Possible Wedding Outfit?

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                                                Hello beauts,
I've been blogging so much lately, I just keep finding things that I can blog about. ;)

 As I already said not long ago on here my uncle and his fiancee are getting married in early November and these past few weeks I've just been getting some ideas about possible outfits I could wear. The lovely Holly from Galaxy Glamour has started doing posts on her blog where she does a cyber personal shopping experience for example I told her about my uncles wedding then she asked me questions like colours I wouldn't want to wear to the wedding, my price range etc... I absulotely loved the outfits she picked for me to the make up and when deciding on my final outfit I'll definitely be looking back on what Holly suggested. If you want to see that post you can HERE.

I decided to use Polyvore and create an outfit that I would consider wearing to the wedding. I absulotely love this fringe dress from the Rare range in Topshop, this dresses have become so popular from the likes of Leanne from Little Mix wearing the same dress on a night out. I've loved the studded wedges from Boohoo for such a long time now, it would just add a little extra to the outfit.

I'm really loving all types of blazers at the moment, well I've been loving them for a long time now and thought I'd add some colour into the outfit since it's got a lot of black in it already. I added the red lipstick just to jazz up the outfit a bit more and added some accessories that I'm loving at the minute with a simple black & silver clutch bag.

Do you think this would be a good outfit to wear to a wedding?


Five Things I Like About Myself?

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*Image taken from Google images.*

                                                Hey there,
This is just a very quick post. The other day on Twitter a Youtuber that I'm very fond of asked her followers to name FIVE things they like about themselves. I took part and initially I thought it would be easy but I struggled for so long to think of answers. It's interesting because for me personally I didn't think I'd be totally clueless. I think that I always think I'm being vain if I think oh, you know what I look nice today or something like that when it's actually so ridiculous and in no way is it bad to love things about yourself. I think I have very low self confidence issues but once I named those five things I liked about myself I just generally felt this sudden rush of happiness and it was SO nice to feel like that. I absulotely love making people feel happy about themselves so that's why I thought I'd post the five things I like about MYSELF then anyone who wants to can comment with five things they like about themselves. Trust me it can be tricky for some people but some others may find it easy, this is basically to get you to feel happy about yourself. Don't worry if you can't think of five things, you can comment with 1, 2, 3 or 4 whatever you want. :D

                                       Five things I like about myself:

1.) I like my smile, I generally can't go a day without smiling, I think I feel so much more positive when I smile. 

2.) I like my laugh, I have the craziest non-human laugh on the planet but I seem to make people laugh when I laugh, so I must be doing something right. ;)

3.) My kindness, I just love helping people and making them feel better in any way possible, I know I am a really kind person some would probably say a little too kind? but that's just the type of person I am. 

4.) My personality, I'm still kind of working out and learning new things about myself but I just think I have a very bubbly personality. 

5.) My taste in music, I don't like to just stick to one genre of music, I like to explore and give all types of music a chance! 

                       Comment below with FIVE things you like about yourself?


Jeans/Disco Pants Inspired School Outfits.

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Hey girlies,
I thought I'd do this post to give outfit ideas to anyone going back to sixth form etc... It doesn't have to be for your first day back or anything but just ideas of possible outfits you could wear this autumn/winter. It's going to start getting so cold but there's no reason you can't look stylish and warm at the same time. I've chosen three outfits three black skinny jeans and three outfits with black disco pants.

Back to school - with jeans.
Skinny jeans are perfect to wear, they're so versatile like you can wear them dressed up, dressed down or even when you are trying to look smart. I really like the outfits that I've picked because they aren't too overboard and also there'll probably be times when you go out for lunch or do something afterwards and these are outfits that you can just continue to wear and you won't have to go home to change or anything but I guess maybe if you wanted to dress it up a little more then you could just stick a pair of heels on.
Outfit 1:                                                       
 - Peplum Top: H&M                           

 - Skinny Jeans: Topshop                
 - Leather Biker Jacket: Topshop            
 - Creeper Dupes: AX Paris            

