Grape Soup Jewellery Review

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Hello all,
First off this post should have totally been up ages ago but I've just been so busy with school work and sorting out a hella lot of things. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Kassandra creator of Grape Soup Jewellery who told me about the work she does. Seriously I've been checking out the Grape Soup website and you can just see in every piece of jewellery the creativity that goes into it. Kassandra is a poet/spoken word artist who makes all the jewellery you see on the site herself. She is inspired by poetry and life around her. 

Here are a few pieces she's made:

We are currently seeing everyone left right and centre making up their own jewellery designs. What I love about Grape Soup Jewellery is that every piece is so unique and it really gets your creative juices thinking about what outfits you own it'll go well with. Prices vary but most definitely not expensive. If you know you're the type of person to wear quite bland clothing and want something to jazz up your outfits a nice necklace or brooch from Grape Soup would suit you well. :) Make sure to check out Grape Soup's website HERE.

What do you think about Grape Soup's jewellery & do you think you'll make a purchase any time soon?



OOTD: Hackney Weekend

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Hey chicks, 
If you've read my last post HERE you'll know that over the weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Hackney Weekend festival on Saturday, I had an excellent time and it'll definitely be a night to remember. I've been making up for it these past few days because I'm in complete agony when I didn't even jump around that much. ;) Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post on what I wore. (Just to say I didn't actually wear the blazer or the boots but I took these pictures before the festival.) 
Dress- Store Twenty One SALE: from £8.99 dropped down to £5.99
Blazer - George £25
Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union £25 *currently on sale for £15.00* 

As I said earlier on in the post I only wore the dress but not the boots or blazer, I didn't take any good pictures of my outfit at the festival so I decided to use these pictures that I had already taken. Last week I signed up to an acting agency which was very exciting and I had to have a sort of little photoshoot with three different outfit categories which were casual, smart and party... This was my party outfit and I decided to top it off with some heels I got ages ago from New Look. I love the fact this dress was so cheap but is so incredible. You can definitely dress this outfit up or down. I'm not too keen on dresses that cut out in the back area but the cut is pretty high up so I don't really mind. When picking out this dress I knew that it wouldn't be a dress that would go straight to the back of my wardrobe it'll be something that I love to wear in the summer. I think the belt really just adds that finishing touch to it. A girl can never have too many dresses, right? ;)   

I shall also have a post up very soon on these Katy Perry lashes, can't wait to share my thoughts on each of them with you. I also plan on wearing the thick ones "Oh My" to my prom next Monday. 



Radio 1's Hackney Weekend ♥

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Hey lovelies,
I feel as if I haven't posted in ages which is quite true. I've been quite busy at school just getting work complete so I can leave sixth form early.This week looks like another busy one with all my deadlines being on Friday, hopefully seeing some family next weekend and last minute preparations for Prom in a little over a week. But anyway, as promised I'm doing a little post on what I got up to yesterday. 
Back in March Radio 1 announced that they'd have their big weekend on again this, if you remember last year it was in Carlisle and Lady Gaga headlined it. This year it's even bigger and better because it's in support of the Olympics, It's in East London and it's a 2 day festival instead of a 1 day festival. It's called Radio 1's Big Weekend but this year everybody just knows it as Radio 1's Hackney Weekend. Me & Ally were lucky enough to bag ourselves tickets a few months ago and had been looking forward to last night for so long. It did NOT disappoint. 
*looking rough chilling watching kasabian*

I loved the whole aspect of it all. It was generally like one big party in a park with great music and food. Gates opened at 10:30am and the walk from the station to the park was pretty long but it was so great because there were literally signs leading you up to the event and as you kept walking companies were giving out free things like cakes, water, Galaxy chocolate *my fav*, BBQ food and merchandise for the event so that was absolutely lovely. This was my first festival so I expected queues to be quite long but actually it was only about 10 minutes. Once you finally got into the park you had all these food stalls of literally anything you can think of pizza, chinese, burgers, chicken & chips etc... Since we arrived quite early we got good spaces at the front... We planned to stay at the main stage all night because all our favourite acts were playing that stage but it kind of sucked because there were other tents like the dance arena, 1Xtra arena etc... it meant there were a lot of clashing so we had to pick which artist we really wanted to see. Leona Lewis kicked things off at the main stage with a surprise performance with Wretch 32 and then followed by Rizzle Kicks, Example, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Miniaj after Nicki we decided to go around and see who else was playing so we watched a little bit of Lostprophets then watched Flo Rida's whole set which was incredible. We then went back to the Main Stage to catch Kasabian's final few songs then literally everybody came together in excitement for Jay Z's performance, it was surreal. He came out with Rihanna like so shocking then M.I.A came out then Kanye West.... It was so amazing. Even if you didn't know each other everybody would just sing and dance together. I loved every moment of it. I am definitely making up for it this morning though with puffy eyes and really sore feet but it was all so worth it. I'm off to another gig in aid of the Olympics next month and my favourite boys The Wanted are performing so definitely looking forward to it. I'll add in some pictures from last night below:

