Wedges Don't Fail Me Now

                                           Poula Suede Platform Wedge Boots - Missguided £29.99

Hello my fellow bloggers,

Is it possible to be in love with something that you don't even own? YES.. Yes it is possible. I own 3 pairs of high heels and wedges... It's definitely time for that to change. Over the past few weeks I've noticed myself falling more & more in love with different types of wedges. Since I'm a wedges virgin.. I think my virginity should of course be taken by a simple black pair. Even thought I don't own any wedges I've tried on a pair of my sisters and literally have fallen in LOVE... They're so comfortable and to be honest I think maybe better than high heels.   

               Have you got any wedges? if so how many pairs do you own?




What's your opinion?

  1. i love wedges - so comfy! and i love those leopard print ones!

    btw i tagged you to take part in the 'blog of beauty tag' on my blog - <3

    1. I definitely want to get those leopard print wedges, they seem like you can match them up with any outfit which is awesome! :D

      Thanks lovely, I'll read it now <3