Possible Wedding Outfit?

                                                Hello beauts,
I've been blogging so much lately, I just keep finding things that I can blog about. ;)

 As I already said not long ago on here my uncle and his fiancee are getting married in early November and these past few weeks I've just been getting some ideas about possible outfits I could wear. The lovely Holly from Galaxy Glamour has started doing posts on her blog where she does a cyber personal shopping experience for example I told her about my uncles wedding then she asked me questions like colours I wouldn't want to wear to the wedding, my price range etc... I absulotely loved the outfits she picked for me to the make up and when deciding on my final outfit I'll definitely be looking back on what Holly suggested. If you want to see that post you can HERE.

I decided to use Polyvore and create an outfit that I would consider wearing to the wedding. I absulotely love this fringe dress from the Rare range in Topshop, this dresses have become so popular from the likes of Leanne from Little Mix wearing the same dress on a night out. I've loved the studded wedges from Boohoo for such a long time now, it would just add a little extra to the outfit.

I'm really loving all types of blazers at the moment, well I've been loving them for a long time now and thought I'd add some colour into the outfit since it's got a lot of black in it already. I added the red lipstick just to jazz up the outfit a bit more and added some accessories that I'm loving at the minute with a simple black & silver clutch bag.

Do you think this would be a good outfit to wear to a wedding?


What's your opinion?

  1. The dress is stunning and because of that personally I would wear a plain blazer, black or a nude. I would want the dress to be the focal point. The rest of the accessories I love x

    1. Yeah I totally agree with where you're coming from and I do think that a plain blazer would go better. :)