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post, I'll have an OOTD post up later this week on what I wore last night to Hackney Weekend. I also have a few other posts coming up too. I hope you'll all enjoy them.

Are you off to any concerts or festivals this year?





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As you can probably tell by now I LOVE letting my friends do takeovers on my blog. Today is the turn of the lovely Emily. :D

1. Tell me about yourself?
Hey My name is Emily and I'm 17 Years old. I currently live in England but would prefer to live somewhere hotter :P I love blogging and would hope to become more confident to show off and wear the type of clothes I love!

2. Tell me about your blog?
My blog is simple yet sophisticated (I like to think anyway) as this is what I love with most things in life, especially clothes :)

3. I know you post quite a few fashion posts, which celebrity's styles do you look up to? 
I don't really look up to any kind of celebrity in particular as I like bits and pieces that several celebrities wear and like to change this to make it suit my own style :) but if I had to chose someone who's fashion I look up to it would be Lydia Bright as I would love to wear pretty much everything she does! I also like Miley Cyrus' style :)

4. Why did you get into blogging? 
I got into blogging because I am very interested in fashion and always have been and feel I want to share my ideas and outfits with everyone in the hope that others will like them as much as I do :)

5. Out of all the posts you've done so far, which are you most proud of?
I haven't done many but I'd have to say my shopping spree post as I got a lot of items that can be mixed and matched with each other and the clothes I already have for a good price! Also I got the collar I had wanted for ages for only £4!!!

 6. What kind of blogs do you like to read yourself? 
I love vintage looking blogs with simple coloured yet stylish and sophisticated types of clothing. This is why I love tumblr and get inspiration for drawing and creating outfits from.

7. If you had a budget of £300 what would you spend it on? 
Clothes!!! :) haha I'd like some T-bar shoes, a leather bralet, some disco pants, another maxi skirt and generally clothes :)

8. What one piece of clothing will you be loving in the summer to wear? 
I would have to say my new Mustard Maxi skirt as I wore it when I went on Holiday recently to Spain and it would so nice and cool as well which is good for the summer weather!

9. Are there any future posts from you that you're excited to share? 
That would be telling ;) but yes there are and one hopefully very soon related to my Holiday :D

10. In a years time what would you like your blog to be like?
I'd liked to of achieved a good blog that hopefully everyone loves and keeps viewing :)



OOTD: I'm Wide Awake ♥

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Blazer - George *not sure on price*
Top - belonged to my Grandma 
Leggings - Primark £4.00
Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union £25

Hey m'loves,
I've been trying to take some pictures for this OOTD for a while now and I've just literally been able to take some pictures thanks to the lovely Ally. *Check out her awesome blog & give her a cheeky follow. ;)*Over the past few weeks I've just been sorting out so much clothes and I really wanted to put some outfits together so when I matched this outfit up I was very pleased with myself. I think this outfit is sort of the type I'd wear when going out to dinner with friends, It's quite smart/casual at the same time. Please excuse my face expressions, messy hair and again poor quality camera. I can't wait to have a reason to wear this outfit out and I especially love my Chelsea Boots from Fashion Union in this outfit, if you're digging the boots Fashion Union have it for half price now, so it's £15 you definitely can't go wrong with buying a pair of these beaut boots. :D Also, a little tip that you may or may not know... BUT in the second picture I'm not wearing leggings I'm actually wearing my jumpsuit and I think it's such a great idea to wear it as trousers, because it just gives them this baggy look which I really like. I'm off to BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend on Saturday, pretty excited for Ed Sheeran & Example. I'll be sure to take pictures and there'll be a post up very soon about it... OH.. Prom is also coming up and I'm really excited for it, yay. :D

What do you think of my new blog makeover? (thanks again Sue)

Have a lovely week all, enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. 



