Collection - Grape Glitz Lipstick Review!

Hey beauts,
yesterday I did a little bit of shopping with Juliet & Ally and bought a few beauty products, when I say "a few" I mean 4 things, haha. I was meant to be reviewing another lipstick along with this one but my images were really fuzzy so I plan on doing that one when I have time to take another load of pictures. :)

Collection - Volume Sensation Lipstick: Shade 9 Grape Glitz £2.99

This is my first ever Collection lipstick I've tried so I wasn't too sure what to expect. This lipstick is apart of Collection's volume sensation lipstick range. I always get confused whether to call them Collection or just stick to Collection 2000 as most of their products are named with Collection 2000? I have literally fallen so in love with this lipstick it's a joke. It's a very light pinky colour on the lips. I think it really compliments the face and gives it a natural type of look. Something quite gutting happened a local pharmacist where I live are completely changing around their shop and I think they'll be a Lloyds pharmacist or something from now on so they're having this big sale in the shop and they have quite a big stand of Collection products and there was a sign above it saying "all Collection items are 99p." YES, 99P... That's amazing. Before I'd gone into the pharmacist I went to Superdrug and got this lipstick for £2.99 not knowing that just a little down the road it was there for 99p. :( But it's not much of a difference so I guess that's not too bad. I took full advantage of the sale though and picked up another volume sensation lipstick but this time in "Ruby Red" and I also got a mascara. I plan on going back next week if the offer is still on and getting more lipsticks. A girl can never have too many lipstick's. ;) The packaging to this product is absolutely fabulous and definitely makes it look more expensive than it actually is. I swatched a lot of the lipstick's in the shop and I'm definitely a big fan of them all. You really get a good wear out of these Lipstick's. Overall I am so pleased with this lipstick I can't even put it into words properly. I generally think that this lipstick is better than some of the more popular and more expensive lipstick's that are known now. I definitely recommend that when you next go shopping you pick up a lipstick or even more than one. At £2.99 you really can't go wrong and I'm sure there's a 2 for 3 offer in Boots still (sorry if that's wrong).

Can I quickly just say congratulations to everyone that got results today. Whether you passed or failed got what you wanted or didn't well done because it's damn hard. I am very pleased with my results and hard work generally does pay off. 

Have you picked up  a lipstick from the volume sensation lipstick range or do you plan to? :)


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