Pick Of The Week: Aggy Strap Boot.#2

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Hello lovelies,
I write this post snuggled up on the sofa with yet another cold, luckily I've been drinking lots of hot chocolate and catching up on some good shows. Today is the start of my week half term, feels so great not to have to hear that 7am alarm go off, I've got a lot of work to do though. :( Also, you may have noticed that my blog has recently had quite a little revamp, I can't thank my lovely twin sister Ally enough for doing it for me. :) 

Today's pick of the week:

Aggy Strap Boot - Dr Martens £150.00

Yet another love for footwear. I came across these bad boys when I saw a picture of Miley Cyrus wearing them and straight after I was already searching for them on Google, HA. ;) These are perfect for this season, there's this whole 'grunge' type of feel to the Autumn/Winter and everything is about boots and dark lipstick and I honestly love it. They remind me a lot of the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots, I think that's because of the buckles. I think this time of year it's really hard to know what kind of footwear to wear and I think boots just go perfectly with basically every outfit. £150.00 is very pricey for me but they're Dr Martens so I know they'd be worth it, I really want them but know I need to do some saving before I can purchase these beauties. I'd love to see some cheaper dupes of these though. You can purchase these boots in a cherry red colour too. As well as Miley, Hayley Williams owns a pair.

Would you purchase these boots?



Steal Her Style: Lauren Conrad.

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    Hey beauts,
I haven't done a 'Steal Her Style' type post in absolutely ages. So, when I saw a picture of something Lauren Conrad recently wore to an event I knew I just had to share it with you all. I think you all know already that I adore Lauren Conrad and she's one of my biggest inspirations in pretty much everything from blogging to my style.

                                         *Image taken from Google Images.*

1.) Black PU 2 in 1 Skater Dress - New Look £27.99
I think this dress from New Look is perfect Autumn/Winter. It's something you could wear if you're off out to dinner with some friends or even a party. I think you could style it really well with accessories and shoes you choose to pair with it. I love how Lauren's kept her look very simple and just gone for all black.  
2.) Lips in Nevada Lipstick - Topshop £8.00
Lauren is wearing a pinky/nude colour on her lips, Topshop are known for doing very cheap Lipsticks and are of such good quality. I chose the 'Nevada' lipstick because I thought it was very close to Lauren's lip colour. I also think Sleek do one the best nude lipstick colours too.

3.) Faux Nubuck Stud Bow Belt - Topshop £8.00
Lauren is wearing a black belt with her dress but I can't really see the detailing on it that well. I thought that if you just wanted to jazz up the outfit a little bit more then you could try adding a gold studded belt to it. I think it wouldn't be too much and it would just really compliment the outfit. I couldn't believe when I saw this belt on the Topshop site for only £8.00 talk about bargain much.
4.) Black Spike Heel Court Shoe - Fashion Union £40.00
We all know how popular studs are and I'm loving Lauren's studs at the front of her heels. I saw these beauties on Fashion Union's site and knew I had to just include them. I like how the shoe isn't completely filled with studs but just on the back. I think with the heels you can wear them with a casual outfit like a leather jacket, a plain top and some jeans or if you want to go for a very dressy look then like Lauren's wearing a nice dress. I've seen a lot of heels recently with studs on the back and I think Fashion Union's ones are one of the cheapest. 



Pick Of The Week: Cat Wedges.#1

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Hey lovelies,
I love trying out new posts here on my blog. I see so many weekly things that I want but never blog about, so I thought I'd add a new type of post to my blog called 'Pick Of The Week' where I'll pick one thing that I really like/want and it could be a pair of shoes, music, clothes or even food. ;)

   Today's pick of the week:

Salem Kitty Cat Wedges in Black - Daisystreet £29.99

These are perfect. I have a love for Cat's and shoes so what more could I really ask for? these actually remind me so much of my cat Bella as she's got a black and white face, haha. There are so many sites that currently have these in stock and Daisystreet seem to have them for the cheapest price. You could wear them in a casual way with a pair of jeans or dress them up for a night out. I really want these bad boys. ;)

What do you think of them?



