How I Style My Denim Jacket

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Happy Thursday lovelies,

I've never thought about doing a how to style before but I am in love with my denim jacket that used to be my Grandmas, her fashion sense was immense. The sunny keeps popping in and out of London but I can't wait for it to officially stay so I can style my denim jacket with practically anything. (Ally is using the laptop with the webcam so my pictures are taken from my phone.)

                                                             Outfit 1: 
 Denim Jacket - Lauren Brooke 
Grey Top - George
Orange Jeans - Primark 

The love I have for these orange jeans is actually ridiculous, the grey top is also my favourite but since it's such a plain colour I knew I'd need to pair it with something bright so it wasn't so bland. I think the denim jacket just adds a perfect touch to this outfit. I'm glad I didn't wear blue jeans that were quite similar to the jean jacket because sometimes I hate colours that clash but then again sometimes it does actually look good. 

   Outfit 2:
Denim Jacket - Lauren Brooke 
Grey Top - Primark 
Leggings - Primark 

I think I may have a love for grey tops? my friend bought me this grey top for my birthday a while ago and you probably can't see but it's got some London landmarks on it and these crazily amazing slits at the side (I'll do a post on it soon) It's nice to wear a fancy top with leggings to keep it quite casual. A lot of leggings can be see through so it's best to wear something that covers your bum or just get a pair of leggings that don't show your bum. This is just a nice casual outfit that I can see myself wearing in the summer. 

Outfit 3:
Denim Jacket - Lauren Brooke
Vest Top - Primark 
Leggings - Primark 

A few months back Primark started to sell these vest tops with names of American city's on it, I had to get my hands on one. The tops are so sheer so it's best to wear something little underneath. I think this is my favourite outfit out of all the ones I've styled. Definitely a great wear for the summer too. The denim jacket is just so simple but can really change an outfit for the better. 

I hope you've liked my first style post, I promise if I do one again it'll be better but I think this was okay for my first attempt. Also, 500 Days Of Summer is my new favourite film, Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt are fantastic, my Radio 1 Hackney Weekend ticket for Saturday 23rd of June came today and Bella took a picture for this post with me. ;) OH, I've passed 50 followers too, YAY. 





Style Inspiration: Mollie King

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*Images taken from Google images.*

Mollie King is my absolute favourite. I've always looked up to The Saturdays as the five of them have their own unique styles, I love all but Mollie's style just fits it for me. Mollie has such a bubbly personality and I think that really reflects onto the clothes she wears. 2012 has definitely seen Mollie's fashion go from strength to strength. Hopefully very soon Mollie/The Saturdays will bring out their own fashion line, I'd definitely purchase pretty much everything on offer. 

Who is your style inspiration?



Make Up Post: Part 2

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Barry M Lipgloss 
Barry M Lip Crayon 
MUA Lipgloss 

As I said in my last post as well as Lipstick I am totally lipgloss too. I've only got three but I generally just either wear lipgloss on its own or but some over lipstick to make it more brighter and shiny. I absolutely adore my new Barry M Crayon which I have already tested out. It's super bright and even has a hint of glitter in it. I shall be over using it until I most definitely get sick of it. 

                                                                    Barry M Dazzle Dust 

I love glitter and everything sparkly so when I got this dazzle dust in my Barry M Goody Bag this month I was delighted. Sometimes you can have a bit of make up on and it generally just needs a little bit of sparkle and that's where this comes in handy. When I tested it out I didn't realise how messy it actually is and if it isn't screwed down properly then glitter just seems to appear from left right and centre which is crazy. I'd definitely recommend this to all you lovely ladies out there, adding a bit of sparkle to your life.  

                                                            Intense Glitter Eyeliner - MUA
                                                Glitter Eyeliner - Barry M
                                                Blue Liquid Eyeliner - Barry M

Glittery eyeliner seems to be one of my new favourite things at the moment, I treasure these bad boys as if they're my children because they're that great. I've previously worn both of these glitter eyeliner's to outings with my friends and they're just easy on the go products that you can quickly use if you're a type of person like me who's always running late. Lastly, I have a new liquid eyeliner in blue which I haven't tried out yet but I am super excited to, I guess I would usually go for a black just because it's a simple colour that I think suits all but I guess I should be more daring and try out this brighter colour. 





Make Up Post: Part 1

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Hey lovelies, 

A lovely follower of mine called Quinty requested a post from me about the make up I own and what my favourite brands/favourite items are. This post is going to have a lot of pictures in it so I hope you're prepared: 

                                                   Limited Edition Palette - Collection  
                                         Eye Shadow  Trio - Barry M 
                                         Pear Eye Shadow - MUA 

These are my collections of eye shadows, I don't really have much since I hardly wear eye shadows, plus with summer practically here I feel like I'll just wear basic make up like mascara and eyeliner and eye shadow on proper fancy events. Weirdly I actually haven't tested out any of these products. I must stop letting them sit in my room and be adventurous with them. 

                                                           Collection Polish's
                                                           Barry M Polish 
                                                           Elf Polish  
                                                           MUA Polish
                                                           Barry M Polish's
                                                           Missguided Polish 

Nail polish is my absolute favourite thing ever. Since about March when it was my birthday I had received quite a few polishes as presents and I fell in love with painting my nails on a weekly basis. These are some of the few that I could actually find so there are more somewhere, As you can tell I do love my Barry M's a lot... I'll definitely have their polish on my nails a lot this summer. 

