So...?Fragrance £50 goodie bag giveaway!

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Hey lovelies,
Just a quick post to let you know that the lovely people over at So...?Fragrance have just launched a competition on Facebook and have teamed up with BeautyUK & Good Things Skincare to treat 10 lucky people to win goodie bags worth £50 to celebrate this years sports and festival events. It actually couldn't be any easier, just click on the link HERE and it'll take you to the competition page, you've just got to answer one simple question and fill in your details then you're in the running to win one of these amazing goodie bags. 

*competition is open to UK residents only and closes on August 13th 23:59 (GMT+1).*

Good luck to everyone entering! :D


ASOS & Very Dupe AA Disco Pants

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Hey lovelies,
I've seen a lot of people do posts on cheaper alternatives to the AA Disco Pants as they're quite expensive but one thing I found even though those posts have been very helpful is that quite a lot of these only did them in small sizes and none bigger so I've found two stores that do trousers that look a lot like disco pants and they don't just do small sizes they do bigger sizes and very cheap indeed. :D

*images taken from ASOS* 

I'm not sure if they've just run out or if they only do one colour but from what I see on the site there's only the colour black. These bad boys are only £30.00 which is such a bargain from the AA disco pants. The sizes on the site are from size 6 to size 18.

*Images taken from Very* 

There are three colours on the site to choose from red, black and blue. All of them are priced at £35.00 which as well as ASOS is very cheap. They go from size 6 to size 20. 

This was just a short post to show people where they can get bigger sizes from if they want to. They do smaller sizes too which is really good. I definitely want to purchase some AA disco pants but the pricing is very expensive and I'm not sure if I'll be able to justify buying them so if I don't then I'll definitely be buying a dupe pair. 

Have you got AA Disco Pants or something similar?



Coca Cola London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay concert + My Week In Pictures #7

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Hey lovelies, 
I went to the Coca Cola London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay concert in Hyde Park on Friday and had a blast of a time with my friends. We all planned on just sitting down and enjoying the music at the back but then after sitting for nearly 5 minutes we decided to stand for a little bit but then ended up being at the front for the last two acts that were The Wanted (my favourites) & Dizzee Rascal it was a truly amazing show and really got us all in the mood for the Olympics that have now started. Dizzee Rascal was last to perform and he ended the night on such a high, there was confetti and fireworks which was so beautiful. I also went to a BBQ at Juliet's house this week so some pictures included at the end are from there. This is kind of a short my week in pictures too. I just gotta say the opening Olympic Ceremony was just beautiful, a big congrats to Danny Boyle on his amazing work, he really captured everything about Great Britain. I am just so proud to be from London, plus how fit did Tom Daley look? ;)  

Top - £3.00 Primark
Shorts - £12.00 River Island 
Sunglasses - £1 Primark
Cross Earrings £4.00 Topshop
Plimsolls - £4.00 Primark 

Juliet, Ally, Emily, Sian & Me front row at the Hyde Park gig / Me & Sian messing around on Iphone popbooth app/ Me & Ally's funny faces on popbooth 

Ally, Juliet, Me & Sian failed picture kind of/ Ally & me wearing round glasses/ funny group picture 

Don't forget to enter my 100 followers giveaway HERE to win a So...? Fragrance set. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer and enjoying the London Olympics. :)



100 Followers + So…? Fragrance Giveaway! *CLOSED*

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Hey lovelies,
I can't describe how pleased I am that I've reached 100 followers. As 'cringey' as it may sound I started this blog 4 months ago and even if it doesn't seem like it to much people getting to 100 followers in such a short amount of time is such a big achievement for me, I wouldn't have in a million years thought anyone would comment or let alone follow me so thank you very much to all old and new followers. Also, this is celebrating the fact I've got 100 followers, just reached 100 posts and have over 8,000 page views. I can't wait to continue this amazing blogging experience with you all. :D  

As a special thank you I've teamed up with So…? Fragrance to let one lucky reader of this blog be in the chance of winning a set of So…? Fab fragrance – Intoxicating and enthralling notes of Bergamot, Mint and Spicy Ginger! The set includes: edt 30ml + body fragrance 75ml. With summer just arrived this is perfect to get you smelling fabulous. ;) 

