Haul: Store Twenty One Sale!

Hey lovelies, 
I got a few things this past week from the Store Twenty One sale that I thought I'd put into a little haul to show you all. :) *WARNING: this is a picture heavy post*

- Store Twenty One Sale.

Speckled Top - WAS: £7.99 SALE:4.99

For months now I've seen bloggers/vloggers talking about speckled t-shirt's that they've purchased. I'm so pleased to have finally got myself one and for such a cheap price of only £4.99 in the sale. I really like this top because it's one of those ones that look a little bit like a cropped top but when you put them on they just fit perfectly on you. The colour is awesome, it's blue but looks a little grey at the same time. I absolutely love T-shirt's with pockets on them, it just adds a little bit more detailing without being too much. If anyone is interested in purchasing this top in a Store Twenty One near them then they also sell this in orange, I was going to pick it up put I have so many coloured tops and not enough blue tops and also with summer pretty much finished, well for the UK anyway I thought it would be good to wear in the winter under a cardigan or since it's quite light under a jumper.

Shorts - £5.99

I thought this summer I'd forever be in shorts but I really haven't worn shorts much. I'm more of a person to wear shorts and tights in winter than wear them in summer which is quite weird. I really love these shorts for the frilly detailing and little rips at the side and back. I've actually wanted to add frilly detailing to shorts for ages after seeing some bloggers doing D.I.Y's on it. I'm more of a high wasted shorts kind of girl but after trying these bad boys on I really do love them. I'm so tempted to go back and pick up a few more pairs of these as for £5.99 I really don't think I'll find a price that good anytime soon. I'm not sure if these have been reduced but they were a damn bargain. 

                                     Bag - WAS: £12.99 NOW: £7.00

Finally, since the start of summer I've been on the look out for a bag that I'd really love and that I know would last me a good while. I always seem to have bad luck with bags and within maybe the first month it's always damaged. I went into Store Twenty One earlier on in the week and told myself that I'd come back for it so when my mum bought it for me I was so delighted. :D This is something I'll take with me back in September to carry all my books and stuff. It has so much room when you open it up then there's a little back bit where I can put my phone and money for safe keeping. I love these types of bags because they remind me of little briefcases, I also love the colours brown and pink together on the bag. I think this is a really good bag for your studies whether that's school, college or university it's very spacious for your books etc...! 





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