark 
-Creepers: eBay 

I had such a lovely night & I loved meeting Holly & Alice they were both so lovely! :D

P.s: When my chosen item comes I'll be sure to do a post on it and you'll be able to see the detailing on the dress much more clearer. 



Jumping On The Creepers Bandwagon.

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                                                                        Hey lovelies,
I thought it was about time I got myself a pair of creepers after wanting them for so long. Ally ordered herself  some not long ago and I have to admit I was super jealous when they arrived and they went so well with her outfits. I knew I didn't want to get a real pair as they're are quite expensive but worth it, so I had a little browse on eBay and found a pair for £15.99 which is a total bargain. At this point I was still very unsure on whether to get them or not. I then found out there was literally one pair left in my size and with a click of a button my creepers were on its way. ;)

I just ordered a simple black pair as they are my first ever pair of creepers and black pretty much goes with anything. :) I haven't worn them yet but I am so excited. 

If anyone wants to buy their own pair then click HERE to get them on eBay. 



Winter Lipstick: Rimmel London's Kate Moss 107

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Hey beauts, 
I am so happy to say I've FINALLY purchased Rimmel London's new Kate Moss Matte lipstick in '107'. I know so many of us bloggers have now purchased it and it's the perfect colour for this winter. I done my 'Pick Of The Week' on this lipstick a few weeks ago and I am so happy to be able to actually test it out myself. 

                                      Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Wine 107 - Superdrug £5.49

I am a big fan of Rimmel London. I think I can actually put my hands up and say Rimmel London is my favourite makeup brand. They do the best nail polishes in my opinion. I'd seen adverts for the new matte lipsticks on TV and all over the internet but I really knew I had to get one when I saw other bloggers reviews on them. I just had to get '107' as I originally thought it was a red but t's more of a dark wine red which I love.

For the winter, lipstick is definitely really important to me. It really just adds a little something different to the face and I am so in love with dark lipsticks in the winter. I'm quite used to wearing quite bright colours but it was nice to break away and go for something different. 

I love how it's a matte lipstick. It makes it feels so comfortable on my lips and really isn't a hassle at all. You don't really need to keep reapplying, I'd say maybe once through the day if you're doing something afterwards but apart from that you should be fine. I had such a gutting moment on Saturday night when I went home and saw that ASOS have a big sale on at the moment and Rimmel London lipstick's are going for £3.84 I thought since I didn't mange to spot that amazing deal I'd order another lipstick because why not. ;) I ordered a new one in '04' which is actually from Kate's other Rimmel lipstick collection, I saw it on my friend and instantly knew that I wanted to order that one. It's a beautiful purple colour. I'm sure I'll probably have a review on that too, haha. 

*Me & Ally with it on.*

Thanks to Ally for adding some text to my top picture. I think I'll do more posts like that. :D

What's your favourite lipstick for winter?


OOTD: The Power Of Love. A Force From Above, Cleaning My Soul.♥

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Studded Jumper - Primark £8.00
Skater Skirt - ASOS *Unknown price.*
Black 40 Denier Tights - Primark £3.00
Trainers - *Unknown shop + price.*

Hey lovelies, 
I've had such a lovely weekend with friends. I've done a lot of shopping and had a nice yummy trip down to Wagamama. It was well needed as college has been so stressful these past two weeks since coming back from half term. 

I posted about the amazing studded jumper I am wearing in a post a few days ago. I think it's something that'll go really nice tucked into different skirts. The skirt was from my lovely friend Emmanuella who I've talked about before, she was having a clear out and gave me some really awesome clothes. The colour of the skirt really stands out and is such a good statement piece for Autumn/Winter. Lastly, thanks to my amazing friend Shekinah for introducing me to 40 Denier tights from Primark as I'd always get really sheer ones but these ones are so thick and keep my legs so warm, me and Ally practically live in the tights. I don't really like the trainers with this outfit but I didn't have any better footwear but I've since got some new footwear that'll go better with this outfit.

Song In Title: Gabrielle Aplin - The Power Of Love cover by Frankie Goes to Hollywood for the new John Lewis Christmas advert.

Hope you all have a lovely week!