Mini Camden & Oxford Street Trip ♥

Hey lovelies, 
Today me & Ally took a wonderful trip down to Camden and Oxford Street. We had such a blast and it was nice just to have a nice relaxing shopping trip. 
* Camden station*
*me with a horse statue in Horse Tunnel in Camden*
*Disco Pants in American Apparel*

I loved being in Camden today, I hadn't been in over a year and I literally live roughly around half an hour away from it. It felt so good to be back and the vibe down there is always amazing. I really love all the different food stalls, so yummy. I didn't end up getting anything but I plan to make a trip back there very soon to get this vest top with Sienna Miller on the front (very popular, you'll see it lots in Camden) and a pair of circle sunglasses.  

I only bought two things but I'm pretty happy with both purchases:

Cross earrings - Topshop £4.00

- The first thing I bought were these gold cross earrings from Topshop's Freedom collection. I've really wanted to get my hands on a pair of these for ages and many of my friends also own pairs. I originally wanted to get the ombre ones but I couldn't find them in the shop so just went with these ones. Can you actually believe this was my first ever Topshop purchase? :o the oxford street Topshop is humongous but it's always so rammed packed. I saw a few items that I definitely have my eyes on, I can't wait to go back and spend, spend, spend. ;)

High Wasted Striped Denim Shorts - River Island WAS: £25.00 NOW: £12:00

There are so many sales on at the moment and at first I didn't really want to go into River Island because I though everything would be pretty pricey but I was seriously amazed at how cheap everything was. Not long ago I actually did a wishlist on here and these striped shorts were included. My mouth literally fell to the floor when I saw them in my exact size and the fact it had gone down from £25.00 to £12.00. Obviously I was super ecstatic and didn't think twice about buying them, I mean an offer like that doesn't come round often. Sorry that the image of me wearing the shorts isn't very clear but I'll definitely be wearing them soon so I'll make sure to do an OOTD with them on.   

If you want to see more pictures from the day then head over to my twin sister Ally's blog and also check out what she bought. 

What's been your best purchase recently?



What's your opinion?

  1. I really like your shorts and your earrings!!

  2. Your shorts are awesome, BTW LOVELY BLOG :)

    1. Thanks lovely, definitely my new favourite item. :D Thanks very much! <3