Outfit 2:
 - Sleeveless Shirt: Fashion Union 
 - Skinny Jeans: Topshop
 - Black Blazer: Sheinside
 - Studded Loafers: Boohoo

Outfit 3:
 - Cream Jumper: Topshop
 - Skinny Jeans: Topshop
 - Chelsea Boots: Boohoo
                                                                      Back to school with - disco pants.
Disco pants have really become so popular. To me they remind me of better versions of leggings. In sixth form there are so many girls that wear outfits with legging which do look great but leggings can be so see through so I think people would benefit well with disco pants as they aren't see through. Especially for those sort of lazy days when you can't be asked you can just chuck on a pair of disco pants, a top and cardigan. I think the outfits I've chosen are very suitable for school etc... and they're just simple and nothing too heavy.
Outfit 1:
- Knitted Cardigan: Topshop
- White Shirt: Donnaida
- Disco Pants - Glamorous
- Flat Boots: Boohoo

Outfit 2:
- Jumper: Rokit
- Disco Pants: Glamorous
- Studded Loafers: Topshop

Outfit 3:
- Pyrus Blouse: Question-Air
- Disco Pants: Glamorous
- Grey Jacket: Republic
- Cat Shoes: Boohoo

I decided to do this post as I really liked my post I did a few days ago on school fashion (Link here.) and thought it would be good to just give some outfit ideas and I'm going shopping soon to get some new clothes and I think this will really benefit me and just help me when choosing what to buy. Also, if anybody isn't really keen on buying the AA disco pants then I did a post not long ago on where you can buy some dupes from. (Link here.)

                            Would you consider wearing any of these outfits?


Give A Little Love Maybe We Can Change The World: Blogs I'm Loving!

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*Image taken from Google images.*
                                                  Hey lovelies, 
I wanted to do a new kind of post today. I follow so many blogs and just wanted to share some with you. This isn't to say that I don't like anybody else's blogs because that's really not the case but these are some I'm just loving at the minute. Plus, I know I'll definitely be doing more posts like this, so don't worry! :) I also hope the bloggers I've chosen don't mind me using their blog information boxes. ;)

                                             1.) studdedkisses 
I've followed Roxii for a good while now, I think I've pretty much been following her blog since I first ever made mine. She really doesn't disappoint with her posts and I always find myself sitting down having a nose through her new posts. She has the sort of blog that I'm addicted to reading, posts from fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I always love these types of blogs because they always have a wide variety of posts on their blogs that you can enjoy. Roxii is such a lovely girl too and I am always looking forward to her new posts! If you are looking for a style inspiration then Roxii is your girl, she does the best OOTD posts! one of my favourite posts from hers has to be this gorgeous OOTD featuring this sparkly collared shirt from Missguided & the most perfect skirt from Topshop. (Link to the post here.)

I absulotely adore Joelle, she is seriously one of the loveliest bloggers to follow. Hers is another blog that consists of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and cooking. Her posts are so detailed and once you start reading you won't be able to stop yourself. She has definitely inspired me to start baking more, even though I haven't quite started yet. ;) There's literally something for everyone on her blog. My favourite post of hers has definitely got to be a cooking one, she made a  summer fruits eton mess victoria sponge cake for her sisters birthday back in May and not only do I love the look of the cake *YUM* but I just love how she was so detailed about it all. I definitely want to attempt to make it. (Link to post here.)

Lydia just has posts that I love, she inspires me with fashion and just inspires me as a person too. By now you've probably got the drift that I have a big love for blogs that have a mix of posts. Lydia's blog has posts from fashion, beauty and lifestlye. Lydia has been doing these posts on weight recently and they've really inspired me to start getting into shape and not only that but I've been able to take tips from things she's said. If you are looking for some inspiring words then I'd definitely say to check out her posts. :D One of my favourite posts of hers was one she wrote about the things she's loving in Dorthy Perkins, I am so fond of the clothes she picked out in the post. (Link to post here.)