Eylure & Elegant Touch Bloggers Event.

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Hello lovelies,
I think I am actually starting to slowly but surely get a social life, yay. Last Thursday, I was very lucky to be invited to Eylure and Elegant Touch's bloggers events at the W Hotel in Leicester Square, I absolutely love it in there. I went along to the event with Sian, Juliet & Ally. The event was an opportunity for us to see the latest and greatest products from both of the brands.

*Group picture in Piccadilly Circus.* 

*Mary, Me, Ally & Juliet.*

*Juliet, Ally & Me.*

*Sian & Me.*

The event was so lovely and was hosted by the lovely ladies from Focus PR & Mediahubb. I got to meet some lovely bloggers who I've talked to online and follow their blogs such as Mary, Jess and got to meet the lovely Milly again. The night was filled with amazing cupcakes *That's where I spent most of my night. ;)*, wine and lots of giggles. 

During the night we got talks on both Eylure & Elegant touch and one thing I found so incredible was that Elegant Touch's nails actually went to London Fashion Week and were on lots of the models. The nails were on models in the Louis Vuitton catwalk which is such an achievement.

Not to mention, Eylure was celebrating its 65th anniversary, that is absolutely insane that women in the 60's were also into wearing fake lashes. ;)   
To celebrate the 65th anniversary they've recently launched a new collection of vintage styled lashes and on the packaging of each different eyelash box they've got really cool names on them. The packing is bright and has such a retro feel to it. It's all very 1960's which is the aim they were going for. 
On their Facebook page they've been adding pictures of women from over the past few years who have the most amazing eyelashes. There are pictures of really iconic women. Just to quickly mention, we all know that they were the amazing people behind Girl Aloud's eyelashes and they've recently just launched brand new special addition 10th anniversary eyelashes to celebrate 10 years of Girls Aloud.

At the end of the night we were all given goodie bags filled with amazing products from both Eylure & Elegant Touch.

In my goodie bag, I got these products:

Eylure's 65th anniversary lashes - £5.25 

I was really excited to have gotten all these lashes. I really love the 1960's feel about them. There are four lashes to choose from 'Queen Of Mod', 'London Calling', 'King's Road' and 'The Chelsea Look.' Each of them are so unique and they can be yours for a very reasonable price of £5.25 each. You can pick these beauties up from Superdrug

L- R: Eylure Individual False Eyelashes - £5.35 
Eylure Naturalites Natural Texture 155 - £5.35 

First off, in my goodie bag I received Eylure's individual false lashes which I'm really excited to try as the makeup artist at the event said that those are really good if you don't want a full set of eyelashes and just want to gradually put individual eyelashes on. They give your eyes a really natural look to them. 

Secondly, at the event there was a makeup artist who put fake eyelashes on anyone who wanted them. I decided to try some out and as I've never worn fake lashes before *shocker* she said she wanted to give me a quite natural look so she put Eylure's 'Naturalites Natural Texture 155' on me. I absolutely loved how it looked on me and don't think it was too much. If I was going out on a night out they would definitely be a pair of lashes I'd wear out. I know you can buy both pairs of these eyelashes from Superdrug & Boots for £5.25.
*These two pictures are of us discussing how to apply fake lashes and testing some out on me.* 
(Oops, a bit too close up there Ally. The lashes had a cool affect where they start off small and at the ends get really long.) 

