Sixth Form Prom♥

Hey beauts, 
If you've read a few of my posts from months ago you'll have read me keep going on about the prom season and my own prom. I had my prom last Monday (I've been waiting for pictures to be uploaded before posting on here) and it was AMAZING. It was a prom for everyone in sixth form and I'm sure everyone who went can all agree that the night was so beautifully planned out. Since Year 13's have left and the majority are leaving for uni they got to have a dinner and to say their last goodbyes to people in their year before us Year 12's came and joined in the fun. 

                                                            What I wore: 

Dress - F & F Clothing £20 SALE: £10.00
Necklace: Primark £5.00 SALE: £2.00

I was very getting all my prom things ready but I was very delighted to see that my dress had gone down by £10.00 and the same for my necklace when my mum bought it for me.I literally ordered my dress a week before and wasn't very keen on it at first but after adding a few bits and bobs to it I very much liked it. My mum picked out my necklace and I was so pleased that she'd picked out something so beautiful. The necklace is really out there and I think the fact I didn't wear earrings made it okay because in my opinion I think it would have looked a little too much. 

These are the clutch bag and high heels I wore with my dress. I know that both items are from Primark but I'm unsure on the prices as I borrowed these from my older sister. I felt so comfortable in my high heels but obviously when you've been doing a lot of dancing it really starts to take its toll on your poor feet.I didn't really carry much but the bag was very spacious for my phone and lipgloss. 

I seriously had such an epic night singing and dancing the night away with some amazing friends. As I turn 18 next March and so do my friends I know there'll be lots more fun nights ahead. I'll end this post with some pictures from the night:




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  1. I love the hot pink dress

  2. You look lovely

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    1. Thank you lovely for the nice comment. :D