4.) birdle
Me & Beth, haven't followed each other for that long but from the first time I saw her blog I knew I'd love all her future posts. Her blog has posts from fashion, beauty and quite a few lifestyle ones too. I'm a real big fan of some of her lifestyle posts, like ones she's done on advice, especially one she did on anxiety/panic attacks which I think everyone should check out on her blog whether you suffer from them or not! also, her layout is just fantastic. One of my favourite posts from hers has to be her her top 5 drugstore lipsticks, such a good read. (Link to post here.)

I definitely hope you don't think I'm being biased because Ally's my twin sister. I love the fact that me & Ally's blogs are quite different, she posts things like music reviews, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and just generally everything. I know that I post all of those but the way in which we write is completely different and that's what I enjoy so much about her blog. I love how Ally has such a good eye on the latest trends from fashion to music and she'll always share them with you on her blog. One of my favourite posts from Ally's blog has to be the one she did on studding, where she talked about how she studded her shirt/shorts and takes you through the process of what she did. (Link to blog here.)

I most certainly enjoyed writing this post. I hope the girls I picked enjoyed it too! all bloggers literally just need to keep up the hard work, everyone is literally doing amazing at their posts. :D I hope you have discovered new blogs that you'll enjoy through this. 

Link me to your favourite post by someone, it can be your own or someone else's? :)





Back To School Fashion.

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Back to school fashion!

                        Outfit 1:
         - American Apparel: Disco Pants
         - Primark: Baby Blue Jumper  
         - Boohoo: Ballet Flat Shoes
         - Topshop: Spike Necklac  
         - Boohoo: Skull Bag                               Monki: Knit Jumper   
                                                              - Topshop: Skinny Jeans
                                                                 - Axparis: Creeper Dupes
                                                           - Topshop: Coin Necklace
                                                            - Topshop: Backpack

                                              Hello beauts,
autumn and winter are fast approaching and I have to say despite it getting really cold and getting dark very early it could possibly be my favourite times of the year? I know I'll regret that when I'm freezing. :( I'm all for the hot weather don't get me wrong but I just generally don't think anything can beat that Christmas spirit, spending time with family & friends and something I LOVE the fashion.

I love the fact that you don't have to go overboard with your outfit but you still look effortless at the same time. I know it can be quite hard deciding on what to wear whether you're at school, college, university, work or even at home and you really want to look your best but sometimes the cold gets the best of you and you literally just throw on anything that will keep you warm.

I've created two outfits that I'd totally consider buying on Polyvore. Jeans are definitely something that you'll pretty much catch me in when it's cold, I don't own a pair of disco pants *yeah, that really needs to change.* but I'd think they'd go excellent in winter fashion. Obviously, you cannot go wrong with an oversized jumper in these cold conditions to keep you warm. I definitely think creepers will be a big hit this winter, well not that they aren't already. These loafer type ballet shoes from Boohoo are definitely something I'd rock, I think quite a few of us like the simple flat/ballet shoes with a pair of warm socks in the winter to keep your feet toasty.

I know that we don't really want to overdress back to school and stuff but there's no harm in adding a bit of accessories to an outfit. A nice necklace wouldn't go a miss over that oversized jumper or something that really stands out and adds a bit of jazz to that outfit. I always notice that when it gets colder the bags I see girls carrying are fab, a studded bag or backpack pretty much suit every outfit. Make sure that you wrap up warm and feel comfortable in your outfit. Don't forget that jacket and for the very chilly mornings a pair of gloves.

What ONE piece of clothing do you love to wear when it's cold?



'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together': Taylor Swift Song Review♥

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*Image taken from Google images.*

Hey lovelies,
I'm back with another music review, I enjoyed writing one so much last time I've decided that it shall become a regular thing for me to write album/song reviews on here.

