September Plans & Goals.

                                 HAPPY SEPTEMBER.

Hey there lovelies,
can you believe it's September already? I've had over 6 weeks off and I just can't believe it's all coming to an end. It literally feels like just yesterday I was starting sixth form. I took a course in sixth form for a year and I'm doing another 2 years of that course in college starting on the 10th and I shall be continuing to study creative media studies, it feels so weird because apart from Ally, and 2 other people I won't know anybody. I think college will definitely (well hopefully) be better for me in just like being more independent and meeting new people. 

This year has gone so fast and I generally can't believe there's 3 months till the end of the year and 6 months left till I turn 18, I look about 12 so it'll be interesting to see people's reactions when I tell them I'm 18, haha! from when I start college there's literally so much going on like 18th birthdays, my uncles wedding, Christmas etc, I don't get my actual timetable until the day I actually start but I think I have one day off every week which is so exciting, it means I can catch up on sleep and blog more, well I've decided to set days when I blog so I'm thinking maybe Tuesdays. Fridays and sometimes weekends I'll blog? so I'll blog three times a week, which sounds good to me. That'll probably change though depending on my timetable and when it's half term obviously.

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I've taken a lot of inspiration from Zoella's new post HERE on saying yes to things you usually wouldn't. I absulotely loved the post and I'll definitely try my hardest to say yes to more things because as she said you only get one life and you want to make memories and you really can't do that  by saying no to things all the time. 

I'm going to add a list of goals that I want to stick TRY to stick to.

1.) Try to say YES to more things, I know pretty much all the time I'm scared to say yes to certain things or I just be so boring. There's really no fun in not doing some of these awesome things I'm asked to do and plus it's great because that means the more things I do the more things I'll have to blog about. ;)

2.) I shouldn't be afraid to wear whatever I want to college, I need to stop wearing simple things like leggings, a top and a cardigan and just try to pick other outfits too. I really shouldn't worry about people starring at my outfit, at least I'll look more stylish. 

3.) I personally want to start wearing more makeup just like mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and maybe a tad of eye shadow, I need to stop being lazy in the mornings and put in the actual effort of wearing makeup. 

4.) I need to stop being so simple, I really need to experiment with clothing items and makeup. I'm slightly getting sick of my simple ways.

5.) I know I've been looking rather hard lately but I seriously need a job. I hate asking for money from my mum. :(

6.) I want to try my hardest at not being so shy, it's not like I can pretend to have all this confidence because I really can't and I know it's going to be really hard but I just need to take it all step by step and try and come out of my comfort zone.

7.) This is a fun goal, I need to start spending more money on clothes and other little things I need and stop trying to put off spending money in case I find something else I like, such an annoying little habit I have. 

8.) Lastly, I just need to definitely start having more fun, when in College and don't understand something raise my hand and ask for the help I need.

I really want to stick to these goals I've set, it's weird because I'm setting myself goals 3 months before new years but I hope to continue doing these things well after new years. Also, I've added a poll to my blog where I've asked what kind of posts you want to see more of on here and thanks to all those who have voted, I really want to start doing a bigger variety (well not too big) of posts.

Have you set yourself any recent goals?


What's your opinion?

  1. From 1 to 7 I had to nod my head in agreement. I would totally go by a few if not all as because am too lazy to remember each of them, but you know you should try doing things you feel like, don't think about others like what they'll say or how they'll feel, just have fun :)

    1. Thanks so much lovely, I totally agree with you. I just need to remember it's my life and I just need to stop being so concerned about what others think because I want to and it's my own choice. :)

  2. All of these I agree with, definitely need to start being more adventurous and having more fun while I can! xx