L-R: Elegant Touch Mink UV Gel Coat. £6.75
Elegant Touch Garnet UV Gel Coat. £6.75 

Elegant Touch recently launched a collection of long-lasting, high-gloss Autumn/Winter UV Gel Polished Nail shades. At the event there were two nail artists who had lots of nails for you to pick from, you could have things from French manicures, nail wraps to these amazing nails. I opted for the nails in Garnet, which is like  a deep cherry colour. I have to say that probably every blogger at the event got their nails done, Garnet was literally such a popular choice with everyone there. I just think the whole process of putting the nails on to how they look at the end is insanely amazing, I'll be doing a post on it very soon. I also got another packet of nails in 'Mink' which I can't wait to try out, its like a deep blue colour. I'd definitely recommend buying a packet or two for friends/family as Christmas presents. You can purchase these and other colours/designs from Superdrug & Boots for £6.75. 
*They look so real.*

L-R: Envy Wraps - Pink Leopard. £6.12
Envy Wraps - Silver Simmers. £7.10

Lastly, Elegant Touch have added four new styles to their best selling Envy Wraps and Envy Wraps Bling Collection. These wraps are perfect for the perfect manicure in minutes. I got the 'Pink Leopard' and 'Silver Simmers' wraps in my goodie bag. I've never tried nail wraps before and I can't wait to see the results of these. You can get these from Superdrug and Boots.

I had such a blast at the event and it was so lovely to see so many bloggers at the event. If there's anything from the goodie bag you'd like me to review, just leave a comment below. Thanks again to the lovely ladies at Focus PR & Mediahubb. :)

Have you purchased or will you being purchasing any of these products?


If Christmas Was Tomorrow Tag.

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                                                       Hey sweets,
I saw the lovely Em from adayinthelifeofems do a post on things she'd want if Christmas was tomorrow which is HERE and said that if anyone wanted to do it as a tag they could, I really liked her post so thought I'd get the ball rolling and join in all the fun. :D This could possibly give my twin sister Ally a few ideas of what to get me or my friends ideas too. ;) It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents in my eyes.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume:
I am a big fan of Taylor Swift, as I've mentioned many times before. ;) I did a post HERE on the sample I got sent of the perfume back in August and absolutely loved it, I am trying to use as little as possible until I actually get myself the proper bottled perfume. It just has such a sweet smell to it and isn't too strong.

Avril Lavigne Black Star Perfume:
About 2 or 3 years ago my mum got me the gift set to Avril Lavigne's perfume 'Black Star' it had literally just come out around about Christmas time. I can't even describe how amazing it smelt, if I could send you all a bottle I would. :( Because it was a gift set I also got a cream which smelt quite similar to the perfume and was so nice on my skin. I just really want it again because it lasted me so long, Avril also had another perfume out a year after the first one which I'd love to try.

MAC Dramatic Encounter Lipstick:
I know the picture of the MAC lipstick I've included is actually 'Viva La Glam' but I couldn't actually find a picture of 'Dramatic Encounter.' 'Dramatic Encounter' is apart of MAC's new collection which is set to launch very soon, I actually really like all the new lipstick's they're bringing out but just saw 'Dramatic Encounter' and thought I really need it. It's a really dark plum purple which is perfect for autumn/winter/on my lips. ;) 

Black Boyfriend Blazer:
This blazer is such a beauty, it's from Topshop for £65.00 and I need it in my life. I LOVE blazer's and really get a good wear out of them. I only actually own one blazer but I just find that it's easy to pair with anything and everything, whether that's a dress and boots or jeans and a fancy top it always goes well together. I know the blazer is quite pricey but I know it would just do the job.

Black Disco Pants:
Disco Pants are literally becoming so popular and I still don't own a single pair. :( I just love that you can pair disco pants with jumpers or a nice top or literally anything and I just know they'd come in handy with my wardrobe. I generally think that everyone suits disco pants. I know the AA ones are rather expensive but I'd rather go for one of the dupes, probably the ones from Very.

Bridge Camera:
I am in serious need of a camera, I can't keep using my Blackberry because the quality just doesn't cut it and now that it's starting to get darker that means I won't really be able to take any decent quality photos for my blog and just general other pictures. I've spent the majority of the year looking at bridge cameras and just trying to narrow them all down to one, I think I may have found one that I like, just hoping that my mum gets it for me. :D

Jeffrey Campbell Black Leather Lita: 
I have been lusting over JC's for ages now. It's like a whole new world of shoes when you're trying to figure out which pair you want the most, after months and months of trying to decide, I definitely want the plain black leather Lita's. You can get the suede ones but I always find that suede shoes seem to get ruined really easily, either getting something sticky on them or just wearing out really easily. I think for my first pair these are definitely the best, black heels actually go with everything. 