Taylor Swift, has certainly come back with a bang. After releasing her very successful third studio album 'Speak Now' back in October 25th 2010 she's been busy in the studio preparing for album number 4 called 'Red.' Taylor had a live webchat back on August 13th where she announced the name of the album 'Red.' and announced the first single would be called 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

As a big fan of Taylor Swift and all her previous albums I'd never doubted that she'd come back with even better music. For me 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' is definitely one of my favourite songs at the moment, it reminds me of quite rebellious pop music. Having heard of Taylor Swift from when none of her music was released in the UK she's always had her quite country side to her music and I think even from her last album 'Speak Now' there's been quite a change in Taylor and not for the bad, yes she still has her country side but I feel that she's moving more in towards the pop side other than country. 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' is such a catchy song and it's like once you hear even a little bit it's automatically stuck in your head and you won't be able to stop yourself belting it out when you hear it.

More on her new album 'Red.' it's set to be released on October 22nd and so far we know three song titles off the album called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.", "Red." which is obviously the same name as the album and one I am definitely so excited to hear called "Everything Has Changed." which features UK sensation Ed Sheeran. Not long ago Taylor tweeted "Eating cheeseburgers, scribbling on guitars, writing songs with @edsheeran. :)" and Ed tweeted "In and out burger, defacing guitars and writing music with @taylorswift13 :)" they're both my number one music artists so this is a very exciting time for me and others who are big fans of them both.
*Image taken from Twitter. Taylor & Ed together.*

Anyway, Taylor is set to perform at the MTV VMA's on September 6th but she's not letting on to what she's actually performing. I think we'd all think she's performing 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' but rumour has it that she'll be singing 'Red.' We never know she could do a mashup of both tracks. Also, Taylor is coming to the UK in October, I think to do some interviews and things but something so very exciting is that she's performing at Radio 1's Teen Awards at Wembley Arena on October 7th. The event is for anyone aged 12-17 and I was lucky enough to go last year and I am so hoping that I get lucky again and mange to score tickets to see Taylor's first live performance of songs from 'Red.' If you're interested in attending the event then you'll be able to purchase tickets from the Radio 1 website on September 22nd.

*Image taken from Google images. Album cover for Red.*

If you still haven't heard it, listen to 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' on the video below.

Have you heard 'We Are Never Getting Back Together'? do you like or dislike it?



Vanzthemachinee's top 5 bargains!

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Hey sweets,
I've seen so many bargains recently that I really wanted to share them with you my lovely readers. I decided to jazz up the post a bit and show you some of the most expensive places to purchase the items below and some of the cheapest places to get them too.

- Zara
- eBay

If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably know that I have the biggest love for the Olivia Palmero bag from Zara. One of my style crushes Mollie King owns it and she really styles it well. At £40.00 I actually don't think it's that bad but as a student needing a whole load of clothes and other bits spending £40.00 this minute wouldn't exactly be ideal so after posting a few tweets on Twitter explaining that I needed this Zara bag so bad in my life but couldn't afford the price the lovely Lydia linked me to a dupe bag off eBay which was to my surprise priced at only £11.49, it's not the one you see in the picture because I thought that one looked a little bit more spacious but if you want to check out the other one you can do HERE. I will most definitely be buying this eBay bag either very soon or maybe I'll just wait till Christmas so I can get the real Zara one as a present. ;)

- Ark

A few weeks ago I did a post on dupe pairs of disco pants that you could purchase from ASOS & Very it got quite a good response, check it out HERE *plug ;)* since then I've come to find out that Ark & Glamorous also do their own dupes of the disco pants. A lot of people have said that even though the disco pants are expensive they prefer them to any of the dupes but then some people say they prefer the dupes. I know there's still so many sites that do dupes to these. They seem to be becoming more popular every single day. From what I've seen the Glamorous pair seem to be the cheapest out of the dupes.

Every site seems to be doing their own twist on creepers lately and it's very nice to see the majority of them at such cheap prices. I think if you are looking into buying a pair of creepers then you literally should search the whole net because each site seems to keep coming out with cheap pairs. I want to purchase my first pair of creepers and I definitely think I'll be ordering them from Tribeca Shoes as they have such an amazing site filled with cheap footwear from wedges to flats. I reckon my first pair will either be these ones or the studded ones. 

