Weight Tips: Stay Strong

Dear Vanese,
I know you've just eaten a McDonald's and now you feel really annoyed at yourself... I am right aren't I? I am now giving you these tips & bits of advice that you can try to work on everyday.

1. Drink 2 litres of water everyday:
I know you actually do like water but drinking flavoured water isn't exactly the best. You really need to start drinking 2 litres everyday. I know you're really good at drinking water and you've cut out fizzy drinks pretty much and only have them on some occasions. I know you rarely even drink, drinks anyway so you need to make sure you're getting the right amount. You need to keep yourself hydrated everyday. Especially since it's now summertime your thirst levels will start to increase. Sometimes trying to drink those 8 cups seems like such a nightmare and you really rush yourself and feel down when you try to drink it all in one go. For yourself personally get a litre bottle so you can drink it when you feel like it and it won't feel like you're putting too much pressure on yourself. Remember water is actually really nice. Try putting it in the fridge (like you do anyway) so it's really cold, add some ice and maybe a lemon to make it more enjoyable. Drink a glass of water before each meal so that you're a little bit full and can tell when it's time to stop eating.


                                              2. Start good snacking:
You know what you're like with your snacking  Vanese, the majority of the time you aren't even hungry you're either bored so turn to food or because you're watching something you feel you need food to accompany you. Before you even step into the kitchen ask yourself  am I hungry or am I just being greedy? if the answer is you're just being greedy step away from the kitchen and return to what you were doing but you can also make good of drinking some water at this time? if you generally are hungry for a snack it really isn't a bad thing, just know the right things to snack on. You don't need that packet of biscuits or that chocolate bar. Fruits are definitely a good idea for snacks, try not to just fill up on the same fruit, why not make a mixture? I know you've asked mum to buy a blender so that should be with you next week, make a healthy fruit smoothie that you can sip on, that should filll you up. Nuts are good for snacks, make sure you're picking the right brand though so it isn't too salty and nuts can help with your water issues. We all know that nuts make you thirsty as heck so start drinking some water with them. Lastly, low fat yoghurt's are something I know you'll enjoy. I know they aren't all exactly the most tastiest things when they're low fat but just find one that's perfect for you that you'll know you'll enjoy. Try to find them in mini pots instead of the large ones as I know you have problems with trying to eat it all, know your limits Missy.

3. What are your portion sizes like:
This is where you really have a problem Vanese. I can't describe to you the amount of times you overfill your plate. The times when you make spaghetti and you actually have a decent amount in the pot then you think to yourself oh, that's not a lot so then you add more into the pot and by the time it's ready you're left with a mountain of  spaghetti then you feel guilty when you can't eat it all then even if you're full you'll continue eating   it because you know you shouldn't have added extras... STOP DOING THAT. You need to know what's good and what isn't. Why not try using a cup or and I'm not saying this to do it all the time because it can be really bad for you but ask mum to buy some scales or something so you know right measurements. In saying that don't under eat make sure you're getting the right amount of food. Sometimes we all make that mistake of making too much food, don't be silly and think you can handle it all when you clearly can't save some for another day or ask to see if anyone in the house wants some? of course try not to waste it but don't think you have to eat everything, you're a human not a hoover that can suck up pretty much anything. 

4. Be inspired:
Vanese, you know you're a type of person to get inspired easily. That's something that's awesome about you. Remember back in September to October when MTV used to show weight shows every Tuesday night from Chelsea Settles to I Used To Be Fat and remember how you used to love them and write down tips? try to re-watch them again and get that inspired mind back. There are also so many bloggers who have stories to tell about weight loss, tips and advice and just reading and watching these things can make you feel so much better about yourself. 
watch these and try to take notes. Hopefully re-watching these will make you remember how you felt when you first ever watched them and when you had that thing in your head telling you not to give up and that this was only the beginning of a long, hard BUT rewarding adventure.  

5. Exercise can be fun:
This is definitely something you need to work on. I know that you really want to start going to the gym but money issues always seem to get in the way. Fear not though, you've got so many tennis courts not far from your house that are FREE... You have tennis rackets and balls so what are you waiting for? don't pressure yourself to do it everyday but it would be nice if you could at least go 2 or 3 times a week for an hour or more? you know you love walking and listening to music so why not try doing a bit of that here and there? obviously now isn't the best time but sort of September time I want you to sign up to a leisure centre that has a gym, swimming facilities and other activities. Now is definitely the best time to get it as you're still a student so it'll be half price for you. Also, try doing some sit ups at home like you used to and go onto YouTube and find some little workouts that you can do. I'd really like if you tried to workout to this video HERE at least twice a week as you know it can be quite tiring to do it everyday. Try to do a mixture of exercise each day, mix it up every week. 

*All images from this post taken from Google images.*

6. Stay strong: 
Last but not least stay strong. Having a positive mind while trying to reach your goal weight is definitely key. Don't think of this as hard times just know that you'll have your bad and good days. Remember that you aren't going to start seeing results straight away and it really does take time. When you do see results or even when you're happy about how things are going just make sure to praise yourself because you're doing so well. This doesn't mean that you can't go out with friends to eat make sure when looking at the menu you can find something that you'll enjoy but isn't too unhealthy at the same time. Keep blogging about how far you've come. Remember to weigh yourself and most of all just have fun. :)

I know this is a rather long post but this is things for me to remind myself to keep going or whether I'm unsure on something I can just re-read this and hopefully get the answer I'm looking for. Some people might not understand this but that's fine it's just something to keep me going while I start this journey to losing weight. Plus, I can look back at this and feel proud. If anyone wants to take any tips from this then that's awesome!  :)





What's your opinion?

  1. very good tips :) keep up the good work, you will get what you want to achieve, dont forget its never easy but always worth it :)

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Aoife. :'D I will definitely be sticking to your kind words! <3

  2. I love this post, so honest. Weight loss can sound so simple in principle- eat less, move more- but it can be so hard to maintain and make those changes! It sounds like you are really working hard, keep going :) log those little changes you make and in a while you can look back and see one big change! xxx

    1. I was a little scared about posting this but then I thought when you have a blog you shouldn't be afraid to post anything! :) Thanks for the really nice comment lovely, I really appreciate it. :D I've still got so much to do but I guess those small steps really do count!


  3. i'm doing the opposite lol trying to gain weight so i can gain muscle, its so hard!!