Kong Company Pet Review

Hey lovelies, 
I'm really excited about this post because it's not just coming from me, it's also coming from Bella... (my cat) The lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies were looking for bloggers to review a few pet goodies from the company "Kong" so seeing that message I knew instantly that Bella would be the perfect cat to give her review. She's a very outspoken young cat and you'll know whether she likes or dislikes something instantly. 

My package came this morning in this box. I'm not sure whether it's just me but I get pretty excited when I receive anything in the post and the fact this box is pretty hefty got me really excited then I realised it was for Bella. 

I opened up the package to see this beautiful lime green box. I didn't even get to open it because in one second Bella had her paws all over it and cracked the box open, which is understandable because this package is for her. 

< Little miss eager beaver.                                                                      

Inside the box contained a letter addressed to Bella, two beautiful toys and two packets of Whiskas salmon sticks. 

Whiskas Salmon Sticks:
I am always on the hunt for the perfect treats/snacks for Bella as she deserves to be spoilt for being such a good girl. I really love these sticks not only because Bella has found a new love in them but they're just so simple, easy for her to eat and not messy. I'd definitely recommend anyone with a cat to treat them to a packet or a few of these. I hadn't even set it down for her to eat yet and she was already yanking at my hand, she literally gulped it all up in one second and gave me one of those sympathy looks like 'just one more, please.?' After your cat eats them they do give them quite a smelly breathe but it is all worth it seeing their little face light up. All in all Bella really seemed to enjoy them and I am definitely going to be buying her some more. 
Bella is a little softie for soft little toys. Since giving her a FuzzBug she's been quite all night. The thing that's great about it is it's actually three toys in one. A stretchy little ball that rattles (cute at first but then I start to wonder if Bella will wake me up in the morning on purpose playing with it) and a little bird that's like a teddy, then there's some Velcro that attaches the two together. This has to be Bella's new favourite toys to play with. 
 Refillable Catnip Toy:
This catnip toy is just so adorable. It comes with some catnip so you can fill it up inside the toy and once Bella had smelt it she was bouncing off the walls in excitement. Bella has the hedgehog toy and it's slowly becoming her new best friend. These toys last ages and you can just keep refilling them. It's so worth it to buy a few of these to keep your Cat entertained for the day. Bella is enjoying her toy so much and I know she won't lose interest like she has with other toys.   

I really hope you enjoyed this review from me and Bella. Whether you have a cat or not there are loads of toys, treats and food for other pets. I'll leave some links below so you can check out the websites of where these items are from:

The Monster homepage: http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk      

 The Kong cat hedgehog page: http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk/p-19585-kong-catnip-hedgehog.aspx
  The Kong cat toys page http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk/c-989-kong-toys.aspx     

                                                       Vanese & Bella

What's your opinion?

  1. Awww I have a kong toy for my lab Toby - in fact hes on his second as he grew out if his puppy one so being the generous pup he is he gave it up to his newest puppy friend in exchange for a bigger one - but I didn't know they did cat toys - my Star would live one :) and she's always loved the whiskas meaty sticks :) my babies are spoilt lol

    Jenni x


    1. Aww :') I think these are so cute for them and they're cheap too which is great. I'm sure Star would love one, there's so many to choose from!


  2. She looks like she got RIGHT in there and claimed that box as her own in the name of curiosity ;)

    Really glad she liked everything we sent over!

    Cristian @ Monster

    1. If she didn't claim it as her own I'd definitely be taking it for myself. ;) We both thank you very much again!

      Vanese & Bella!

  3. my cat loves those salmon sticks! and he would love those toys!

    1. All cats seem to really enjoy the salmon sticks, such cuties. :')


  4. This is a very cool review =) I don't own a cat but I like them and yours looks so adorable ! I am sure she enjoyed her salmon sticks and all the attention you gave her :)
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    1. Aww, thank you Bella enjoyed them very much. :D She seriously deserves all the attention, she's such a cutie! Now following!