Topshop Nail Polishes Adrenalin, Gypsy Night & Nails In Solar:
I really like Topshop nail polishes and think that £6 is so affordable for them. I've really wanted 'Adrenalin' for a while but it's a pain that you can't get it online only in store, It's a nice girly glitter colour and perfect for the coming Christmas holiday. 'Gypsy Night' looks amazing because it's a black sparkly colour and I think that dark colours are really in season at the moment in nail polish and lipstick and just go nicely. Finally, 'Nails In Solar' is a really nice gold colour, it's really different from any nail polish that I've own and I really want to just experiment with it.

Zara Brown Bag:
Who isn't after this amazing brown bag from Zara? I think for the majority of us we've all probably wanted it and got it or for others like me wanted it but not yet purchased it. *Sad times.* Primark & eBay do amazing dupes of the bag and even though I really want to purchase the Primark one too, it just isn't as satisfying as having the real one. I don't really have that much to carry to college so I won't overfill it and it's just super stylish. 

Lauren Conrad Book's 'Style' & 'Beauty':
Lauren Conrad is my biggest inspiration. I've loved seeing her over the years in Laguna Beach and The Hills, I've loved seeing her style change over the years and it has really inspired me. I've wanted to get my hands on both of her books as they're both about 'Style' & 'Beauty' and reading some reviews on them, people say they're really good for people who are sort of newbies to the whole makeup and style world *definitely me.* I thought, not only will I really enjoy reading Lauren's books but I think it'll help me out massively with my own style/look and with my blog.

       I really enjoyed this post and hope that it gave anyone getting me a present some ideas. ;) I tag anyone reading this (and who want) to do this post, I'd love to see what everyone else wants for Christmas. :) 

                            Twitter: @vanzthemachine 

My Top 5 Favourite Shower Gels?

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                                                             Hey beauts,
I love shower gels so much, I think the type of shower gel you use can really help you to feel relaxed in the shower and not only that but can just make you feel so much better and leave you smelling lovely and fresh. I'm more of a shower than a bath girl, I think I'm currently going through a stage where I just love different shower gels. So, I thought I'd share my top 5 favourite ones, maybe this will help you to discover some new ones that you haven't yet tried. :)

L-R: Impulse/Imperial Leather/Original Source/Palmolive/Asda 

Impulse - Hot Pink: 
I got this shower gel in a goodie bag from Impulse and Barry M that I won over on Impulse's Facebook page, I think they do a competition every Wednesday to win a goodie bag so it's definitely worth checking out. The back of the bottle says "IMPULSE Hot Pink Shower Gel contains a sparkling blend of tropical fruit and floral scents designed to turn your shower into a tropical paradise. Feel fruitilicious with Impulse Hot Pink Shower Gel." It isn't often that I agree word for word with what some products claim they do but I have to definitely agree with every word on the back of the shower Gel. It smells absolutely beautiful and literally makes you feel so relaxed in the hot shower. I've only used this once as I like to mix and match but this is definitely perfect for those winter nights. I know Impulse do other shower gels that I really want to try. Obviously I was given this in a goodie bag so I didn't actually buy it myself but I know you can buy it online and probably in store in Tesco and Superdrug

Imperial Leather - Soft Touch:
Imperial Leather is definitely one of those products that you don't remember when you first started using it let alone bought it but you just love it to pieces. My mum bought this shower gel and I can't even remember when but when it runs out she always buys this exact one again. "Show your skin some love by drenching yourself in this moisture rich blend of jojoba milk and vitamin E. Our triple moisturising formula, with antioxidant vitamin E helps leave you with healthy, happy skin." This definitely does leave your skin feeling so healthy and it lasts ages and ages so you don't have to keep stocking up. It just leaves the skin feeling super moisturised. You can buy it online or in store in places like Boots, ASDA and Superdrug. There are also so many other Imperial Leather shower gels to pick from.

