Pure Trinkets - Review

This morning I was very pleased to receive an item from the lovely Katlyn who has her own online store HERE called Pure Trinkets. 
I've been in need of a new necklace for a while now and all the ones I've seen lately just aren't cutting it for me. I was generally so pleased with it and the fact its been handmade makes it so much better. The pendant is made from beach glass found on Washington State Beaches, I've always wanted to go to America and now I feel that a little piece of it shall now hang from me.

I know a lot of my outfits are quite bland but I always try to add a little bit of colour one way or another. I think this necklace will look absolutely fabulous by adding a bit of colour to the outfit. One thing is the chain is quite small so if you do want your necklace to hang quite a bit then I'd say just attach the pendant to a longer chain, but that really isn't a problem so I'd recommend this to everybody. :D The delivery process was so fast it's actually unbelievable.

*I apologise for the way I look in the following pictures*


What's your opinion?

  1. Wow the trinket looks really nice, I love the colour of the stone in the middle & what you are wearing it with xo

  2. Awh thank you!!! I'm sorry the chain is so small on you! :( Glad you like it though!

    1. Again thank you very much Katlyn, it was a pleasure to review. Keep up the amazing work!


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