Love My Custom Summer Tease Collection

Hey lovelies, 
today's post is about an online jewellery store I recently found out about. Love My Custom has loads of art inspired statement jewellery and with the likes of Rita Ora & Kelly Rowland wearing these amazing pieces you can't afford not make a purchase. ;) They sell Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Brooches and you can even pay to get your own custom designs made. Everything on the site varies from £4-£70 which I think is so worth it. Love My Custom was founded by Lisa-Marie Carter who is a lover for creative expression. She's done a lot in life and expresses her creativity through Love My Custom. 

They've just released their summer Tease collection and here are a few pictures of some of the products in the collection:

What do you think of Love My Custom new collection?



What's your opinion?

  1. wow this brand looks awesome! will be checking out their website.

    1. They seriously are worth checking out. :D