Saying Goodbye

The hardest thing I think the majority of us have to go through is saying goodbye to people we don't want to lose. I've been to three high schools and it has been horrible moving around each time and feeling like you aren't going to settle in or make new friends. Around this time last year I was in year 11, I'd just completed my GCSE's and I thought I had my place for September sorted, after a rather horrid interview at a college I was all set on going to I decided it wasn't for me so I was pretty unsure about what to do but knew I wouldn't be staying on at my schools sixth form. Months past and I found myself back in my school to join up for sixth form back in September. Anyway, I know people always say once you leave school you'll lose contact with the majority of people you knew/were friends with and that did happen but there were a handful who also stayed on and we've had our ups and downs but they mean the world to me. 

*me and Ally on our first day of our third school*

I've been doing a Media Studies course and my school only does it for a year so I've applied for a college in September to do it for 2 years then maybe go to university afterwards. I generally thought I wouldn't have to be in this situation again, I know we'll all try our hardest to see each other a lot and we all turn 18 from September onwards but sometimes work and just general stuff get in the way. Tomorrow is my last day at school and I'm dreading it but looking forward to it at the same time, if that makes sense? I'm sad to be leaving my friends but then again I know we'll still see each other, we all live so close together so it won't be difficult. I'm looking forward to the future and making new friends but not forgetting my friends now. This is such a weird post but goodbyes can be good.

*me and friends from events over the last 5 years.*



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