Purina Cat Products Review

Hey lovelies,
If you remember back in May me & my lovely kitty cat Bella wrote a review for Monster Pet Supplies on some Kong Company products. For those of you who don't know Monster Pet Supplies is an online website that sells pet supplies, there's loads of food and toys on the site and the team behind it all are super lovely. So, they asked if anyone wanted to review a few products from Purina and obviously me & Bella jumped at the chance and were delighted to be asked to do another review together... (You can find our first review together HERE) Today's post will not only be written by me but also the lovely Bella, she tested out all the products and is currently telling me what to write. ;) 

The package arrived on Saturday and literally the package was so big I was super jealous when I opened the box to find all these lovely little goodies for Bella, haha. :(  
*Bella's poses are too cute.*

These are the products that were inside the box. Both Bella and I got letters addressed to us which I found so cute. 

                                          Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies -
All cats love meaty foods and this has to be something Bella enjoys alot. Whether it's salmon in cuts or chicken in gravy cats can't seem to resist the taste. There are four flavours to choose from salmon and shrimps, plaice and shrimps, tuna and shrimps and cod and shrimps, you get three packets of each flavour in the box. I find that Bella seems to enjoy this food alot because of its rich flavours. I'd definitely recommend this food to any cat owners because as summer is here it definitely gets really hot not just for us but our cats too and I find that Bella isn't really one for wet foods when the sun is out but I think the portion sizes are just perfect and it's not too much for her to handle in the sunny weather.  If anyone would like to purchase their own box then click HERE! :)

                                   Go Cat Chicken Duck & Rabbit Cat Food -

 I'm not sure if anyone else does this but I mix both dry and wet food together for Bella and then when I feed her throughout the day she has just meat or just biscuits. Like I said before about the hot weather cats seem to prefer dry foods alot more this time of year. I found that really enjoyed these biscuits because they're bursting with flavour. The biscuits them self have alot of protein and Bella has definitely seemed to have more energy and I think this is probably down to her liking the food so much. It's like if you feed your cat something they really will enjoy they seem to have this new spring in them that makes them automatically really happy, haha I love finding different foods that Bella will enjoy and this is definitely on her good list. The flavour is chicken duck and rabbit and online you can either buy a small bag of this food which is £7.66 and then there's more sizes with the biggest priced at £18.90 which I think is very reasonable. To purchase click HERE

                                                      Felix Goody Bag -

 Bella's little pose in the first picture is priceless, haha! I love treating Bella to new treats and literally there is such a variety to choose from it can be hard to know which one is the right one for your cat or which one they'll enjoy the most. This Felix goody bag has gone down a treat with Bella here. I not only love that Bella loves these but because it's a mix of different flavours I think that's what's really enjoyable about them. Even the little details like how each different flavoured biscuit is a different shape really doesn't go unnoticed and I just love seeing Bella's little eyes light up when she has some. There are three bags with different flavours that you can choose from and they're all £1 each which is a total bargain. Not to mention these are full of energy. :D If you'd like to purchase a packet or three. ;) You can buy it online from HERE.

Me & Bella had such a fun time reviewing these products together. Bella and I hope that you all enjoy reading it too. PLUS, if you've got any pets or even if you don't check out the Monster Pet Supplies website to find the best products for your pet.

                  Website - http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk/

                           Vanese & Bella!

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  1. oh my gosh I love this post!! It's so lovely how you've written it together, it's really cute and Bella is adorable! Hahaha oh my goodness that last photo is incredible!
    Love Holz oxo


    1. Hahaha, thank you from both Bella and I. ;) I think she enjoys doing posts with me, she sits nicely for the camera. :P