                                          *This is a UK only competition*

                                                              a Rafflecopter giveaway

                                                                    Good luck! :) Vanese xxx

Purina Cat Products Review

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Hey lovelies,
If you remember back in May me & my lovely kitty cat Bella wrote a review for Monster Pet Supplies on some Kong Company products. For those of you who don't know Monster Pet Supplies is an online website that sells pet supplies, there's loads of food and toys on the site and the team behind it all are super lovely. So, they asked if anyone wanted to review a few products from Purina and obviously me & Bella jumped at the chance and were delighted to be asked to do another review together... (You can find our first review together HERE) Today's post will not only be written by me but also the lovely Bella, she tested out all the products and is currently telling me what to write. ;) 

The package arrived on Saturday and literally the package was so big I was super jealous when I opened the box to find all these lovely little goodies for Bella, haha. :(  
*Bella's poses are too cute.*

These are the products that were inside the box. Both Bella and I got letters addressed to us which I found so cute. 

                                          Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies -
All cats love meaty foods and this has to be something Bella enjoys alot. Whether it's salmon in cuts or chicken in gravy cats can't seem to resist the taste. There are four flavours to choose from salmon and shrimps, plaice and shrimps, tuna and shrimps and cod and shrimps, you get three packets of each flavour in the box. I find that Bella seems to enjoy this food alot because of its rich flavours. I'd definitely recommend this food to any cat owners because as summer is here it definitely gets really hot not just for us but our cats too and I find that Bella isn't really one for wet foods when the sun is out but I think the portion sizes are just perfect and it's not too much for her to handle in the sunny weather.  If anyone would like to purchase their own box then click HERE! :)

                                   Go Cat Chicken Duck & Rabbit Cat Food -

 I'm not sure if anyone else does this but I mix both dry and wet food together for Bella and then when I feed her throughout the day she has just meat or just biscuits. Like I said before about the hot weather cats seem to prefer dry foods alot more this time of year. I found that really enjoyed these biscuits because they're bursting with flavour. The biscuits them self have alot of protein and Bella has definitely seemed to have more energy and I think this is probably down to her liking the food so much. It's like if you feed your cat something they really will enjoy they seem to have this new spring in them that makes them automatically really happy, haha I love finding different foods that Bella will enjoy and this is definitely on her good list. The flavour is chicken duck and rabbit and online you can either buy a small bag of this food which is £7.66 and then there's more sizes with the biggest priced at £18.90 which I think is very reasonable. To purchase click HERE

                                                      Felix Goody Bag -

 Bella's little pose in the first picture is priceless, haha! I love treating Bella to new treats and literally there is such a variety to choose from it can be hard to know which one is the right one for your cat or which one they'll enjoy the most. This Felix goody bag has gone down a treat with Bella here. I not only love that Bella loves these but because it's a mix of different flavours I think that's what's really enjoyable about them. Even the little details like how each different flavoured biscuit is a different shape really doesn't go unnoticed and I just love seeing Bella's little eyes light up when she has some. There are three bags with different flavours that you can choose from and they're all £1 each which is a total bargain. Not to mention these are full of energy. :D If you'd like to purchase a packet or three. ;) You can buy it online from HERE.

Me & Bella had such a fun time reviewing these products together. Bella and I hope that you all enjoy reading it too. PLUS, if you've got any pets or even if you don't check out the Monster Pet Supplies website to find the best products for your pet.

                  Website - http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk/

                           Vanese & Bella!


Lipstick's review!

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Hey lovelies,
I really enjoyed doing my top 5 nail polishes post so thought I'd give another review a go. This post shall be on 2 lipstick's, 1 lip gloss and 1 lip liner that I own with some swatches and just basically what I think of them all. The quality on my pictures are awful, sorry again. :)
                  Rimmel London - Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner 050 Tiramisu £2.99                                       
 I've only recently become a lipstick type of person but Ally has very interestingly got me into using lip liner as a lipstick. I'd never of thought it but I actually prefer lip liner to lipstick because it seems to last pretty much the whole day with maybe one top up on it through the day. If you don't already I definitely recommend that people try to use lip liner at least once to see that it's quite epic. It comes out on my lips like a quite peachy colour which I think is just perfect for summer. I think Rimmel London definitely is my favourite make up brand, I truthfully think that you get your moneys worth and more on their products.

