Sunday Mini Haul Primark & Boots

Hey lovelies,

I'm not even sure why I've called this post a 'mini haul' I hardly purchased anything. When I say to people I've hardly got any clothes they always seem to think I'm exaggeration but I'm honestly not, it's actually ridiculous the amount of clothes I own, so my Mum decided that every weekend me & Ally need to go shopping so we can build up a big collection of clothes, obviously it's going to be such hard work ;). 

My tie front shirt - Primark £4.00

Black vest top - Primark £2.00

Models Own nail polish - Boots £5.00

The first thing I purchased was a black collar top.. I don't know whether to call it a shirt or top but Ally picked it out and at first I was sort of like I don't really need it plus it's quite sheer so I had doubts but within a second of looking away I picked it back up and knew I'd be buying it. I love the fact that its sleeveless so even though the sun hasn't quite kicked in yet I can still wear it now but with a cardigan. The second thing I got was a simple black vest top just to go underneath my collar shirt as it's quite sheer. I was actually quite disappointed when I first walked into Primark because yet again they've changed their stock and everything in now is just so bright and vibrant and the sun isn't predicted to come until June so I don't there's much I can buy until then. The last thing that I was so ecstatic to buy was a models own nail polish as I've had this on my wishlist for a good while now, I picked up the disco mix polish and love it so much. It's so bright and I know I'll definitely be having it on a lot in summer. I'm excited for my Chelsea boots to arrive this week as I'll be doing an OOTD with my new top and boots. 

What's the best thing you've purchased this month or last month?



What's your opinion?

  1. That nail polish is beauts! My fav thing I've bought is definitely the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. But it's horrifically expensive and totally addictive. Ha :)

    Livvy x

    1. My nails are starting to look a little bit like a fab lolly, haha! :P the greatest things are always the most expensive which sucks!