OOTD: Sixth Form

Hey Guys, 

The weather has been surprisingly beautiful today. I generally thought I was still sleeping when my Mum woke me up to the sun beaming on my face. I have to admit I am so not prepared in any kind of way for summer, I've got a lot of shopping to do. I had my usual Monday half day today and I went really casual into school. 

Headband: Primark £1
Lipstick: Rimmel London - 264 Coffee Shimmer £4-7ish (I think)
Moustache Top - Primark £3
Jeans - Store 21 (price not sure)
Trainer Pumps - Primark  £3

I hear it's set to rain for the rest of the week so no doubt I'll be wearing some pretty bland clothing this week. :( I can't wait for the sun to properly come out and I'll be able to wear summery things without being judged. ;) 

Have a super lovely week, despite the weather. 



What's your opinion?

  1. i like the way you dress because i can never ever do a casual day im always dressy casual lool
    SuperCute Outfit xx

    1. I feel as If I'm casual like all the time. :( Definitely need to jazz up wardrobe for summer with loads of bright colours.

  2. The weather has been really miserable recently hasn't it? One day of nice weather and then back to rain again! I love your top and it was such a bargain, you look really nice :) xx


    1. I'm sure the weather is having a major effect on my clothes, too. :P Typical UK weather,super crazy. Thank you lovely, really appreciate that. :D