                                   Barry M - Lip Lacquer Crayon - Candyfloss £4.99
 I'm still in two minds about how I think this colour looks on me. I got this lip crayon in a goody bag from Barry M that I won a few months back, their lip crayons are fairly new but I think they're really nice. I've seen a few other colours on their site that I think would probably suit me better than this colour. I don't know what it is about it that I'm not keen on. I think it looks nice on my lips in pictures but in real life it just looks messy? I think it's just a product that needs to grow on me and hopefully soon I'll use it again and think it looks okay. I adore Barry M products but I've never really tried out any of their lip products apart from this one and another one below so I think that's something I really want to try more out of. 

                                               Barry M - Lip Paint - Dolly Pink £4.49
I think this may be one of my favourite lipsticks. This was the second lipstick I received from my goody bag. At first I was definitely a little scared to try this out because when you first see the colour it is very vibrant and I kind of thought that in no way I'd it would look decent. I was proven wrong because on the lips it isn't as crazy as I thought it would be. I always forget to pick up red lipstick because I love seeing people wearing a casual outfit and then having red lipstick on to themselves look quite edgy. I think this is definitely my new "red lipstick" and I know I don't exactly have the most exciting wardrobe so this will just fit perfectly. I've seen other bloggers talking about this and everyone generally seems to love it. I think this colour suits every skin tone, that's something I really love about it. 

I'm actually the biggest sucker for lip gloss. As I've said I've only really just kind of got into the whole putting on lipstick. I do have a few lipsticks but I barely wear them because I just find lip gloss is so much easier and hassle free. I think I may find myself in a sticky situation *pun intended ;)* because when there's hot weather about lip gloss isn't the easiest of things to wear. I picked up this MUA lip gloss back in March and it's been good to me ever since. It smells absolutely delicious, it has a candy floss smell to it. I've used it quite a bit but it doesn't even seem to be running out... Perhaps I've been given an endless supply *fingers crossed haha* I'd definitely recommend that everyone pick one of MUA's lip glosses they've got 5 shades to choose from. Plus, at £1.00 you can't go wrong. I think next time I do a shop I'll have to treat myself to some other shades. 

                          What is your all time favourite lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss?







OOTD: Summer's in the air and baby, heaven's in your eyes.

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Jumper - Primark £8.00
Shorts - River Island £16.00
Cross Earrings - Topshop £4.00
Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union £25.00

Hey lovelies,
I'm really enjoying these OOTD posts I've been doing recently. I'm not sure if you've noticed but a few weeks ago my blog got redesigned and I seriously love it. I've decided that I want my blog to focus on more than one topic so expect to see lots of posts on fashion, beauty, album review's, lifestyle and even some cat posts from my lovely little cat Bella. :)  Anyway, on to my outfit... I adore my ripped jumper that I got back in August or September 2011 while doing some sixth form shopping it really seems to go with pretty much everything. I love my River Island shorts so much if you couldn't tell already but really wish that the weather was nice so I could wear them out and about without fearing any rain falling down. I think with the chelsea boots & cross earrings this is a kind of rock chick outfit, kind of? if anyone else has a jumper like this I'd suggest a bralet or crop top just to go underneath because you really don't want to be wearing something heavy under the jumper. I think I took inspiration in this look from Miley Cyrus, I am absolutely loving her style. I seriously enjoy going online and seeing what she's wearing day to day.  



OOTD: I could've been a princess, you'd be a king♥

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Blazer - Asda George £25
Dress - local shop where I live *unknown price*
Gold Cross Earrings - Topshop £4.00
Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union £25.00

Hey lovelies, 
This week I've been clearing away clothes to put onto my new rack and getting ready to give stuff away to charity because I generally have more clothes that don't fit/I don't wear than I do actual everyday clothes. Chucking away clothes just means more shopping, right? ;) I got this dress three years ago for a Year 9 disco which then got cancelled so I never really got a chance to wear it. Obviously now I'm in sixth form I've changed alot from when I first bought it, I definitely prefer it more now because I think I fill it out more and know the right things to pair it with. I've featured my Fashion Union chelsea boots on here a good few times now but they're just so comfortable and seem to go with the majority of things I wear as does the blazer. I'm very pleased with my cross Topshop earrings I'd been wanting to get my hands on a pair for ages, no doubt they'll be making quite a few appearances on my blog. You can obviously tell the front bit of the dress isn't ironed, haha that won't be happening again. Today me & Ally have taken so much pictures, it's been great. I'll have more outfit posts and a how to style post coming soon. Just in case anyone ever wonders why I mention her so much Ally, is my twin sister so you should all follow her blog and send her some love. ;) I'm generally so excited because yesterday I ordered some nail wheels and studs so I can't wait to get creative and show you all. I'm off to the Coca Cola Olympic Torch Relay race gig in Hyde Park next Thursday definitely excited for that and to see my favourite band The Wanted and I'll also be seeing my girls Ellie & Emily along with Ally. :)

Have a lovely weekend!



