Caroline Flack - Get The Look

I absolutely idolise Caroline Flack's fashion sense. 2012 has definitely been a fashionable year for her. She's currently filming for The X Factor at the minute and with lots of women on the team including Tulisa they're really rocking out great outfits. I generally can't pick between them who wears the best outfits. Caroline tweeted "Today is a pink day" along with the top picture and I instantly knew I had to do a get the look on it. I really hope Caroline either has her own fashion range out soon or partners up with a fashion company, I'd buy everything... Well not everything. ;) I've chosen different pinks to the ones she's wearing but I still think they look great. I've found the actual shorts and blazer she's wearing but I thought they were quite pricey for this get the look. I'll leave links below to the actual blazer and shorts Caroline is actually wearing. :)



What's your opinion?

  1. I love carolines style she always looks gorgeous x

    1. She's got such an effortless style, so jealous x

  2. I like how you have recreated the outfit. It really is nice.