Give A Little Love Maybe We Can Change The World: Blogs I'm Loving!

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                                                  Hey lovelies, 
I wanted to do a new kind of post today. I follow so many blogs and just wanted to share some with you. This isn't to say that I don't like anybody else's blogs because that's really not the case but these are some I'm just loving at the minute. Plus, I know I'll definitely be doing more posts like this, so don't worry! :) I also hope the bloggers I've chosen don't mind me using their blog information boxes. ;)

                                             1.) studdedkisses 
I've followed Roxii for a good while now, I think I've pretty much been following her blog since I first ever made mine. She really doesn't disappoint with her posts and I always find myself sitting down having a nose through her new posts. She has the sort of blog that I'm addicted to reading, posts from fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I always love these types of blogs because they always have a wide variety of posts on their blogs that you can enjoy. Roxii is such a lovely girl too and I am always looking forward to her new posts! If you are looking for a style inspiration then Roxii is your girl, she does the best OOTD posts! one of my favourite posts from hers has to be this gorgeous OOTD featuring this sparkly collared shirt from Missguided & the most perfect skirt from Topshop. (Link to the post here.)

I absulotely adore Joelle, she is seriously one of the loveliest bloggers to follow. Hers is another blog that consists of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and cooking. Her posts are so detailed and once you start reading you won't be able to stop yourself. She has definitely inspired me to start baking more, even though I haven't quite started yet. ;) There's literally something for everyone on her blog. My favourite post of hers has definitely got to be a cooking one, she made a  summer fruits eton mess victoria sponge cake for her sisters birthday back in May and not only do I love the look of the cake *YUM* but I just love how she was so detailed about it all. I definitely want to attempt to make it. (Link to post here.)

Lydia just has posts that I love, she inspires me with fashion and just inspires me as a person too. By now you've probably got the drift that I have a big love for blogs that have a mix of posts. Lydia's blog has posts from fashion, beauty and lifestlye. Lydia has been doing these posts on weight recently and they've really inspired me to start getting into shape and not only that but I've been able to take tips from things she's said. If you are looking for some inspiring words then I'd definitely say to check out her posts. :D One of my favourite posts of hers was one she wrote about the things she's loving in Dorthy Perkins, I am so fond of the clothes she picked out in the post. (Link to post here.)

4.) birdle
Me & Beth, haven't followed each other for that long but from the first time I saw her blog I knew I'd love all her future posts. Her blog has posts from fashion, beauty and quite a few lifestyle ones too. I'm a real big fan of some of her lifestyle posts, like ones she's done on advice, especially one she did on anxiety/panic attacks which I think everyone should check out on her blog whether you suffer from them or not! also, her layout is just fantastic. One of my favourite posts from hers has to be her her top 5 drugstore lipsticks, such a good read. (Link to post here.)

I definitely hope you don't think I'm being biased because Ally's my twin sister. I love the fact that me & Ally's blogs are quite different, she posts things like music reviews, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and just generally everything. I know that I post all of those but the way in which we write is completely different and that's what I enjoy so much about her blog. I love how Ally has such a good eye on the latest trends from fashion to music and she'll always share them with you on her blog. One of my favourite posts from Ally's blog has to be the one she did on studding, where she talked about how she studded her shirt/shorts and takes you through the process of what she did. (Link to blog here.)

I most certainly enjoyed writing this post. I hope the girls I picked enjoyed it too! all bloggers literally just need to keep up the hard work, everyone is literally doing amazing at their posts. :D I hope you have discovered new blogs that you'll enjoy through this. 

Link me to your favourite post by someone, it can be your own or someone else's? :)




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    Thank you SO much for adding me to this what you wrote is soo nice and kind, shows what a lovely person you are! Thanks for reading it makes my blogging feel worthwhile :)

    1. Ooh I didn't get that. D; Not a problem at all lovely, it's nice to be truthful and show other bloggers some love. Glad to hear that! :)