Burgess SupaCat Food Review

                                                            Hey lovelies,
I haven't blogged in a little while just because I've been so busy with college and stuff but I'm finally back and what better way to start off with a joint post with Bella (my cat) on Burgess SupaCat food! the ever so lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies were looking for some bloggers with cats to do a review together. Me & Bella decided to do our third review for Monster Pet Supplies, it's such a treat being able to do reviews for them. :D You can click HERE and HERE to see the two previous reviews we've done. Just in case you don't know, Monster Pet Supplies is an online website that sell pet food/toys, they've literally got such a wide variety in different flavours and it's all so amazing. If you've got a pet, it's definitely worth finding some bits on there for them.
 The package arrived last Monday, it was literally so big. Bella was so giddy and excited, it was like she knew the package was for her. HA. ;)

What Bella received- 
Burgess Supacat food is a cat food aimed at providing optimal dental care for your cat and should have the same effects on their teeth and breath without having to use a toothbrush. To record the results to see which was better for Bella's teeth we brushed her teeth for a few days and just kept her to her normal food and then to record the results to see if the food was better, I put her just on the cat biscuits for a few days. In the box Bella received a big bag of Burgess SupaCat chicken and duck biscuits, a toothbrush and cup, a badge and a leaflet explaining more about Burgess SupaCat food and what it does. 
*Bella examining her goodies.*

Brushing Bella's teeth-
Now, I did find it really difficult to brush Bella's teeth as this was a new experience for her. Before testing out the toothbrush or food I looked at Bella's teeth and they were yellow but they weren't in a bad state or anything. I brushed her teeth for a few days and to be honest I didn't really see much of a difference to the colour of her teeth or the smell of her breathe, obviously if I'd kept using the toothbrush for a while longer then I'd have obviously seen better results but I just found the toothbrush very difficult to use without Bella trying to eat it, haha. 

Bella using Burgess SupaCat food -
I really didn't know what to expect when trying out the food. These were obviously meant to have the same effect if not better effect on your cats teeth than a toothbrush. I'm not even kidding but I've literally been so impressed with the food, first off Bella really seems to enjoy them and literally eats it all up. Her teeth have started to look a lot more whiter than they did before and it most certainly doesn't leave her breathe smelling unpleasant. I found these biscuits so much easier than having to use a toothbrush, I mean what else could you ask for? Bella enjoys these biscuits and it's good because they're doing wonders for her teeth and breathe at the same time.

Once again, me & Bella had a lovely time testing out these products and writing up this review. Bella said to say that if you own a cat then buy them a bag of these biscuits as she really enjoyed them and she'd recommend them to everyone. 

Website - You can purchase these biscuits on Monster Pet Supplies/have a look around to see if you can spot something that your pet would enjoy. :) http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk/

Purchasing SupaCat food - If you'd like to purchase the food we reviewed you can do that here. http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk/p-19427-burgess-supacat-chicken-duck.aspx?v=33785

Vanese & Bella

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