Original Source - Lavender And Tea Tree:
I know so many people that use Original Source shower gel's. My mum and two sisters are big fans of some of their other shower gel's too. I think this is a shower gel that you just have to have in your bathroom. On the bottle it says it's a "calming shower gel" and to "relax in this and unwind" it really helps you to do that. The smell is sensational and literally leaves such a lasting affect on your skin. It's interesting because this is a vegan shower gel and it has definitely taught me to venture out and try different shower gel's. Two places I know that have this online and in store are Boots and Morrisons who seem to be doing lots of offers on shower gel's at the minute. 

Palmolive - Almond:
First off, how cute is the bottle? I got this shower gel a couple of weeks ago from Morrisons and I can't remember the exact price it was before but I got it for 50p which is such a bargain. Like we all know I love my bargains so when I saw it I knew I had to have it. I know my older sister uses Palmolive shower gels but this was the first time I was purchasing one. Mine is in 'Almond' and as well as almonds it's filled with moisturising milk which makes my skin feel so healthy. I have quite sensitive skin and have also suffered with eczema since I was born so I have to be careful with what I put on my skin but love products like this that really help me out. I know that my bottle will be finished very soon, so this will definitely be a product that I'll repurchase. You can get this from places online and in stores like Morrisons and Boots.

Asda - Moisture Shower Cream:
I recently had such a lovely sisters day out with my older sister and Ally we went out for lunch and then looked at birthday/christmas presents in Asda. Our older sister treated us to some beauty products and we decided to pick up some shower gel's too. I always feel like it's an overwhelming feeling because there are literally so many shower gel's to pick from but me & Ally picked this beauty up, smelled it and knew this bad boy was coming home with us. It smells like sweets and just really pretty things. It says that it has "extracts of shea butter and mallow" which makes it feel so nice on the skin and you can still smell it a good while after your shower. This is definitely one of the best supermarket shower gel's I've ever purchased and it was only 95p. You can purchase this online or in store in Asda.

Have you tried any of these shower gel's? or can you recommend any other good ones for me to try?


Mallzee - New Fashion Experience.

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Hey beauts,
I'm really excited to introduce to you a new experience of online shopping. Mallzee is a new upcoming website that you'll be able to create your own shopping mall in and be able to add your favourite items from stores and brands you like. Mallzee then kindly collects all your data and finds you products that match your own style.

If you have other friends signed up to Mallzee you'll then be able to see what they've got in their own wardrobe on the site and even get bonus points for inviting people. You even get paid for when you or someone else buys an item from your own Mallzee wardrobe, awesome right? ;)

There are currently over 200 brands signed up to Mallzee including some of my all time favourites like New Look, Urban Outfitters, Boohoo and Feel Unique. There are also so many more but we won't find out what they are until the site is ready to go live. They also currently have a competition, for everyone that signs up to the site *literally takes a second* you're in the running to win £100 ($155), just think how much clothes you could buy with that.
You'll be able to make polls, so if you're stuck on which dress to purchase why not ask for other people's opinions in a poll? Mallzee is all about creating a new experience for shopping online. Mallzee is literally so unique and there's literally nothing like it around right now. 
So, make sure you sign up to the Mallzee website to get  your exclusive prelaunch invite. I've already signed up and I can't wait for Mallzee to officially go live. :D

Mallzee Website: http://mallzee.com


Collection's Bedazzled Bloggers Event.

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                                                    Hey beauts,
I haven't written a post in what feels like forever. I had a week break and then I wrote the review for Monster Pet Supplies on the weekend and I've just been so busy with college work, I'm just trying to focus on getting all my work done and I've been going out a little bit more than usual (finally starting to get a social life, HA.) I'm finally back with some blogging inspiration and I've got posts lined up/more to write so hopefully things will start to go more smoothly with balancing everything out. :)

I was very kindly invited to an event on Tuesday to celebrate Collection's 2000 new makeup range which is filled with some truly fantastic makeup. This was my first ever bloggers event and I had such an amazing time. I went along to the event with Juliet & Ally.