Camo jackets have definitely gotten so popular this season. Every time I walk out my house or go into central London I see quite a few girls rocking these bad boys. A few weeks ago I went into a local charity shop and saw one of these jackets, Ally decided she wanted to buy it in a few days and when we finally came back for it, it was gone. :( So a tip for you all, if you find a cheap camo jacket in a charity for a cheap price BUY IT!!! otherwise you'll regret it. I think the more popular these jackets become the more expensive they seem to be getting. Definitely worth buying one now if you like them a lot because I know in months to come they'll be quite pricey.

These double cross rings are a big favourite of mine. A lot of online stores seem to be adding them to their sites. These rings generally aren't expensive and vary from around £10.00 and below. I'd say if you are interested in buying one of these rings don't just go for the cheapest do a little research on it because some of the cheapest ones may irritate your skin. These rings are definitely a big hit with many of us bloggers. You can also get them at very cheap prices from Camden market.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and that it has helped anyone out wanting to purchase something in this post. Also, I've just reached over 10,000 page views and I am literally so happy that I've reached that amount. Thanks to everyone who's commented or just looked at a post of mine! also, I've always known how to do editing and little stuff on Photoshop and with all these pictures I created them myself. ;) It's not exactly a masterpiece but I'm finally getting the hang of it. :)



Collection - Ruby Red Lipstick Review!

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Hey lovelies,
a few days ago I did a review on Collection's 'Grape Glitz' lipstick which you can read HERE the same day I purchased that lipstick I purchased another one in Shade 3 called 'Ruby Red'. Collection's lipstick's are easily my new favourite. 
Collection - Volume Sensation Lipstick: Shade 3 Ruby Red £99p

I apologise at how chipped my nails look in the third picture, haha. I've wanted a red lipstick for a good while now but always seem to go pink's instead because I think they compliment my skin tone quite well. I really like Collection's red lipstick because you can purchase so many red lipstick's nowadays and there's always that problem of some are to bright or too dark but I think this one is quite in the middle. I'm not really much of a makeup person and the only makeup I wear is mascara and lipstick so I've really enjoyed wearing quite bright lipstick's that stand out well on my face. If you read my other post you'll know that the pharmacist I purchased this from was in the process of changing around a lot so they've got the biggest sale on at the moment and all Collection items are 99p which is fantastic. The packaging to this lipstick is something that I really love. I think I'm right in saying that all of the lipstick's in the volume sensation range are plumped to make your lips look fuller, I'm not really a fan of plumping lipstick's because some that I've used before look really nice on but it burns so much but with this lipstick I literally felt a little tingle which didn't even hurt and the more you put on plumping lipstick's the less you feel the tingle when applying it to the lips. I love the fact that not only this one but many other of the lipstick's in the range can be worn just day to day and when you go out for the night. I know it'll take a good while to finish this lipstick off as I won't be wearing it everyday but I still want to purchase another one. :)

What is your favourite lipstick? 



Haul: Store Twenty One Sale!

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Hey lovelies, 
I got a few things this past week from the Store Twenty One sale that I thought I'd put into a little haul to show you all. :) *WARNING: this is a picture heavy post*

- Store Twenty One Sale.

Speckled Top - WAS: £7.99 SALE:4.99

For months now I've seen bloggers/vloggers talking about speckled t-shirt's that they've purchased. I'm so pleased to have finally got myself one and for such a cheap price of only £4.99 in the sale. I really like this top because it's one of those ones that look a little bit like a cropped top but when you put them on they just fit perfectly on you. The colour is awesome, it's blue but looks a little grey at the same time. I absolutely love T-shirt's with pockets on them, it just adds a little bit more detailing without being too much. If anyone is interested in purchasing this top in a Store Twenty One near them then they also sell this in orange, I was going to pick it up put I have so many coloured tops and not enough blue tops and also with summer pretty much finished, well for the UK anyway I thought it would be good to wear in the winter under a cardigan or since it's quite light under a jumper.

