Make Up Post: Part 1

Hey lovelies, 

A lovely follower of mine called Quinty requested a post from me about the make up I own and what my favourite brands/favourite items are. This post is going to have a lot of pictures in it so I hope you're prepared: 

                                                   Limited Edition Palette - Collection  
                                         Eye Shadow  Trio - Barry M 
                                         Pear Eye Shadow - MUA 

These are my collections of eye shadows, I don't really have much since I hardly wear eye shadows, plus with summer practically here I feel like I'll just wear basic make up like mascara and eyeliner and eye shadow on proper fancy events. Weirdly I actually haven't tested out any of these products. I must stop letting them sit in my room and be adventurous with them. 

                                                           Collection Polish's
                                                           Barry M Polish 
                                                           Elf Polish  
                                                           MUA Polish
                                                           Barry M Polish's
                                                           Missguided Polish 

Nail polish is my absolute favourite thing ever. Since about March when it was my birthday I had received quite a few polishes as presents and I fell in love with painting my nails on a weekly basis. These are some of the few that I could actually find so there are more somewhere, As you can tell I do love my Barry M's a lot... I'll definitely have their polish on my nails a lot this summer. 

                                                           Barry M Lipstick 
                                                           MUA Lipstick 
                                                           Calvin Klein Lipstick 

I am currently building up my collection of lipstick and wondering whether to get a MAC Lipstick or not? for me lipstick can really brighten up a dull outfit. I have a big love for lipstick and lipgloss but with this hot weather I don't want my lipgloss to get sticky so I know I'll be over using lipstick. I've recently been recommended a lot of new lipsticks so I can wait to purchase a few. Summer is just bright so I definitely want to get loads of bright colours including a nice red.  

I don't want to make posts with a lot of heavy pictures so I am going to separate it all up. This is Part 1 and I'll have another part up this week. As you can see I don't really own much make up because I don't wear it often enough. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you've got any feedback or recommendations of make up for me just pop it in the comments and I'll reply. :) 


What's your opinion?

  1. My new Barry M lipstick arrived can't wait to wear it tomorrow!!
    Luvin this post!! Nail polish and lipstick all the way ;)


    1. Ooh, I can't wait to see your post on it. ;)hehe thanks Nicole

  2. nice make up! the first palette looks so nice :)

  3. I've only just for into nail polish having recently decided to stop biting my nails....I've got two so far and the obsession is starting!!

    Rachel x

    1. Very exciting times for you. ;) I know soon you'll have a whole stack of nail polish.