Wednesday Wishlist

Untitled #4

Topshop pleated skirt
$56 -

ASOS short shorts
$49 -

Jeffrey Campbell platform boots
£145 -

Pearl necklace
$20 -

Drop earrings
$18 -

Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses
$212 -

MAC Cosmetics lipstick
$15 -

Katy perry makeup
£6.95 -

Happy Wednesday all,
I've been really sad this week. :( I had my final exam today and I for certain failed it. I just need to snap out of this horrible mood.. I'm sure lots of blogging will help to cheer me up though. Anyway, as summer is just around the corner... Well maybe not round the corner with this British weather but I think it's about time I start making a list of things I need to purchase. This isn't exactly a major summer wishlist but these are just a few things I really want to treat myself to. I think if I wait a few weeks I'll be able to buy some of these items but obviously the night walks and ray bans would take a while to save up for. I am so NOT ready for summer, definitely need to go shopping soon. 

                           How is your summer wardrobe coming along?


What's your opinion?

  1. Jeffery Campbell does such beautiful shoes! Agh I think I'll save up!

    1. So much saving up but in the end it'll definitely be so worth it. :D