Shorts - £5.99

I thought this summer I'd forever be in shorts but I really haven't worn shorts much. I'm more of a person to wear shorts and tights in winter than wear them in summer which is quite weird. I really love these shorts for the frilly detailing and little rips at the side and back. I've actually wanted to add frilly detailing to shorts for ages after seeing some bloggers doing D.I.Y's on it. I'm more of a high wasted shorts kind of girl but after trying these bad boys on I really do love them. I'm so tempted to go back and pick up a few more pairs of these as for £5.99 I really don't think I'll find a price that good anytime soon. I'm not sure if these have been reduced but they were a damn bargain. 

                                     Bag - WAS: £12.99 NOW: £7.00

Finally, since the start of summer I've been on the look out for a bag that I'd really love and that I know would last me a good while. I always seem to have bad luck with bags and within maybe the first month it's always damaged. I went into Store Twenty One earlier on in the week and told myself that I'd come back for it so when my mum bought it for me I was so delighted. :D This is something I'll take with me back in September to carry all my books and stuff. It has so much room when you open it up then there's a little back bit where I can put my phone and money for safe keeping. I love these types of bags because they remind me of little briefcases, I also love the colours brown and pink together on the bag. I think this is a really good bag for your studies whether that's school, college or university it's very spacious for your books etc...! 






My Week In Pictures #7

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Ally & I meeting boyband Lawson at Capital FM// Palmolive only 50p in Morrisons, smells amazing// Funny chat with the girls 

Late night ooVoo chat with Sian, Juliet and Ally// Wonderstruck perfume sample arrived// Morning picture with a not so impressed looking Bella 

Cuddles with Honey// Possible tattoo idea, didn't realise Lady Gaga has the same tattoo// Nose piercing 

Pimms o' clock in the pub with mum & Ally// Done a little bit of cheeky shopping in the Store Twenty One sale *haul to come*



Collection - Grape Glitz Lipstick Review!

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Hey beauts,
yesterday I did a little bit of shopping with Juliet & Ally and bought a few beauty products, when I say "a few" I mean 4 things, haha. I was meant to be reviewing another lipstick along with this one but my images were really fuzzy so I plan on doing that one when I have time to take another load of pictures. :)

Collection - Volume Sensation Lipstick: Shade 9 Grape Glitz £2.99

This is my first ever Collection lipstick I've tried so I wasn't too sure what to expect. This lipstick is apart of Collection's volume sensation lipstick range. I always get confused whether to call them Collection or just stick to Collection 2000 as most of their products are named with Collection 2000? I have literally fallen so in love with this lipstick it's a joke. It's a very light pinky colour on the lips. I think it really compliments the face and gives it a natural type of look. Something quite gutting happened a local pharmacist where I live are completely changing around their shop and I think they'll be a Lloyds pharmacist or something from now on so they're having this big sale in the shop and they have quite a big stand of Collection products and there was a sign above it saying "all Collection items are 99p." YES, 99P... That's amazing. Before I'd gone into the pharmacist I went to Superdrug and got this lipstick for £2.99 not knowing that just a little down the road it was there for 99p. :( But it's not much of a difference so I guess that's not too bad. I took full advantage of the sale though and picked up another volume sensation lipstick but this time in "Ruby Red" and I also got a mascara. I plan on going back next week if the offer is still on and getting more lipsticks. A girl can never have too many lipstick's. ;) The packaging to this product is absolutely fabulous and definitely makes it look more expensive than it actually is. I swatched a lot of the lipstick's in the shop and I'm definitely a big fan of them all. You really get a good wear out of these Lipstick's. Overall I am so pleased with this lipstick I can't even put it into words properly. I generally think that this lipstick is better than some of the more popular and more expensive lipstick's that are known now. I definitely recommend that when you next go shopping you pick up a lipstick or even more than one. At £2.99 you really can't go wrong and I'm sure there's a 2 for 3 offer in Boots still (sorry if that's wrong).

Can I quickly just say congratulations to everyone that got results today. Whether you passed or failed got what you wanted or didn't well done because it's damn hard. I am very pleased with my results and hard work generally does pay off. 

Have you picked up  a lipstick from the volume sensation lipstick range or do you plan to? :)