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I loved having Ally do a takeover on here so much that I asked my lovely friend Ellie to join in all the blogging antics too. ;)                                                           

1. Tell me about yourself?
Well, my name is Ellie, Ellie Jane Cruse if you want to be all fancy! I am Eighteen, from Essex, I know, don’t be too jel, it is pretty reem here! I am currently studying Performing Arts, I absolutely adore musical theatre, and it would be my dream career! However at the moment I do a lot of paid/volunteer work with special needs children, another passion of mine. Now about the lovely Vanese, I met her twin (Ally) on twitter nearly 3 years ago over her reply from Tom Fletcher (McFly) and shortly after was introduced to the beautiful Vanese and we have been amazing friends ever since! We’ve been through ups and downs but genuinely couldn’t live without them!
2. Tell me about your blog?
It was about October when I started my blog and when I started it, I wanted it to be like diary type thing, but then after watching several beauty youtube channels and blogs I want to turn mine into a blog about fashion and make-up, doing reviews, OTTDs, Hauls etc, although I am rather rubbish at posting regularly, Vanese makes me feel rather lazy with my blog! hehe. 
3. I know you post quite a few fashion posts, which celebrity's styles do you look up to? 
I can’t say I really look up to anyone’s particular style, I absolutely love the way Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato dress every day and on the red carpet. I love Fearne Cotton style as well, she has always dressed really edgy but fashionable.
4. Why did you get into blogging? 
Well I had Tumblr and wanted that to be like diary/journal but just became like Myspace with just whoring yourself out and posting about food, fashion and famous people! So I wanted a blog like you see in all the cheesy American shows where it’s like an anonyms diary, didn’t quite work out that way though!
5. Out of all the posts you've done so far, which are you most proud of?
One of my best and worst dress of the 2012 golden globes (http://elliebernadette.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/golden-globes-2012-red-carpet.html) I thought it would be the first of many to come of award show dress reviews haha!
My second one was my review of sleek eyeshadow palettes (http://elliebernadette.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/sleek-make-up-eye-shadow-palettes.htmland it was one the first reviews I ever did!
 6. What kind of blogs do you like to read yourself? 
Well I love Ally and Vanese’s of course! But I love ‘Beautycrush’s blog as well as her youtube channel, but with the way the blogger dashboard is laid out I never really read that many of them….. whoops.
7. If you had a budget of £300 what would you spend it on? 
I really want to get a pair of docs, toms and vans, so mainly shoes! Haha but I’d end up spending it all in MAC buying make-up probably! So yeah shopping!
8. What one piece of clothing will you be loving in the summer to wear? 
I am a bit obsessed with my denim shirt, so that will be worn, a lot! I also love maxi dresses and skirts, summer is always good for floral dresses too!
9. Are there any future posts from you that you're excited to share? 
I really want to do some reviews on products, outfits of the day and ‘how to style’ certain items of clothes, more suited for the summer. I really hope over the summer I’ll be posting more as there is more free time!
10. In a years time what would you like your blog to be like?
In a years time I’d like a blog that is updated at least once a week if not 2/3 times! I’d love to have more people view my blog as well!
Thank you to the beautiful Vanese for letting me take over your blog!
Love you lots, love your blog and hello to everyone reading this!
Feel free to follow me! (http://elliebernadette.blogspot.co.uk/)

Lots of love


Barry M Silvery Lilac & MUA Shade 1

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Hey beauts,
I've been getting into painting my nails weekly for a while now. If you remember a few weeks ago I won a goodie bag of Barry M goodies and in that goodie bag I was kindly given a few nail polishes and one of them was this beautiful 'Silvery Lilac' it isn't like a nail polish I've ever seen before it sort of looks like a shiny tin foil colour which is great, it drys really quickly and you don't need to keep applying loads of different coats on. Sorry for the really poor lighting you can't really see it properly. :(

I didn't want to be boring so I added on MUA's Shade 1 nail polish on the tips. I have to say I'm very pleased at the way it looks. I purchased MUA's Shade 1 polish back in March and said to myself I'd never put that shade back on because mine randomly went hard but after a few months of not wearing it I am very delighted with it. It is a dark navy colour with a hint of glitter. I definitely need to purchase some more MUA nail polishes. 

All in all I love these colours put together. Plus, they're both such bargains.

Have you purchased any of these two or anything like these?



