Pastel Trends

                                            Oaklin Pastel Low Rise Skinny Jeans - Missguided 

Spring/summer is fast approaching and everywhere I look I see pastel colours. I love pastel colours because they aren't too in your face or are heavy colours. I noticed from seeing a lot of pictures from both London and New York's fashion weeks, the designers were going crazy for pastels. I don't know whether it's just me or not but I hate wearing colours that are really out there and will attract the attention of others, I think pastels are just great though and I feel so comfortable in them and just generally don't mind people staring because I love it. I put this outfit together and have included links on where to get these items. I think this outfit/something similar will be great to wear. I think the shoes are quite random and would potentially not go well with the outfit but you never know and I'm sure there's something definitely better to go with it. 

Have you already got/planning to get any pastel coloured outfits?


What's your opinion?