My Top 5 Nail Polishes For Summer

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Hey lovelies, 
I remember when I used to be the type of person who rarely painted her nails but since I turned 17 there has generally been no stopping me... I now paint my nails on  a 1/2 week basis and I am absolutely loving it. I wanted to share with you all my top 5 favourite nail polishes for summer so hopefully if you like them you can purchase them. :) 

Barry M - Silvery Lilac £2.99
#1 I guess you'd expect all my top 5 summer polishes to be really bright but I just had to put this on my list. I got this from a £50 Barry M goody bag that I won a few months back, I only started using this about a month ago because I thought it was too precious to use. I love this polish because it's just generally really shiny and you can see hints of bright lilac hence the name. I think it's stunning especially for a summers night when you're off to a party or just out with friends. This is £2.99 from Barry M which I think is super adorable. I've used it a few times but it's staying strong and there's still so much left, it takes about 2 coats to get that full effect.

Elf - Mint Cream £2.50
#2 I think this is my all time favourite nail polish. I remember I ordered this back in March with my birthday money and I was after a teal colour but they weren't in stock so I thought this would be okay. It's a lovely minty colour definitely amazing for summer to liven up those outfits. If you love your pastels like I do then I definitely recommend this to you. Back in March this nail polish only cost me £1.50 total bargain but has since gone up to £2.50 which I'm not fussed about because Elf do fabulous products. It takes about 2-3 coats to until it's perfect on your nails and it dries super quickly. 

Rimmel London - 60 Seconds 619 Pulsating £3.69
#3 This polish is my mums but I've taken it so now it belongs to me. ;) I need to start off and say I adore Rimmel London because I'm not sure if I'm the only one who likes this but their nail polish brushes are so thick and it makes is easier for you to apply to your nail. This is one of Rimmel's 60 seconds to dry nail polishes and it definitely does take around that time. Since the brush is so thick it takes about 2 coats to put on and look good then dries like instantly. I think this has a summery vibe to it and to it's a purple colour but I think it's sort of a dark pink? at £3.69 a bottle you can't go wrong. 

Collection 2000- Hot Topics Lemon Soda £1.79
#4 This had to definitely go into my top 5. When deciding the perfect colours for summer I think you've always got to have some yellow in there. I got this a few months back maybe in April I think? I got some other Hot Looks polishes because it was when they had their 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug so I just couldn't resist. I actually haven't really worn this that much I think this is probably my second time wearing it because when I bought it the weather wasn't very nice so I thought it would be best to say it for summer but the British weather is really letting us down. :( This is just perfect for wearing with those cute little dresses in the sunny weather. Mine always take about 3 coats to really quick in then as it says on the bottle it definitely is a "Fast Dry." £1.79 is fantastic for this and they've got some many other great colours like this in their Hot Looks collection. 

Missguided - MissBehave Pink Nail Splash £5.00
#5 My last polish on my list is from Missguided and I think I got it 2 years ago in a Cosmopolitan magazine. Don't you just love amazing goodies in your magazines? I think each magazine contained a different colour. I was certainly very pleased with this one. It's such a cute pink and looks adorable on your nails. If you want a nail varnish that isn't too bright then this is definitely for you this summer. It's lasted me 2 years and there still is so much left. It's priced at £5.00 which some may say is expensive but you really do get your moneys worth. It takes about 2 coats to settle and it doesn't take long before it's dry. This pink is perfect for summer. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post from me, I had a lot of fun writing it up. Also, thanks to everyone's who's commented on my post recently they've been so helpful and I really appreciate all of them. I am so close to 100 followers which excites me a lot since I've only been blogging for 4 months which is amazing. :D

What's your number ONE nail polish for the summer?