Vanzthemachinee's top 5 bargains!

Hey sweets,
I've seen so many bargains recently that I really wanted to share them with you my lovely readers. I decided to jazz up the post a bit and show you some of the most expensive places to purchase the items below and some of the cheapest places to get them too.

- Zara
- eBay

If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably know that I have the biggest love for the Olivia Palmero bag from Zara. One of my style crushes Mollie King owns it and she really styles it well. At £40.00 I actually don't think it's that bad but as a student needing a whole load of clothes and other bits spending £40.00 this minute wouldn't exactly be ideal so after posting a few tweets on Twitter explaining that I needed this Zara bag so bad in my life but couldn't afford the price the lovely Lydia linked me to a dupe bag off eBay which was to my surprise priced at only £11.49, it's not the one you see in the picture because I thought that one looked a little bit more spacious but if you want to check out the other one you can do HERE. I will most definitely be buying this eBay bag either very soon or maybe I'll just wait till Christmas so I can get the real Zara one as a present. ;)

- Ark

A few weeks ago I did a post on dupe pairs of disco pants that you could purchase from ASOS & Very it got quite a good response, check it out HERE *plug ;)* since then I've come to find out that Ark & Glamorous also do their own dupes of the disco pants. A lot of people have said that even though the disco pants are expensive they prefer them to any of the dupes but then some people say they prefer the dupes. I know there's still so many sites that do dupes to these. They seem to be becoming more popular every single day. From what I've seen the Glamorous pair seem to be the cheapest out of the dupes.

Every site seems to be doing their own twist on creepers lately and it's very nice to see the majority of them at such cheap prices. I think if you are looking into buying a pair of creepers then you literally should search the whole net because each site seems to keep coming out with cheap pairs. I want to purchase my first pair of creepers and I definitely think I'll be ordering them from Tribeca Shoes as they have such an amazing site filled with cheap footwear from wedges to flats. I reckon my first pair will either be these ones or the studded ones. 

Camo jackets have definitely gotten so popular this season. Every time I walk out my house or go into central London I see quite a few girls rocking these bad boys. A few weeks ago I went into a local charity shop and saw one of these jackets, Ally decided she wanted to buy it in a few days and when we finally came back for it, it was gone. :( So a tip for you all, if you find a cheap camo jacket in a charity for a cheap price BUY IT!!! otherwise you'll regret it. I think the more popular these jackets become the more expensive they seem to be getting. Definitely worth buying one now if you like them a lot because I know in months to come they'll be quite pricey.

These double cross rings are a big favourite of mine. A lot of online stores seem to be adding them to their sites. These rings generally aren't expensive and vary from around £10.00 and below. I'd say if you are interested in buying one of these rings don't just go for the cheapest do a little research on it because some of the cheapest ones may irritate your skin. These rings are definitely a big hit with many of us bloggers. You can also get them at very cheap prices from Camden market.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and that it has helped anyone out wanting to purchase something in this post. Also, I've just reached over 10,000 page views and I am literally so happy that I've reached that amount. Thanks to everyone who's commented or just looked at a post of mine! also, I've always known how to do editing and little stuff on Photoshop and with all these pictures I created them myself. ;) It's not exactly a masterpiece but I'm finally getting the hang of it. :)



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