Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion Review.

                                   Hey beauts, 
I've literally been trying to do a review on this body lotion for a few weeks now but I've been having difficulties with uploading the pictures, so I'm apologising now for how the pictures look, haha! 
I usually wouldn't do a review on a body lotion because I think there's only so much you can say but after purchasing this Dove body lotion I've just got to share it with you all. I have eczema well when I was younger I had it quite bad. Since I can remember from being little I've always used special creams and a few years ago I'd get E45 free from the doctors for my eczema and that's a great cream but then they introduced this new cream which is like a gel type of cream and it's good but it's really oily on my skin and literally after about an hour or so it just isn't noticeable anymore. So, a few weeks ago while in Superdrug I looked for a different cream.

I don't like to use creams with perfumes in because I have quite sensitive skin. I saw this and knew I wanted it because I've tried a Dove lotion before and was very pleased with it so I knew this would be a good option for me and at only £3ish I really couldn't go wrong. This lotion is absulotely amazing, it really does the job. It isn't oily on the skin and it has the most beautiful smell to it, you can smell it on yourself pretty much all day. It lasts for a good few hours but if you are off for a night out then I'd top up on it.

On the bottle it says "This body lotion not only moisturises the surface of your skin, it also delivers deep nourishment for long lasting beautifully soft and and smooth skin." I really think it lives up to that. I think this is a lotion that you can definitely carry around with you on the go. I'd definitely recommend this to everyone. Winter is approaching and I know that a lot of skin gets dry in the cold weather so I think this will really help.     On the Superdrug website it says £3.75 for the 250ml bottle which is what I have and £5.59 for the 400ml bottle. I will definitely be stocking up on this body lotion.

Would you try this Dove body lotion?


What's your opinion?

  1. I have eczema on my hands and I've been looking for a good cream to keep them moisturized but not sweaty during the day. I haven't had much luck as yet :(

    1. Oh no :( if you haven't yet then I'd definitely recommend this cream to you, it's been good on my skin and is just so handy! :D