I Told You So...

If you read my last post you'll know that my Fashion Union package arrived yesterday but due to everyone being out I wasn't able to collect it until today. So this morning I got up at the crack of dawn and collected my package. Skipping a few hours ahead, I came back home and was seriously bored out of my head but luckily Juliet called to ask if me and Ally wanted to hit some shops and hang for a little bit. FAST FORWARD... I THOUGHT It was totally appropriate to go out in my new Chelsea Boots, oh boy was I wrong.    

I don't think I happen to be a kind of unlucky an person but just someone who always finds herself in dilemmas very frequently... OR just basically unlucky. I was literally across the street from my house  and my feet started to burn, bearing in mind that Juliet had been waiting quite a while for us since I decided to put my new boots on. So when we finally did reach her my feet were so sore and I'd practically slipped all the way up to meet her. Once both Juliet and Ally knew I couldn't take anymore they sent me back home on a bus to change my shoes, I was totally fine with it until I realised I'd taken the wrong road home and the actual SHAME of having to walk past my schools back and front entrance, but luckily I didn't see anybody I know. I then called my Mum to let her know I was in such pain and basically she said "I told you so" and said I need to learn to walk in them. So I ended up taking AN HOUR to get home when it usually takes me less than 20 minutes to get home. I decided to be a trooper and just keep my shoes on but once I was nearly home I took them off while walking but saw people walking towards me and knew straight away I had to put them back on. :( Once I'd arrived back home my lovely Mum was waiting at the door for me and slowly helped me to get inside the house, definitely super embarrassing when there was a big group of guys playing football near my house. 

My moral of the day is basically listen to my Mum... Well sometimes. ;) I'm the type of person who is clearly stubborn and I think I like to do things my own way so I can learn. I know I'm hideous at walking in heels but I guess I don't need to be in a hurry to be a pro at walking in them. When I'm good and ready I'll try again. All in all I love my new boots BUT will learn to wear socks with them AND most importantly pack some flats so I won't have to make another embarrassing trip home. 


                                  Have you been in any sticky situations recently?



What's your opinion?

  1. girl thats super embarrasing !!!! i would ve just walk barefoot! u dont have to be embarassed. i suggest u put a bunch of newspaper in ur shoes to widen it a little and yeah wear with socks and bring ur flats <3

    1. Thanks lovely, I know I'll definitely be doing that the next time I wear these bad boys<3