MTV Movie Awards Best Dressed Women

Sunday June 3rd saw the stars all coming out for the MTV Movie Awards, so much glitz and glamour in one room. I'm not sure whether it was down to the nice weather in the US or something in their tea but pretty much all the women were wearing cute little dresses on the night. The women really tried to outshine each other on the carpet, here are a few of my best dressed. Maybe this is a new trend, I wonder whether we'll be seeing more of the female stars in little dresses? 

                                        Emma Stone < WINNING Outfit of the night for me.
Jessica Biel 
Emma Watson 
Kristen Stewart 
Crystal Reed
Lucy Hale
Paris & Nicole Hilton 
Holland Roden 
*used a variety of images from Google images no copyright intended.*

Who's outfit did you like the best?




What's your opinion?

  1. I agree, Emma Stone's outfit rocked it! :)

    1. Agreed. :D I think definitely the best dressed of the night!