I loved having Ally do a takeover on here so much that I asked my lovely friend Ellie to join in all the blogging antics too. ;)                                                           

1. Tell me about yourself?
Well, my name is Ellie, Ellie Jane Cruse if you want to be all fancy! I am Eighteen, from Essex, I know, don’t be too jel, it is pretty reem here! I am currently studying Performing Arts, I absolutely adore musical theatre, and it would be my dream career! However at the moment I do a lot of paid/volunteer work with special needs children, another passion of mine. Now about the lovely Vanese, I met her twin (Ally) on twitter nearly 3 years ago over her reply from Tom Fletcher (McFly) and shortly after was introduced to the beautiful Vanese and we have been amazing friends ever since! We’ve been through ups and downs but genuinely couldn’t live without them!
2. Tell me about your blog?
It was about October when I started my blog and when I started it, I wanted it to be like diary type thing, but then after watching several beauty youtube channels and blogs I want to turn mine into a blog about fashion and make-up, doing reviews, OTTDs, Hauls etc, although I am rather rubbish at posting regularly, Vanese makes me feel rather lazy with my blog! hehe. 
3. I know you post quite a few fashion posts, which celebrity's styles do you look up to? 
I can’t say I really look up to anyone’s particular style, I absolutely love the way Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato dress every day and on the red carpet. I love Fearne Cotton style as well, she has always dressed really edgy but fashionable.
4. Why did you get into blogging? 
Well I had Tumblr and wanted that to be like diary/journal but just became like Myspace with just whoring yourself out and posting about food, fashion and famous people! So I wanted a blog like you see in all the cheesy American shows where it’s like an anonyms diary, didn’t quite work out that way though!
5. Out of all the posts you've done so far, which are you most proud of?
One of my best and worst dress of the 2012 golden globes ( I thought it would be the first of many to come of award show dress reviews haha!
My second one was my review of sleek eyeshadow palettes ( it was one the first reviews I ever did!
 6. What kind of blogs do you like to read yourself? 
Well I love Ally and Vanese’s of course! But I love ‘Beautycrush’s blog as well as her youtube channel, but with the way the blogger dashboard is laid out I never really read that many of them….. whoops.
7. If you had a budget of £300 what would you spend it on? 
I really want to get a pair of docs, toms and vans, so mainly shoes! Haha but I’d end up spending it all in MAC buying make-up probably! So yeah shopping!
8. What one piece of clothing will you be loving in the summer to wear? 
I am a bit obsessed with my denim shirt, so that will be worn, a lot! I also love maxi dresses and skirts, summer is always good for floral dresses too!
9. Are there any future posts from you that you're excited to share? 
I really want to do some reviews on products, outfits of the day and ‘how to style’ certain items of clothes, more suited for the summer. I really hope over the summer I’ll be posting more as there is more free time!
10. In a years time what would you like your blog to be like?
In a years time I’d like a blog that is updated at least once a week if not 2/3 times! I’d love to have more people view my blog as well!
Thank you to the beautiful Vanese for letting me take over your blog!
Love you lots, love your blog and hello to everyone reading this!
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Lots of love

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