My Week In Pictures #6

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Hackney weekend advert// Tried on an outfit I liked// Downloading my copy of Cheryl Cole's - Call My Name// I love my typewriter// Beautiful view from my bedroom window// Yummy American popcorn// In the making of doing a new OOTD// Live chat with Jason Segel, he answered TWO of my questions ;)// Fun times with Bella, she doesn't look too impressed 

Hey dolls, 
First off thank you to the lovely Sue for jazzing up my profile, absolutely love my new look. :D This weeks been very fast and hectic. I finished the last of my exams on Wednesday so now I'm trying to cram in all my coursework then it's summertime for me & Ally. I found out yesterday that I won The Raspberrygrape giveaway and I can't wait for my package to arrive and to blog about my items. :D This weeks going to definitely be another hectic one at sixth form and doing a few other bits and bobs then me & Ally are off to Hackney weekend on Saturday to see our lads Ed Sheeran and Example. ;) Literally then got about 2 weeks to start getting prepared for prom and I can't wait to do some posts on it.  

                              Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead. :)

Love My Custom Summer Tease Collection

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Hey lovelies, 
today's post is about an online jewellery store I recently found out about. Love My Custom has loads of art inspired statement jewellery and with the likes of Rita Ora & Kelly Rowland wearing these amazing pieces you can't afford not make a purchase. ;) They sell Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Brooches and you can even pay to get your own custom designs made. Everything on the site varies from £4-£70 which I think is so worth it. Love My Custom was founded by Lisa-Marie Carter who is a lover for creative expression. She's done a lot in life and expresses her creativity through Love My Custom. 

They've just released their summer Tease collection and here are a few pictures of some of the products in the collection:

What do you think of Love My Custom new collection?



OOTD Blog Takeover By Nadia

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Hello all! As you can probably tell by the pictures, this isn't Vanese today. So Hi, i'm Nadia, I have a little ol' blog called Dressing Table Delights that consists of mainly beauty/makeup posts with a few fashion posts chucked in here and there!  

Vanese kindly asked me if i'd like to do a guest post and of course i agreed - i love Vanese's blog so i was really pleased she asked me! I have an outfit to show you today, hope you like...

If you live in England you will understand how hit and miss the weather is - in May we had a heatwave now it's back to wind and rain (boo!) so a good mix of winter and summer clothing is essential. Hence why, tights are a must and my trusty parka jacket never lets me down!  I wore this outfit for a bit of shopping, nothing special, i needed to be comfy, casual and warm! 

An absolute favourite of mine at the moment are skater dresses. This one has been pushed back in my wardrobe for such a long time so i just had to get it out for you guys! What i love about skater style dresses are the fact they are soo flattering - anyone can wear them as they go in at the waist then skim across the hips meaning they give you an hourglass shape. They can also be dressed up with a blazer and heels or dressed down with tights and dollies like i have. It's such a versatile dress and i love the 'red wine' colour especially in winter. They are also well worth the money (cost per wear) as you can wear it in many different ways. Lots of shops offer skater dresses now and if you're looking for even more of bargain - this ebay seller does lots of colours for only £9.

Dress - Desire Clothing
Denim Shirt - Topshop
Parka Coat - New Look 
Belt - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors 
Tights - Primark
Dollies - New Look
Lipstick - Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream 'Cotton Candy'

Looks like quite a long list there, or is it just me?

At the moment i'm really loving 'basics' i'm preferring to spend my money on plainer items that i can wear all the time and make it look different by a change of jacket or accesories (like this dress) rather than a show-stopping item that isn't really versatile! What do you think? Is it important to have less items that are versatile or more individual pieces?  

And don't you think i'm dressed like it's winter when it's supposed to be June! I wonder when the sun will come back out.. soon i hope *fingers crossed*.

See you soon! 

Nadia xox


Wednesday Wishlist

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Untitled #4

Topshop pleated skirt
$56 - topshop.com

ASOS short shorts
$49 - asos.com

Jeffrey Campbell platform boots
£145 - oxygenboutique.com

Pearl necklace
$20 - topshop.com

Drop earrings
$18 - topshop.com

Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses
$212 - mytheresa.com

MAC Cosmetics lipstick
$15 - bloomingdales.com

Katy perry makeup
£6.95 - debenhams.com

Happy Wednesday all,
I've been really sad this week. :( I had my final exam today and I for certain failed it. I just need to snap out of this horrible mood.. I'm sure lots of blogging will help to cheer me up though. Anyway, as summer is just around the corner... Well maybe not round the corner with this British weather but I think it's about time I start making a list of things I need to purchase. This isn't exactly a major summer wishlist but these are just a few things I really want to treat myself to. I think if I wait a few weeks I'll be able to buy some of these items but obviously the night walks and ray bans would take a while to save up for. I am so NOT ready for summer, definitely need to go shopping soon. 

                           How is your summer wardrobe coming along?