                                                           Barry M Lipstick 
                                                           MUA Lipstick 
                                                           Calvin Klein Lipstick 

I am currently building up my collection of lipstick and wondering whether to get a MAC Lipstick or not? for me lipstick can really brighten up a dull outfit. I have a big love for lipstick and lipgloss but with this hot weather I don't want my lipgloss to get sticky so I know I'll be over using lipstick. I've recently been recommended a lot of new lipsticks so I can wait to purchase a few. Summer is just bright so I definitely want to get loads of bright colours including a nice red.  

I don't want to make posts with a lot of heavy pictures so I am going to separate it all up. This is Part 1 and I'll have another part up this week. As you can see I don't really own much make up because I don't wear it often enough. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you've got any feedback or recommendations of make up for me just pop it in the comments and I'll reply. :) 



Fashion Icon: Jameela Jamil

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*Images taken from Google images.*
Jameela Jamil is definitely one of my favourite fashion icons EVER I know that's a big statement but this woman is a goddess. I am actually lucky enough to have met her a few times in Camden when I went to the recordings of Channel 4's KOKO Pop which she is the host of. I'll just say now I look an actual state compared to Jameela, hair everywhere but I'm not too bothered because she is absolutely great and as you can tell by my face I was super ecstatic to meet her. 




My Week In Pictures #3

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Birthday banner for my Mums birthday// New Pure Trinkets necklace// Birthday goodies for my Mum from me & Ally// Obsession with super noodles// Beautiful blue sky// Mums birthday cake, accidentally squashed it // White dress OOTD picture// New strawberry ring from Trashy Doll// Twister ice lolly                                                                         

Pure Trinkets - Review

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This morning I was very pleased to receive an item from the lovely Katlyn who has her own online store HERE called Pure Trinkets. 
I've been in need of a new necklace for a while now and all the ones I've seen lately just aren't cutting it for me. I was generally so pleased with it and the fact its been handmade makes it so much better. The pendant is made from beach glass found on Washington State Beaches, I've always wanted to go to America and now I feel that a little piece of it shall now hang from me.

I know a lot of my outfits are quite bland but I always try to add a little bit of colour one way or another. I think this necklace will look absolutely fabulous by adding a bit of colour to the outfit. One thing is the chain is quite small so if you do want your necklace to hang quite a bit then I'd say just attach the pendant to a longer chain, but that really isn't a problem so I'd recommend this to everybody. :D The delivery process was so fast it's actually unbelievable.

*I apologise for the way I look in the following pictures*


OOTD: Tonight We Are Young ♥

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White Dress - Primark £6
Flowery Denim Jacket - (belonged to my Grandma, not sure where from)

Hey beauts,
Me & Ally knew it would be boiling today so we knew it would be a great idea to wear our new dresses to sixth form. I was a little gutted when I didn't see the sun this morning but sure enough it came out to play a little bit later. I actually wore really sheer tights with this outfit today but felt really uncomfortable in them for some reason so I quickly ran home and did an outfit change from my tights to leggings and my long black cardigan that I was boiling in to this denim jacket. ;) I seem to change my outfit quite often lately, I love the fact that I must confuse people when I turn up again wearing something completely different. I have to apologise for the poor quality of the first two photos (like the third is any better) as I had to take them on my Mums laptop. I'll definitely be wearing this dress again in summer but probably pair it without the denim jacket. I am off to BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend in a few weeks and I am super up for wearing a dress so maybe I'll get a similar dress to this but in a different colour. One last thing, happy birthday to my lovely Mum for tomorrow. :) 

Hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather! 


My Week In Pictures #2

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New Primark purchases// Cheesecake with How I Met Your Mother// The most amazing lime green box// Reminiscing on my childhood by reading Candyfloss// Package from Barry M// Silly faces with Sian in Nandos// Ready for a Nandos dinner with Ally// New lipstick from Barry M// Finally started reading The Hunger Games 


The Girls In Their Summer Dresses♥

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Hey there,
so over the past few weeks I've been adding to my clothes collection by doing a bit of shopping in the week and occasionally the weekend. On Friday me and some of my girl friends decided to go for a meal in the evening at Nandos since we haven't seen each other in a while. So on Thursday me and Ally did a spot of shopping in Primark to look for outfits. I only picked up two things. 

The first thing I bought was this beautiful white summery dress.  

White Dress - Primark - £6

I had been eyeing up this dress for a good while now but always said "I'll get it next time" since I didn't have anything coming where I get could where this until I had plans to go out with my friends. They have this dress in so many different colours and like you can see on the top half it has a pattern on it and the thing I like is that each dress has it's own unique pattern. The thing with this dress is you could wear it with heels and a blazer if you were going out on a night out but then you could just wear it with a cardigan and some simple flats to keep it casual. This dress was a proper bargain at only £6. I most definitely think I'll be purchasing the other colours over the next few weeks. I plan to wear this dress sometime in the week to sixth form, so I'll have an outfit of the day up sometime this week. 

The second and final thing I purchased was a really spacious black make up bag with pink roses on it.   
Make Up Bag - Primark £3

If you saw my video on my new YouTube account you'll have seen that I won a goody bag from Barry M with quite a few products in. I instantly knew that I'd need to buy a make up bag even though I've never had one before. Primark have really vamped up their new summer stock and now have a wonderful range of small to big make up bags. This one really caught my eye because it was one of the biggest make up bags in the store, the gold bit in the middle says 'Make Me Gorgeous'. I'd definitely recommend anyone looking for a good make up bag to either buy this one or have a look in store. They're insanely cheap. It's definitely a great buy if you're on the run and need somewhere to store your make up for the day.  

Have you purchased anything new recently?