*Me & Ally enjoying our Love Jewel cocktail's.* 

*Me & Juliet enjoying ourselves.*

*Ally, Juliet & me.*

The event was hosted by the lovely Focus PR team in the Wyld Room, W Hotel. It was absolutely beautiful in the hotel and the room we were in was filled with mirror balls everywhere and it was all so glamorous. On the tables there were bowls filled with the new Collection products!  
*Picture courtesy of Juliet.* 

I chatted with the lovely Lauren and Hannah from Focus PR and met the lovely blogger Milly who I've talked to a lot before and it was super nice to actually meet a blogger in the flesh, haha! during the night me, Juliet & Ally got a talk about the new products and I've literally fallen in love with it all. There was a makeup artists who did a fabulous job of giving anyone makeovers and Ally got given some eye shadow and it looked incredible on her, head over to her blog to see the pictures. After having such a blast it came to the end of the night and we were given goodie bags filled with bits from the collection.

*This was my goodie bag.*

My goodie bag was filled with... 
Bedazzled Razzle Dazzle Nail Polish - £2.299
In the new collection, Collection have bedazzled nail effects nail polishes and you can choose from four different ones which are Razzle Dazzle, Tea At The Glitz, Love Jewel and Glittersweet. I've actually just noticed that all the cocktails at the event were named after the four polishes, HA. I love when makeup products are given funky names. All of the polishes are priced at a wonderful £2.99 and are perfect for the coming Christmas season. Whether it's the school or work Christmas party or even the family dinner on Christmas day you can't afford not have these on your nails. ;) I was given the silver polish in my goodie bag, I can't wait to test it out. All four polishes are available from Superdrug and Boots

Bedazzled Glitter Eye Palette - £4.49
Sticking to the glittery theme, the new Collection palette goes really well with the nail polishes. During the night of the event, I watched the makeup artist apply these beautiful colours on other bloggers at the event. Like I also mentioned before head over to Ally's blog to see her amazing look. I know a lot of people love matte eyeshadow's rather than sparkly ones but autumn/winter has just so far been filled with so much glitz and glamour. There are 9 shades to choose from in this amazing palette. Me & Ally didn't get home until a few hours after the event and it stilled looked new as ever on her. Diana Vickers who is a Collection ambassador is a fan of the palette. This can be yours for the small price of £4.49. I'm already picking out which shade I want to wear on Christmas day. This autumn/winter the makeup/clothes trends are all really colourful and sparkly and this palette just adds to it.You can purchase the palette from Boots & Superdrug.

Waterproof Fast Stroke Eyeliner - £2.99
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this eyeliner came out a few months back. This is just a simple black waterproof eyeliner perfect to get that big bold look on the eyes for this autumn/winter that most of us really want to achieve. Like I always say, I'm not much of a makeup person but these last few weeks I've really been getting into it, Ally is definitely going to be teaching me how to get the perfect look with this eyeliner. It's available to purchase from Superdrug.

Big Fake Ultimate Mascara - £5.99

Lastly, I was given one of their new mascara's. You may remember that Collection had another mascara which was called the "Big Fake Mascara" which was so popular with us bloggers. (I had it and it was fantastic.) I nearly passed out with excitement when I saw they had another mascara out AND look at how amazing the brush is, you honestly don't find brushes as big as that any more, it can be so much effort putting mascara on with tiny little brushes but this is seriously everything most of us have been dreaming of. If you don't wear fake lashes but you want that sort of affect then this is definitely the one for you. This is priced at £5.99 which is so much cheaper than other mascara's out there and it's just so worth the price. It's available in black, ultra black and brown from Superdrug & Boots

If there's anything from the goodie bag that you'd like me to review then let me know in the comments! thanks again to the lovely Focus PR team for inviting me along to the event. :)

Will you be purchasing any of these products?