Top Five Nail Polish Wishlist

Disco Mix - Models Own £5

Nails In Adrenalin - Topshop £6.00

Love Hearts Nail U & I - MUA £2.00 

Royal Arcade - Nails Inc £11.00

Teal Blue - Elf £1.50 

I'm really loving nail polish at the moment and I guess this is kind of a mental note as well as a post because I'm always forgetting which nail polishes I want to purchase. I think all the ones I've chosen are such reasonable prices which is very good for my bank card. ;) I'm really loving sparkly nail polish at the moment as well as nude colours too (even though I've not added any to my list) since summer is just around the corner. I want to start a big collection and really jazz up my nails weekly. I also want to purchase the Bourjois magic nail polish remover after reading so many good reviews on it and it's only £4.99 so I guess you can't go wrong. I think the five polishes I chose are really out there and eye catching. 

Have you purchased any nail polish recently or the Bourjois polish remover?




  1. I've weirdly got into nail varnish recently - that models own colour is pretty rad. Never used the bourjois remover, but so many people can't be wrong.

    1. That's exactly what I thought about the bourjois remover. :) Models own polishes are awesome.