Barry M Silvery Lilac & MUA Shade 1

Hey beauts,
I've been getting into painting my nails weekly for a while now. If you remember a few weeks ago I won a goodie bag of Barry M goodies and in that goodie bag I was kindly given a few nail polishes and one of them was this beautiful 'Silvery Lilac' it isn't like a nail polish I've ever seen before it sort of looks like a shiny tin foil colour which is great, it drys really quickly and you don't need to keep applying loads of different coats on. Sorry for the really poor lighting you can't really see it properly. :(

I didn't want to be boring so I added on MUA's Shade 1 nail polish on the tips. I have to say I'm very pleased at the way it looks. I purchased MUA's Shade 1 polish back in March and said to myself I'd never put that shade back on because mine randomly went hard but after a few months of not wearing it I am very delighted with it. It is a dark navy colour with a hint of glitter. I definitely need to purchase some more MUA nail polishes. 

All in all I love these colours put together. Plus, they're both such bargains.

Have you purchased any of these two or anything like these?



What's your opinion?

  1. i have the barry m silver nail varnish, and i loveee it! it's so easy to apply and dries quick. your nails look fab!

    1. I think they've got some other colours similar to the silver one and I really want to try them. :) Thanks lovely